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Shadow Academy Suggestion Box



This place is set up to be home of suggestions, complaints and general discussion relating to improving the Academy. You think you know something the SA lacks, how to fix the problem or want us to consider doing something…

Throw it in here and we shall make sure to respond to each complaint/suggestion via replying here or by email.

add @OodBnar if you want to address me directly, otherwise put # followed by the subject under which it belongs:

-Journeyman Hall: …
-History Department: …

And so on. The more detailed you are, the faster we can respond to your message.


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Are there any plans on making more coding courses or offering more degree’s for courses on Codecademy that are not covered by the three now? I know I would be interested in any further coding courses offered but not sure if there is an interest DB-wide for it.


Hey Sight,

Thanks for the question. At this time, there are none being written by our people (in the genre of the HTML primer). We have not looked into using more of those offered by Codecademy at this time. However, we may - in future - decide to look at what they are offering beyond what is now there.

However, I do believe we offer a very wide range of coding courses/options already:

  • The Maven in Web Design contains lessons in Prototyping and HTML and CSS
  • The Maven in Web Scripting contains lessons in Javascript and JQuery.
  • The Savant contains Ruby, PHP and Python

If you want to do more, maybe do the Savant options you haven’t done yet? Ruby could be interesting to learn, since the new site runs on it. Having a good basis there could land you a job with the Seneschal in improving the place.

If you have suggestions on courses related to programming, or want to see a course about a specific type of coding, please let us know the specific system you’d like to see on the SA and we’ll look into it.

I hope this has answered your question.



Thanks for the detailed answer Ood. I’m going to school for software design now (basically writing code) the courses for my degree start in fall so I’ll definitely bring some suggestions after I start those. However I don’t know what languages they use but maybe a course in Mobile application development would be nice, and who knows could turn lucrative for one of our members some day.


The number of courses are robust and cover a broad scope of categories which I find very appealing. The Lore and History topics are interesting reads. However, perhaps more multiple choice only courses would be a boon for participation as they would appear to be easy to format, easier to grade, and therefore require limited manpower to promulgate them.


As we are currently revising/auditing our course offer, this may become a possibility.

Most of the exams were created before we had many of the options that we do now. I do believe you will be happy when you start seeing some of the exams/courses that are in the works now.

With regards to manhours though: The SA employs 19 dedicated graders, who manage to do the job with finesse and speed. Last month, the average grading time (for solo courses) was between 7 and 8 hours (and considering the average humanoid sleeps 8 hours a day, we’re very happy with that number). For shared courses this number went up to 24h. I don’t think these numbers are that bad though. True, they seem long when considered the Journeyman Hall has an average of 1minute (glitch at one point). But the exams will keep having questions where your opinion is asked. Parroting data can be handy to check insights, but it is from reading how a member thinks about something (“in his own words”) that we can see if the exams are helpful/informative.

We are even planning stuff that will require the member to “do”. To put the notes to practice.

Overall, I hope this answered your comment. Your input was greatly appreciated! If there are still things unclear, or you have another question, don’t hesitate to ask it okay?


I like that the courses are diverse. In today’s world, more tech minded courses would be good. Also with cannon being updated by the new films, perhaps some on the new history.