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Shadow and Kat’s Magical adventure


Magical adventure Run on to celebrate Katyusha Neige’s ascension to knighthood


Shadow’s quarters 3:45 PM

Shadow Nighthunter was sitting on her bunk, looking at her sons, Artorias and Deus, and holding a photo of her husband close to her heart. Shadow was greatly worried for her husband’s safety. He had been away for around 3 weeks on mission and never called in. Usually, shadow would not be worried but this mission was a dangerous one and could be deadly. The half sephi Sith continued to stress until she heard some light foot steps behind her. She turned around to see… nothing, there was no one there. When she turned back to look at the crib, she saw her apprentice Katyusha standing beside the crib and holding her little Arty. The blue haired woman turned to her master and exclaimed.

“Hey Master, How’s it going?”

The Sith Battlelord simply stared at her apprentice in a look of shock. After snapping out of the shock of being snuck past by her apprentice, she said.

“I have three questions, why are you here, how did you sneak past me and can you please put down my son?”

The Stewjonian assassin let out a laugh and grinned at her master.

“I snuck by you because I’ve been training, I’m here because you and i are going out on the town and sure, i could put my nephew down”

the sephi continued to stare as her apprentice put down her son and sat down next to her.

“Wait, what do you mean going out on the town?”

Kat face palmed and looked at her master with a disappointed look.

"I mean we are going to my favorite bar on Nar Shadaa, we are going to party like there is no tomorrow, you are going to teach me how to play Paazak and we are going to have a good time.

The sephi shook her head and said.

"As much as I want to go, who will look after my sons, Brandon is away?

“Simple, leave them with Vaygon and Lockwood. They’ll take care of them for you”

The sephi let out a sigh of relief, she was relieved and proud that Kat could take care of herself now and didn’t need her to do everything.

“Alright, lets go, I want to be back in three days… at most.”


In all honesty, Shadow wasn’t really excited to “party” in Nar Shaddaa. The half-Sephi wasn’t into partying the night away unless with her husband. Even with her sister, Alara, there was no exception.

So when the two Sith reached the bar Kat had mentioned, Shadow quickly went over to the bar table to order a drink instead of follow Kat to the dance floor. the Battlelord ordered a glass of Corellian wine from the Rodian bar tender, hoping Kat would leave her be for a bit instead of trying to get her to join the half-drunken crowd.

“Don’t tell me that you came here with me only to drink,” Kat asked as the Knight sat down at the bar counter next to her former master. “We gotta have some fun!”

Shadow looked over at her former apprentice. I am not much for partying in public, Kat," she remarked. “But I’m not stopping you from having fun. Besides, best if one of us keeps an eye out for possible trouble.”

The woman rolled her eyes and sighed. “Shadow, you gotta let loose now and then. With your duties as leader for Tacitus Athanasius, and as a mother and wife, you need to just have some fun and enjoy not giving a care about anything else for once.”

The battle team leader shrugged as her wine was brought to her. She took a sip, and found herself enjoying the familiar crisp alcohol washing down her throat. “It’s going to take a lot to get me to dance in an establishment like this. I’m more of a waltzer anyways.”

Katyusha scowled as she crossed her arms. “Well, it’s time you learned something new then anyways. How did I even manage to become a knight when I had a bull-headed Sith as my master?”

Shadow chuckled before she took another sip. “Not the first time I’ve been called bull-headed.”

“Well bull-headed or not, you’re going to party with me and enjoy tonight,” the knight ordered. She quickly grabbed Shadow’s hand, and half dragged her former master over to the large crowd of dancers on the dance floor.

“Look at all these people having fun, Shadow. You need this just as much as I do considering all that we’ve been through with losing our home and all.”

“Kat, this is-”

The blue-haired girl didn’t give her friend a chance to finish. “It’s not ridiculous. It’s what we need. At least dance a song or two with me in celebration of my knighting. Maybe then you’ll find yourself wanting to party some more.”

Shadow sighed as she gazed back at the abandoned wine. “Fine, but only for you and because this is to celebrate your great accomplishment. Just know that I will probably look like an idiot considering I’m not used to dancing to club music.”

Kat’s face beamed with joy and victory. “Thank you, Shad! Trust me, you’re going to find yourself caught up in the music you won’t want to stop!”

The joyful knight quickly took to the floor as Shadow followed her. The Battlelord timidly began to dance to the beat, wanting to get the dancing over with as soon as possible. However, just as Kat predicted, the music took hold of the half-Sephi. Before Shadow knew it, she found herself enjoying the beat, and surrendered herself to the carefree spirit of the dance floor as she danced alongside her adopted sister.


Kat could see her Master was enjoying herself and let out a light chuckle. The two Sith ladies kept dancing until the music stopped. The young pilot went over to the DJ, A slim and beautiful Togruta lady and whispered a request. The DJ nodded and Kat walked back to the dance floor, Put down both her swords into a cross and stood by them.

“Kat, What the frack are you doing?”

“You’ll see my Sephi sister.”

All of a sudden, a familiar drone entered the ears of the sephi Battlelord. She turned to her apprentice and saw her bow with her hands on her hips. As the reel on the bagpipes began, the young blue haired woman began to dance her native strathspey. She elegantly strathspeyed from one point of the cross to the other. The Stewjonian woman flawlessly entered the second part of her dance as the music sped up. She easily impressed the patrons of the bar. Those who had been annoyed quickly became entranced in the beauty of the dance. Kat finally ended her dance and with a bow, the dance was over. Everyone in the bar clapped and cheered. The Battlelord clapped and cheered her apprentice’s dance and patted her on the back as the dancer ordered another cup of whiskey.

“You know Shads, we gotta go do something more than drink in this bar”

“what do you suggest we do?”

“I don’t know, you got any ideas?”

The Battlelord paused and thought hard for a few minutes.

“I may have a few ideas for you Kat.”


Kat looked at her former master in curiosity. “Really? What do you have in mind?”

The half-Sephi chuckled. “Well, we cou-”

Before she could finish, she felt a hand grab her shoulder firmly from behind. She turned and saw that it was a male Twi’lek with blue skin and white tribal tattoos. “Can I help you sir?”

The man smirked. “Isn’t everyday a Sephi woman comes around these parts. How about a dance with me, and maybe you and I could sit down and get to know each other more.”

The Battlelord rolled her eyes. “As fun as that might sound, I don’t think I will oblige. I am a married woman, and no other man unless he’s a close friend of mine may dance with me.”

She turned to leave, only to suddenly feel herself get pulled into the Twi’lek’s tight grasp. “You better let me go, right now if you know what’s good for you.”

“Shad!” Kat quickly raised her swords as some men rose up from their seats with blasters.

“One move, pretty one, and your pretty face will sadly become a large hole,” the Twi’lek threatened as he started backing away with Shadow in his arms.

“Please, your threats bore me.” Without warning, Shadow slammed the back of her head against his nose, and quickly slipped from his grasp. She quickly sliced her hand through the air, and landed a blow over his windpipe as he gasped for air and grabbed his throat.

“That’ll teach you to have some manners.” Shadow looked up and saw his men looking at her, unsure of what to do while surprised from her speed. “Careful boys…no need to disturb the peace. Let’s go, Kat. There’s plenty of other things to do and places to visit elsewhere.”

The blue-haired woman obliged, and followed her sister out of the club. “Shouldn’t we have killed him and his gang?”

“Nah. He just needed to learn some manners. If he remains stupid and tries again, we’ll kill him.” The Battlelord looked around as they walked down the street. “So, I was thinking we could go to another club, and mess with some people. Like say, take out a bartender and take his place and make some easy money off of patrons…or we could get a little drunk and see where that takes us. That or just really have some fun and dance the night away, get a hotel room, and create a haunting on the other patrons.”

Shadow grinned and looked at Katyusha as her eyes glowed with mischief. “What shall it be?”


Kat let out a bit of a childish giggle, she was both impressed and surprised at how childish and mischievous her master could be. Kat had always believed her master was a no nonsense woman but she liked this goofy side of her, it made her feel like a kid again.

“Well, when i was young, i would always spook our families servants by making up hauntings and ghost stories.”

The young sith giggled, she loved tricking people and scaring them. Shadow giggled a bit as well, the prankster in her coming out and revealing itself to her apprentice. The pair began to walk to the hotel, taking in the view of the city. All that was going through Kat’s head was the horrible tragedy of her son’s mother’s death. Kat and shadow continued to walk through the town. It appeared to be a beautiful town but behind it, Kat knew Nal-hutta was a dark, disgusting hub of slime and scum. Kat shook her head, she was here to enjoy herself, to celebrate her promotion and knighthood. Kat’s mind then wandered to how it felt, she was like her idol from her child hood, like obi wan… except she wasn’t. Kat realized she was nothing like the man she idolized, she could pretend by Learning the Soresu school of the light, she could design her lightsaber like him but she could never be like him. She had already strayed from the light, to the dark side. Kat began to think if maybe it wasn’t the best idea to go to the dark, but she realized that she may use the dark but she isn’t evil like Palpatine, like Pravus. Kat began to justify her acts by thinking she wasn’t bad, she had kids to raise and a family, some of them were what could be called evil but they were still family. Kat continued to ponder until she heard her master’s voice.

“Kat…we’re here.”