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Sentinel Network: Sanctuary


Sentinel Network
Chapter I: Sanctuary

Fireteam Echo, one of Clan Odan-Urr’s most valuable assets and their prime special operations group was originally created by the O’reenian military. This became apparent when a team of O’reenian commandos assaulted Facility Iota, Echo team’s home base, and did away with Echo-1 “Kintan Strider”, their leader.

With help from a Sith-turned-Jedi and newly accepted member of the Clan, Shiran Kastav, Echo-1 returned home to New Tython after a daring escape plan succeeded beyond all hope. All seemed well but the Sentinel Network caught ear of O’reenian movements in the region. Unconfirmed claims and rumors abound.

Now as the NSD Last Stand and the VSD Endor’s Triumph travel on a risky endeavour to assist an allied planet, the risk of an attack on the planet remains. One cryptic message holds the key to New Tython’s survival. One sent by an agent deep in the Unknown Regions. Our last line of defense - Sanctuary station - holds the key to our survival as the O’reenians approach once more to reclaim their “property”.

New Tython orbit
Sanctuary station
Zero-hour -3

The Sentinel Network. The clandestine hand of Odan-Urr and their first, last and only line of defense against the more secretive organizations of the galaxy. It’s agents are faceless, it’s bases a mystery, and Gaelin Al Sorra liked to keep it that way. The Network’s leader, as always, kept a calm and assertive mask in front of his subordinates though the last bit of news his analysts sent him was grievous indeed. Hail Gollins himself brought him a datapad that turned an otherwise beautifully calm day into a chaotic rush for answers. As he observed the multitude of analysts and agents in the umbra below, scrambling over each other for information, Seridan Brehevik stepped inside the small office like a ghost - something befitting a Sentinel.

“The Stand and the Triumph are out of system, helping the people Abrion Major against a raider threat and here we are left with two Corvettes and a wing of fighters against this,” he declared by tossing the datapad on the table in front of the Jedi.

Seridan glanced over the carefully compiled data on the display before reaching for the datapad. It was a layout of a small fleet and it’s heading - New Tython. Seridan frowned, “who are they?”

“O’reenian military, most probably. I’m almost certain in fact.”

“And they are after the Fireteam,” Seridan connected the dots now that he knew who the adversary was.

“Oh yes. And they are well on their way at this very moment,” Gaelin finished the thought they were both sharing.

“I’ll inform the Summit. We’ll mobilize what we have,” the Jedi turned with a sense of urgency.

“Indeed. But whatever happens, they cannot reach the surface or the Fireteam,” Gaelin said as Seridan stepped through the door.

“What are you planning,” the Jedi’s eyes squinted, more out of curiosity than anything.

“We’re moving the station into a defensive position,” Gaeiln answered, “we already have the clearance from the top.”

Everything was clear, their mission, their duty. Everything. With a nod and a shuffle Seridan was gone, leaving the elderly man alone. Gaelin switched on the comm unit on his table, “attention all crew. Begin positioning maneuvers. You have your vectors. Block their bloody entrance.”

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