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[September Pilot] Contract 047: Atyiru Caesus Entar - Piloting, C-Class


Hallway, ACB Contract Offices
Sublevels, Arcona Citadel, Estle City, Selen
1012 Hours

Atyiru slowly made her way down towards the Commissioner’s Office, as the Prelate had been the one to issue the summons. The Miraluka was unsure how to interact with the male, as he was a walking enigma. On one hand, she had seen the bloody results of his interrogation and subsequent executions during his time as Dark Forge’s Executive Officer. No pity, no mercy for those declared enemies by the Shadow Lord.

Yet, at the same time, in the past months the Aedile had observed a more gentle side to the snarky Battleteam Leader with her friend, Kookimarissia Mimosa-Inahj. He had known just what to do when the Alderaanian had gone into labor, abruptly ordering Arcona’s bartender to gather certain supplies. Soothing a rival in the form of Saskia Ortega-Inahj when the Cirran had panicked at the thought of attending the infants’ deliveries.

And, now, she was surprised to hear the soft melody of guitar strings being skillfully plucked in a sequence that was both exhilarating and serene at the same time, though it also contained a hint of wistful reminiscence. The Archpriestess focused beyond the shut door, extending her senses through the obstruction as though it were not fully corporeal.

As a Miraluka, she did not see as others did. The currents of the Force painted a portrait to the young Sorceress, bathing the room in an ambient glow. The very stone beneath her feet glowed with the echo of over a decade worth of Force Users, everything from a light grey to the darkest of practitioners. More than that, the material the Citadel was built from seemed alight with life.

The lone figure had his fingers wrapped around an instrument that had clearly been shaped with care, sanded down into its form with a cautious hand. The Onderonian aura itself appeared to be an opaque window of dark gray and cobalt blue crystal. Beneath that lay a maelstrom of lightning and ice, obstructing deeper character traits from Atyiru’s unique view of the Galaxy. The colors and storm told the woman several things about the Obelisk.

The cobalt blue reflected the man’s steadfast loyalty to those he deemed worthy of his respect, whereas the dark gray told the story of lost love and a highly adaptive, intuitive spirit. Celevon’s paranoia and skill with the more mental aspects of Force combat were clear from the elemental shields.

A similar, nearly identical presence approaching from behind the Krath startled the wary Sorceress from her study of the Shadicar. Wary of overstressing her recent injuries had the Entar carefully turning to take in the sight of a child that couldn’t be more than ten years of age. Rather curiously, the child contained similar hues to that of her father, though the telepathic shields were nowhere near as strong with the girl.

‘Could this be the child he was referring to ‘bringing over’ when speaking to Kooki? What was her name… Alay’na? No…’

“You must be my daddy’s client he’s been waiting on. He didn’t tell me you were one of the few people here with some fashion sense… I like the cloth wraps. They’re much more pretty than daddy’s apprentice wears,” the girl began chattering away happily.

The Aedile of House Galeres raised an eyebrow as she learned about the nine year old from the aural range that appeared. Rather curiously, the much younger female’s eyes and parts of her body appeared as though they normally would to a Human, which revealed that something had changed the actual color, along with the girl’s facial structure and height. ‘Though what could be the cause of that, I have no idea…’ The blue was a much darker shade than Celevon’s, likely indicating a lack of trust… and perhaps shyness. But no less loyal, though more towards family and close friends.

“Your father called me and requested my presence… though I am unsure if I should interrupt him. I was told to expect his door to be wide open by members from Galeres who had accepted contract missions previously,” Atyiru explained with a smile, immediately taking in the multitude of weapons on the girl as well as the way she held herself.

‘How long has this girl been training? Her Force presence is brighter than many of our Journeymen…’ “I must admit to my curiosity. Edraven has mentioned you before, but never by name. I’m-”

“Atyiru. You made it,” the Onderonian spoke up so suddenly that the Krath flinched, barely avoiding a sudden motion that would have put her back into the Infirmary. “I apologize if I startled you. I heard you speaking with Alyssa. Have either of you been formally introduced?”

‘How long had he been standing- I didn’t notice him?’ “I was about to introduce myself to her just now. And apologies are unnecessary. It was an accident,” the Archpriestess stated with a smile before turning her face back to the other female.

“Protector Alyssa Lilith Edraven, meet Krath Archpriestess Atyiru Caesus Entar, Aedile of House Galeres.”

The ‘Youngling’ gave a small bow, which the Miraluka returned. “You are called ‘Atty’ by your friends?” Alyssa queried suddenly, cocking her head to the side.

The Krath stood blankly. “How did you-”

“Don’t ask,” Celevon murmured with a sharp look towards the Protector who grinned cheekily in response. “Her mother was a hacker. Alyssa picked up a number of tricks from watching her work.”


“Here. The reason I contacted you,” the Obelisk continued, handing over a voice-over datapad. As soon as her thumb touched the surface, the device unlocked, releasing a stream of audible text in a mechanical voice.

Mission: Piloting, C-Class
Briefing: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is an unusual one to say the least. A… package of technology that needs to be tested will be arriving within the Hangar Bay within the next few hours. It is a flight simulator to assist those blind to the physical world learn to Pilot small craft on their own.
Resistance: None. You will, however, be asked to close down your Sight through the Force as much as you are able for the best results.


Contract Status: Defaulted

~ Contact the ACB Staff for reactivation