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[Shadow Feast] Bentre Kairn’tel Sadow (14185) v. Aurora “Aura” Ta’var (10388)


Beat we’re using as inspiration

Epic Rap Battles of the Shadow Feast presents:

Bentre Kairn’tel Sadow vs Aurora “Aura” Ta’var

Link to comp details and rules



Now look over here
Can you get a load of this
My opponent in this lyric battle
You’re who I have to diss?

I came here for a challenge,
Not this wannabe Crusader.
Who acts like a champion,
But cowers at the likes of Vader.

I see your Clan named after old Odan-Urr,
Built up around his story and myth.
But are you really sure you are a “good guy”
While your Clan was first bankrolled by a Sith?

How can you dare compare?
I must confess I would be lying,
If I thought you even stood a shot
Against the Overlord of Orian.


Yeah, Vader is scary.
He never takes a bath so you better be wary.
But alright. Okay. Plug right on in.
But even R2D2 would chuck that in the bin.

So you be bossin Naga Sadow
Stalking his ideals like old cats on the prowl.
You built on traditions and strict derelictions.
Fact check. Sadow be rebel scum. You a Ludo Kressh sucking your thumb.

Now I get you want to please Daddy Sadow
with Sith magic and objects that you endow.
You gave it an eye, brain, and both of your arms.
You worth nothin. You need a talkin head, you clown.

Come at me with your bag of tricks
Just don’t bring your dirty spikes into this.
But first let me offer you a 600 year nap,
that’s how long you’ll need to beat me in a rap.


Give me barest a moment,
you rather disappoint,
typical Jedi bestowment,
serving peace only at gunpoint.

Did you want another democracy?
Don’t forget the last was yours.
More bloody Jedi hypocrisy,
did you forget the Clone Wars?

about your weak ass rap,
did you really think I’d rattle?
Maybe I’ll take up on that nap,
or can you step up your battle?

You are a wannabe monk of old,
I’ll chase you right out of the door
the comparison seems kind of bold
claiming to be a “Councilor of War”:

Yours hiding out on planet Kiast,
Just like the Jedi to cower,
“nothing gained; nothing lost.”
but mine seek glory and power

Really this battle was yours to lose
In a fight against this wily Assassin,
tis sad so weak a Blade you’d choose.
Maybe Odan-Urr’s age is what’s passin’?


Here are some words
Cuz I ran out of time
To get in my comp
for this holy rhyme.

I love all my Jedi
They are super cool
They always save the day
And have cool sabers.

So apologies for the lame ending
but time is short
Here is some tequila,
Let’s have a toast.