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Seridan Lightsaber Fiction


Yeah!!! I got the first post. I didn’t actually plan this but I still find it awesome. Anyway, its past time I post this story for public review. One of our members has worked very hard on his lightsaber fiction and so I hope you enjoy it.


Outskirts of the Jedi

Musterion Lake

Seridan floated, as if he were weightless. His body hung
limp and unmoving. His eye-bandage was threatening to come off and his robes
were floating freely around Seridan’s figure. He didn’t move, except for the
gentle rise and fall of his chest. Tiny bubbles would erupt from his breather
and cascade to the surface with every breath. His mind was tranquil. No thought
raced through it - he was only focussing on his senses. He felt the support of
the water around him. He heard the mellow sounds of water and smelled the pure,
natural tang of freshwater. He tasted the subtle minerals and detected the flow
of his robes.

Seridan loved going underwater. He rarely did it, due to
external pressures and time restraints. But every time that he did, a sense of
pure relaxation and intense concentration would come over him. He’d stay there
for hours - just listening in on what the world had to say. It was a great
place to explore the Force as well. Many times, he had ventured into the Force
and explored his surroundings, finding plethoras of life.

He had also observed nature in its pure form. He had watched
as prey fled from predator and he had seen the concealed ones. He had seen the
caring that they showed each other. He saw the mating rituals, the hunting and
the feeding. He thought that animals that couldn’t be communicated with were
hugely underestimated and were largely just left. Seridan wanted to make sure
that he devoted his life to all living
things, instead of just those who could talk.

Seridan sensed a presence approaching by the bank of the
lake. He opened his eyes and allowed himself to float to the surface. He waded
over to the bank and saw his Master waiting for him.

“I thought I’d find you here.” Deo said with a smirk,
“You’ve been gone for 6 hours. Thought you’d like a bite to eat.” Deo pulled
out a pack of ration bars and offered one to Seridan. When he politely refused,
Deo said “I guessed you’d want a larger meal, so you can use my speeder to get
back to the mess hall before it closes. You might want to dry off first,

Seridan pulled himself onto the muddy bank and cleaned
himself up. His master watched as he climbed onto the speeder and set off
towards the eastern side of the complex. Deo chewed a ration bar as he started
strolling back, toward his quarters.

Thousands upon thousands of years BBY, it was thought that
the greatest mysteries lied in space. Others thought that they lied at the
bottom of the oceans. Even as science and technology has improved, there are
still many great unknowns. What lies beyond the galaxy? Is the universe
infinitely big? Are there multiple universes? Do we even know everything about
our own galaxy? There are always new ideas being created and proved. There is
always new things to discover. You can never know everything. Mysteries and
unknowns will always exist. Knowledge is infinitely big.

Seridan often found that the Force was similar - it had
infinite depth to it - you can never know everything about the Force. Seridan
found it very interesting to dwell upon the different aspects of the Force -
the infinitely small aspects of healing and life, and the infinitely large
aspects of the galaxy and the raw form of the Force. Seridan’s area of choice
was the mind. He enjoyed exploring the vast capabilities of the mind and the
consciousness. He also found the physical form of matter very interesting to

Seridan was meditating on that very subject when Adeodatus
entered his quarters. It was a few hours since he’d left the dining hall, and
Seridan was deep in thought. Deo tapped him lightly on the shoulder. When there
was no response, he repeated the action and pressed upon Seridan’s mind. As
Seridan turned around, Deo made himself comfortable upon the Padawan’s

“Hey there. You awake? I just came round to let you know
that you’ve been summoned to stand before the Summit.” Deo said. His voice was
different; his tone was warmer and a tiny bit higher than usual. His Force aura
was slightly tense, but had a shadow of anticipation. It was as if Deo wasn’t
sure about the summon, but was expecting great things to come from it.

“I’ll just finish getting cleaned up.” Seridan replied, his
tunic still damp from the lake.

Deo and Seridan turned the final corner and came up to a
grand door. It was intricately decorated, carved out of the native wood.
Generally, they were always open, unless there was a meeting in session. Inside
was a large room that resembled some sort of court. In fact, it used to be one,
but had been renovated when the Jedi moved in.

Deo stopped at the door, gesturing Seridan to go inside.
Seridan nodded his thanks, then walked inside with a confident gait.

Before him, the Summit were chatting, presumably about their
current situation on New Tython and within the Dark Brotherhood.

“Ah, Seridan, there you are.” Liam said when he saw Seridan.
“You’ve made quite an impact, you know. Since you joined us, you’ve proved
yourself in our training rooms, our libraries and in our teams. You’ve worked
hard in Ooroo, as well as on Bosthirda and New Tython. You’ve proved to be a
good sport, and a fine friend. What’s most apparent is your enthusiasm and raw
desire to learn new things. You’ve steadily risen through our ranks, taking on
new challenges and honing your skills.”

Alora then stood up, “We think that you’ve earned the right
to have your own lightsaber. The saber on your belt is unoriginal - there are
many like it in our armoury. Your task is to craft your own saber. It will be
very personal to you - it will be your defense and a symbol of your status. It
will forever symbolise your position as Jedi Knight. Furthermore, it will be a
symbol of you. We will give you a list of the components, but it is you who must make it. It will be your
task. We have decided that you won’t have the support of your master for this
task. You’ll have to do this alone.”

The sky was dark, its surface covered by the inky darkness
of night. Stars peered through the vastness of space, their amber light shining
against the rich dark blue of the vacuum. Seridan knew that out there, millions
of other life-forms thrived, each one orbiting their own star. Each life-form
was a different person, with their own stories to tell. It was impossible to
know everything, Seridan knew. There was simply too much information out there.

Seridan also knew that there were just as many injustices
out there. Such injustices were the very thing he strived against. Seridan had
been oppressed before. He’d received the terrible treatment that he now fought.
He’s been imprisoned in mines, he’d been bullied and harassed.

However, much worse crimes were being committed all over the
galaxy. And their number was increasing. If Seridan really let himself join to
the Force, he could hear echoes of pain and feel smudges of anguish. Every
night, Seridan would remind himself of these injustices. He found that they
rejuvenated his drive and spirit.

That night, however, Seridan’s mind was elsewhere. He was
thinking about his task. He’d memorised everything that he needed and was ready
to leave. He was just struggling to overcome his apprehension. This was his
first major mission alone. And yet Seridan knew that this was for the best.

Taking a deep breath, Seridan pulled his pack onto his back
and started on his way to the hangar. The Summit was loaning him a shuttle to
complete his task.

As Seridan passed through a set of double doors and into a
large room, Deo approached. “Good luck out there, Seridan. You’ll do great.” he
said, with a reassuring smile. Seridan thanked him, then climbed the boarding
ramp onto his shuttle. Seridan could feel his master’s pride as the ramp lifted
behind him.

Seridan reflected on his life so far. So many opportunities
were ignored. So many times when he could have made a difference. But he had
found a new life with the Jedi. As a Jedi, he could stand up to the oppressors,
the tyrants and the plain evil. He would see justice, truth and peace prevail.
His knighthood began today. With the crafting of his Lightsaber, the
responsibilities and duties of a Jedi would become his. And he was ready.

The Jedi were all for unity. The Force binds us together, as
The Jedi bind each other together. If we strive towards a larger goal together,
then that goal is completed much easier.

The Force is the heart of the crystal, and the crystal is
the heart of the lightsaber. The lightsaber is the heart of a Jedi and the Jedi
is the heart of the Force. It is all intertwined.

Seridan only had a few choice items left to acquire. He’d
found a cheap Diatium power cell on Nar Shaddaa, and the components for a field
conductor on Coruscant. The crystals were still left.

And for the crystals, Seridan journeyed to the ancient world
of Ilum.

Seridan was alone, in amidst the mountains of Ilum. He
looked around, gasping at the enormity of the peaks surrounding him. The Force
was strong here. He felt its vast depths. He could not only feel through the
Force, but the Force was filling him. It rushed throughout his entire body and
envigorated him. He felt as if he were becoming more alive. It was beautiful.

When Ilum was first discovered, thousands of years ago, the
Jedi built temples around many of the crystal-bearing caverns. It was amazing
that those temples remained today. An aura of majesty still ebbed from its
walls. Seridan could feel the places history. He felt everything. He felt the
emotions others had felt when they first saw the temple. His consciousness
combined with every Jedi before him. He became part of a larger being.

He moved through the cave, in search of his crystal. As he
journeyed deeper, less light reached him. This would have been a problem, but
Seridan navigated using the Force anyway. Seridan started to feel pulled in a
certain direction, almost as if there were a rope.

In the great lake of the Force, Seridan felt a presence. It
was stronger than the rest, and it led him through the labyrinth. In the
absence of light, Seridan’s vision started to focus on the crystals. They were
everywhere. They filled every nook and cranny, adding their own power to the

The path that Seridan had chosen led to a great cavern, with
huge stalactites and stalagmites piercing from the floor and ceiling. Clusters
of crystal covered the floor, a dull ambient glow lit the room. Seridan
couldn’t see a light source, but he could see the crystals clearly. They were
all different colours. There were blues, yellows, greens, purples and reds.
Alongside the uncut Adegan crystals, smaller, rougher crystals sprouted.

Seridan’s presence was very strong. And yet there was no
life-form in sight. Searching the room for this mysterious presence, Seridan
realised that it was an ambient presence from one of the crystals.

Seridan closed his eyes. He turned toward the presence and
navigated the room until he was in front of the presence. He sat down
cross-legged, and opened his eyes. A great cluster of blue crystal lay before
him. Its colour was deep and rich; its lustre was soft. Seridan could feel it
yearning to be touched. He reached out his hand and laid it on its cool
surface. Seridan felt the presence flow through his fingers. It intertwined
with his own being and strengthened it. It was amazing to experience. It filled
Seridan with resolve and strengthened his mind.

Seridan remained sitting for many more hours, just

Flying away from the place, Seridan felt the great Force
depths get shallower. It slowly decreased, returning to normal. Seridan could
still feel the attraction of Ilum pulling at his back, but resisted. There was
one last place to visit.

Seridan exited hyperspace, arriving at his last destination.
A planet full of green, blue and white stood before him. A wave of memory
washed over Seridan. His childhood raced back to meet him. He remembered the
groves where he used to play, the lake he learned to swim in. The mountains
where he learnt serenity, and the woods where he learnt to hunt.

His home planet, Alpheridies, hang in space, still and
peaceful. He had learnt so many life lessons here. He’d learnt the power of the
spoken word, and the all-seeing eye of the Force. He had learnt about good and
evil, and about the blurred lines in between.

He could remember being selected as the top of his class. He
advanced through to the Luka Sene Academy. He’d spent so many hours learning
lore, culture and history. He could still recall, in vivid detail, the moment
that he had decided to leave.

And yet he hadn’t returned, once. Others who flee their
homes might not return because of hatred, or fear. Seridan hadn’t returned
through ignorance and preoccupation.

Seridan descended towards his mountain range. A thin mist
guarded the planet’s peaks. It felt good to get back here, to the place where
it all had begun. It was atop that mountain that Seridan had first learnt peace
and tranquility. Seridan moved to the same place that he had sat many years
before. He sat, laying out a number of items in front of him.

He looked out at the view. Forests of emerald carpeted the
valley floor, interrupted by cascading waterfalls and silky rivers. Behind him
was snow, smooth and untouched. A layer of cloud floated, mellow and
ambivalent. Seridan acknowledged it all. It was all in flux. The trick was that
it was all interlinked. The Force connects everything together, and gives life.

Seridan had returned to his beginning. He closed his eyes.

He turned his attention towards himself. He felt every
breath, focussing completely on the inhales and the exhales. He felt every
pressure on his body. He felt the weight of his clothes, the cool hardness of
the ground. He felt as air glided past his body, and he felt all the life
around him.

He started reaching out in the Force, searching for the raw
shapes of the objects in front of him. It didn’t take him long, and soon he had
identified every piece that he needed: the generator crystal, the focussing
crystals, the power cell, the field conductor, the main body.

Seridan relaxed and let himself join to the Force, and yet
he still was in control of the objects. Seridan started to levitate each of the
objects about a foot off of the ground.

Seridan knew how a lightsaber worked. He’d studied enough to
know how to build one. But he never knew how it felt.

Before his assignment, Seridan only used a lightsaber as a
tool, a weapon. It was only a blade of light and a fighting style. Only
something used to protect. But it was so much more. Seridan knew that now. It
wasn’t just a badge that said you were a Jedi. It wasn’t just a weapon used to
protect the innocent or threaten and avoid violence. It wasn’t just a tool that
melts blast doors, or deflects blaster bolts.

A lightsaber is the heart of a Jedi. A Jedi is the heart of
the Force, which in turn is the heart of the crystal that fuels a lightsaber.
It is all connected. Just like the Force itself.

Content with that philosophy, Seridan started moving the
parts into position, one by one. With each component slotting into its place, a
feeling started to build inside Seridan. The crystals were placed, and then
aligned. The feeling started to focus. The shaft was slid over the internal
circuits. The lightsaber was finished, and the feeling amplified. Seridan
opened his eyes. He was smiling uncontrollably. He couldn’t stop.

He found himself floating. He was one with the Force. It was
strange. He’d never had his eyes open whilst meditating before. Everything
looked clearer, more defined and more vibrant. Colours were exaggerated, and
movements left echos in their wake. Seridan levitated, focussing on everything,
but only taking in his lightsaber. It embodied him. It was not just a weapon.
It is his heart, body and soul.

Seridan lowered himself to the floor, and let the lightsaber
drop into his hands. Its completed form melded into his hands. Its slender body
flowed effortlessly into the sleek emitter. Its surface was cool, but not cold.
It was hard, but soothing. It was strong, but quiet. It was Seridan.


Outskirts of Jedi

Musterion Lake

Seridan floated, as if he were weightless. His body hung
limp and unmoving. His eye-bandage was threatening to come off and his robes
were floating freely around Seridan’s figure. He didn’t move, except for the
gentle rise and fall of his chest. Tiny bubbles would erupt from his breather
and cascade to the surface with every breath. His mind was tranquil. No thought
raced through it - he was only focussing on his senses. He felt the support of
the water around him. He heard the mellow sounds of water and smelled the pure,
natural tang of freshwater. He tasted the subtle minerals and detected the flow
of his robes.

He hadn’t been back to the Praxeum yet. He’d landed the
shuttle in the forest and came here. After all, this is where it started. So
this is where it should end.

The Force is his ally. He works with it, just as it works
with him.

He sensed a presence approaching through the Force. Already
knowing who it was, Seridan let himself float towards the surface.

“Seridan, I thought I’d find you here.” Deo said,
a wide grin filling his face.