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[Shadow Feast] Tahiri Thorn Morte Tarentae (14400) v. Rhylance (14294)


Beat we’re using as inspiration

Epic Rap Battles of the Shadow Feast presents:

Tahiri vs Rhylance

Link to comp details and rules



Well, well, so you’re the good doctor I hear so much about,
From being around Arconan’s so much there can be no doubt.
Can’t say I’m really impressed by your track record though,
Most of your patients come out worse for wear and the others end up below.

There’s a rumor of your superior intellect,
Is that why everyone is your subject?
Seems you’ve made a reputation for yourself,
From the stories, can’t say I’d trust you myself.

So you think that you’re smarter than all the rest,
And certainly in your mind better than all the best.
Well, all I see is a Chiss with an over-inflated ego,
Though I dare say you look good in a tuxedo.


Tahiri Thorn Morte, of an ex-Clan, Tarentae
I think it best you take your subpar raps and go away
Born small, Shilli thrall, to Akul you watched your family fall
How very sad you life must be, M.O.R.S.E. bring this wretch some alcohol

You joke about my ego and you doubt my higher intellect
The time has come, to take you down, Of this battle I am the architect.
You stand no chance, my dear young Sith, this fight is mine, lets not delay
I’ll give you a chance, a fleeting shot, to bow your head, don’t disobey

Still here are you? Red skinned, dark past
My mind is open, you are being outclassed
The turn is yours, try and give it your best
Unlike Tarentum, which was laid to rest.


My, my, Blue boy has come out to play, you’ve had quite a few quarries,
Yes you can’t hide your little girlfriends, there’s been quite a few stories.
All the plans and business deals, where has it got you?
Fired from Consul of Taldryan, and now claimed Proconsul of Arcona, do you have a clue?

As for my subpar raps, this is only my second battle,
I have certainly come a long way, than my first prattle.
Outclassed, outmatched, I call it a fracking blessing,
From first to last, I’ve gotten better at expressing.

So let’s see what you got up your sleeve,
Better not be a scalpal, or else your arm I’ll cleave.
Try any tricks, and I’ll show you some of mine,
You’re not the only one or first I’ve outshined.


Looks like this cat has claws, her thorns have reached their peak
But I cannot help to think, where did this Togruta learn to speak
Your words are underwhelming, lacking soul, and I must say quite overrated
So sit on down as by the Doctor you’re being verbally assassinated

I thought your raps were weak, and upon further inspection
Once again I was right, and Tahiri needs protection
You tried too hard, you lost focus, yes I know it’s sad but true
Like that old sore Taldryan before, better get out soon cause Blue is coming for you

If it’s war you want, its war you get, let’s put your experience to the test
I think you’ll find, like many long past, don’t mess with Rhylance cause he’s the best
This battle is mine, you fought so-so, in this battle turns out, you’re just a cameo
When Chiss drops his mic, turn off the stereo, this song is done, I’ve dealt the killing blow