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Shadow Nighthunter & Katyusha- Master and Apprentice Practice RO


This Run-On has been made for the purposes of character development and RO practice for Katyusha with their master, Shadow Nighthunter.


#Jedi hunt

Katyusha found herself in a strange place, A dark fiery place where she found herself very uncomfortable and a bit scared. Kat was walking around in this world until she heard a lightsaber ignite and the sound of a familiar young womans scream. She ran towards the sound where she found a man with a green lightsaber in a brown cloak stabbing a young woman and then turning to Katyusha whilst laughing. Katyusha looked at the man recognizing the voice and asked in a fearful and concerned voice.

“Who are you?”

The man continued to laugh as he removed his hood showing his true face. It was the Jedi master Jon Vandeus, Kat’s former master and the man who abandoned her with out telling her why.

“It is I, your master, and it seems you still that pathetic girl I found as a slave.” answered Vandeus, mocking Katyusha’s slave past.

Angered by this, Kat charged the man and sliced him in half with her lightsaber. As the saber the man went up into smoke and disappeared. As the young Sith realized she had killed him, she noticed the young woman and ran to her. When Kat turned her over, She realized it was Jemma Star, her old friend and secret lover when she was a young Jedi. when Kat asked if she was Ok, Jemma turned to her.

“You let me die, why didn’t you wait for us, I died trying to save you.” Said the young woman as she dissipated.

The former Jedi tried to stop the smoke but it was in vain. When the smoke had gone Kat fell on her knees and started to cry. As she cried, she heard the voice of Vandeus

“You let her die, You are to blame and you will live with that forever.”

Katyusha got up and began to yell

“it wasn’t my fault, It wasn’t my fault, it wasn’t my fault.”

Katyusha continued saying this as she fell back onto her knees and just stood there. All of a sudden she felt a lightsaber go through her chest. When Kat turned to see who did it, It was Vandeus who had a huge grin on his face and said

“If you truly don’t think your to blame, face me and prove your superiority but you will have to find me first.”

As soon as Vandeus finished speaking, Katyusha awoke, Screaming in anger, In her bed sweating due to all the fear.

“I need to find that bastard.” Kat said as she got out of bed.

Kat heard a knock at the door

“Katyusha its time to go, its time for our lessons.” Said the mysterious voice

It was Katyusha’s new master, Shadow Nighthunter, The Sith battlemaster who saved her when the Jedi did not.

Katyusha got changed into her Sith robes and left thinking to herself

“I need to tell her about my vision.”


Shadow escorted her newest apprentice from her quarters out into the chilly, frozen outskirts of the city of Daemon. Not bothered by the icy weather, the lightly dressed Sith let the biting wind eat at her pale skin. Its cold lips kissed her cheeks and nose. Today was the perfect day for training, despite how mad some thought her to be.

The Battlemaster turned to face the Neophyte, and extended her hand outward as sparks of Force lightning danced within her grasp. “The Force led me to you in a blizzard that threatened to take your life. You were allowed to live, not because the Force allowed it, but because you had the will to survive. Were it not for your will, you would’ve become one with the Force before I could’ve reached you. Some say, the Force determines our fate, while others believe we can control our destiny. You chose not to let the storm take you, and therefore you have the right to overcome the storm. However, let your spirit run rampant without caution, and it’ll be you who blinds yourself and not the blizzard.”

The Sith glared at her pupil, her golden eyes piercing into the pilot’s own. “I have taken you under my wing because the Force has guided me to you, and I believe you have much potential. The question is, do you have what it takes to bend the Force to your will and to become what you have the right to be?”

The master noticed her student nod with a cloudiness of pain and distraction present in her normally inquisitive eyes. “Something bothers you?”

Katyusha nodded again, though this time with more focus. “I had a vision last night.”

“A vision? May I inquire of what the nature of this vision was?” Shadow asked in hidden curiosity.

The young woman looked to the side, the same pain coming to light within her downward gaze. “I saw my former Jedi master. I saw my…my friend. She was killed by the enemy, and my master blamed me for it because I didn’t listen. I killed my master, or so I thought I did, but he came back and killed me. Told me to prove it wasn’t my fault by actually finding him and showing him I am better.”

Memories of an old time of betrayal flashed through Shadow’s mind as she saw her beloved Marcus fall to the hands of both his and her Jedi master. She knew the pain, and she knew the desire that Katyusha had. Her failure with her former apprentice and sister warned her to be alarmed for her present apprentice.

“The dark side is toying with your mind, Katyusha,” the Sith said without emotion. “No Jedi would offer such a challenge as far as I know, but if you believe this vision…tell me what it is you wish to do.”


Katyusha turned to her master and looked at her noticing she had a look of sadness and remembrance, but decided not to mention it for she knew upsetting a Sith battle master was a fool’s gamble and would result in certain death or worse.

“Well, I would hunt him, He caused the death of my friend and…” Kat stopped, embarrassed to go on about her former lover in front of her master.

Shadow noticed that Katyusha had stopped due to the subject. Shadow realized that her apprentice and her friend were more than just friends, they were something more.

“She was your lover wasn’t she? I once had a lover similarly to you around that time, one of the bravest men I have ever known.” mentioned Shadow as she looked down and stood silently.

Katyusha was tempted to ask what had happened but realized it would be unwise to ask too much of the master assassin. Instead Katyusha walked up to her master and asked in a demanding manner.

“Master, Let us go hunt him and let me prove myself to you, let me-” Before Katyusha could continue Shadow looked at her and answered in a dominant voice.

" I know why you want to go you do not want to prove yourself. You want revenge and want to avenge your lover. you must not let your emotions blind and control you, they cloud your mind and make you vulnerable and distracted."

Katyusha was taken aback by the sudden answer, Kat knew she should have just stopped but her hunger for revenge was too much.

“What do you know about revenge and loss. You don’t understand how it feels to be left to die by your friends and watch your friends and family die in front of you, No you couldn’t begin to comprehend the pain i have suffered since i was a little girl.” Katyusha yelled, full of rage at her master for assuming she understood the pain and sadness.

Shadow looked at her apprentice, a single tear rolling down the side of her cheek, shadow turned away from her student and in a disappointed tone said.

“You have no idea what I know. Today’s lesson is over, meet me here again at the same time tomorrow morning.”

Before Kat could object, Shadow stormed off, clearly unhappy with her new student. Kat stood in the snow and realized she may have lost her only chance to find and avenge her lover. Kat also realized her emotions had blinded her judgement and that her master was right. Kat stood there for a moment and thought.

“Maybe i should go apologize and Make amends.”

Katyusha ran off looking for her master, hoping she would forgive her.


You foolish Sith! Storming off like that! I know you don’t want to fail again, but storming off won’t help. Don’t mess up like you did with Alara.

Shadow clenched her fist as she stopped and sighed. She had a reason to be hard on herself, but she also knew she had so much to carry both physically, emotionally, and mentally. The sudden departure of her husband had left her feeling alone despite her sister’s love-filled pledge to be there for her. That, and the child she carried was taking a toll on her. Keeping her unborn son a secret was a burden let alone keeping him safe. Were it not for the assistance of the Force, people would’ve noticed the small bump in her abdomen.

The other thing that got to her was that Katyusha assumed she didn’t know what pain was. She knew it very well. It was a source of strength besides her love for those she held dear to her. Pain and she were old friends and enemies. Memories of the slaughter of innocent Quarren children haunted her heart and soul. She had committed an atrocity that most Sith would enjoy. For her, it was an awakening. That moment had opened her eyes to the threat of corruption, and she vowed not to let it take her. Pain was also something she knew when she had discovered the decapitated corpses of her parents. The Sith had hated her sister for their murder, but even she couldn’t bring herself to land the fatal blow during their confrontation on Myrkr.

Perhaps she didn’t understand the pain Katyusha faced as a slave, but she did know pain all too well. It was the wolf with gnashing teeth tearing into her soul. Only the little light she held on to saved her.

Th sounds of a woman’s voice calling out to her in the blizzard snapped the Sith from her deep thoughts. She turned and saw Katyusha trying to make her way towards her. Knowing that she needed to do things right, she went and met her apprentice.

“You want revenge, you say? Then so be it. Let’s go and find that Jedi of yours.”

Her words caught the pilot off guard. “Well…I…”

“Enough talk. Let’s get going.”

Best way to learn sometimes, is the hard way. Even if it nearly breaks her.


Katyusha was taken a back by her Shadow’s sudden change of heart. The young pilot was happy that her master agreed but she felt like something wasn’t right.

“Uh… That’s great and all but we don’t even know where he is.” Kat said, stating the obvious.“Its not like we know where were he is and if Vandeus was good at one thing it was concealing himself, agents aren’t going to help much.”

Shadow turned to her apprentice and looked at her apprentice without showing much emotion. “There are less conventional ways of finding people, in this case we shall use the force.” said the Sith Battlemaster, almost devout of emotion. “The force surrounds and binds us so we must search through the force to find him”

Kat looked at her master and then let out a guffaw “You don’t think I’ve tried that. When I was stranded on Hoth I tried that and all I got was silence and darkness.”

Shadow looked at her apprentice, her face not changing as she hears her students doubts. She walked up to her apprentice and says “That was because you let emotion blind you, if you let your emotions get in the way you will not be able to use the force to its full extent.”

The Sith master closed her eyes, got down on her knees and Meditated, her brow moving slightly as she looked through the entire galaxy all at once with the force. After a few minutes of meditating,Shadow stood up and walked off towards the main building. Katyusha shocked by her masters sudden departure, jogged up beside her and asked in a concerned yet excited voice.

“Where is he, where is Vandeus?”

Shadow stopped and turned to the excited apprentice. Katyusha noticed there was a hint of concern in her face. Kat knew she had seen something the worried her.

“Vandeus is on Mustafar, why he is there I couldn’t find out.” answered the Battlemaster with a calm tone yet there was the smallest trace of worry.

Katyusha noticed there was some worry on her masters mind. She had enough of not knowing anything and stumbling in the dark for answers. Immediately, Kat asked in a calm yet commanding voice.

“Whats wrong, there’s more isn’t there. There’s something your not telling me.”

Shadow realized she had given it away. Realizing there was no point in hiding it all, she would tell Kat part of what the force had shown her.

“That wasn’t the only thing I saw when I found him.” said Shadow. “He was with somebody else, somebody I haven’t seen in a long time.”


A few hours later found both Shadow and Katyusha in an Imperial shuttle en route to Mustafar. Both were silent, though the master could sense both nervousness and excitement emanating from her apprentice. She hid her own feelings well with the Force, the woman in deep thought about who she had sensed with Kat’s former Jedi master. She had nearly forgotten the man, having continued on with her life without caring to look back. Now the past had caught up with her, and she knew the Force had guided her to this person for a reason. Their confrontation would end in two different ways, with either revenge or forgiveness being the possible outcomes.

Shadow fought off the instinct to rub her stomach protectively, not wanting to give away that she was with child. She was in no condition to fight, but she knew that the man of her past wouldn’t let her go. She was a Sith, and it would be his duty as a Jedi to eliminate her and her child.

Anger threatened to rise in her heart, her hate for the Jedi returning as she remembered what her own ex-master had done. The dark side whispered words of revenge, trying to entice her into giving in to the sweet, cold embrace of the darkness. She pushed those whispers away, despite how much she wanted to give in. Her love for her child was stronger, and kept her free of the dark side’s shadowy clutches.

“So, what is your plan?” the master suddenly asked as she looked over at her student. “What will you do? How will you do it? What do you hope to accomplish?”

The blue-haired woman looked at her. “What do you think? He has to die. He has to die for abandoning me like he did. He has to die for his ignorance! He will die slowly, so he will know what it’s like to be in so much pain for a long time.”

“And what you wish to accomplish?”

“Just killing him. What else?”

Shadow shook her head. “There is always something to accomplish after you perform the desired deed. Is it closure you seek? Do you hope to prove you are actually better? Or is it perhaps you wish to put all the blame for your friend’s death on him, therefore seeking your own made up justice?”

The battlemaster got what she wanted as she saw flames of rage flash in Katyusha’s eyes. “It wasn’t my fault!”

“If you say so.” Shadow leaned back in the chair and watched as they shot out of hyperspace into orbit of the volcanic planet itself.

She’s still so blind. She will have no choice but to learn herself what such foolishness will do. As much as I should let her die to her mistake, I will not allow that. I won’t fail her. I can’t.


As the imperial shuttle entered Mustafar’s orbit, Katyusha was filled with conflicting emotions, happiness and anger. These emotions fought like two dragons inside of the young Sith’s heart. Kat was conflicted, should she be happy she is here to kill her former master or should she be angry that she and her former master were not alone. Meanwhile Shadow was experiencing the polar opposite, not conflicted on how she felt about the situation of two Jedi but conflicted on how she would act if she was forced to fight. Would she charge in as soon as her apprentice was endangered or would she only do so if the young Sith was on the verge of death.The only thing the half-sephi Sith knew for certain was that protecting her unborn child was the priority, No matter the cost to her, Katyusha and anyone who got in the way. As the shuttle landed, Shadow couldn’t help but notice her apprentices excitement, who looked as if she would explode if they didn’t engage Kat’s former master soon. Katyusha finally turned to her master and Broke the contemplative silence by saying

“Master, I don’t know why but all my confidence has left, Now I fear…”

Shadow saw the fear of the unknown in her eyes, she had seen it before, in herself and she knew the effects these emotions caused upon combat potential.

“Do not fear what you do not know, Instead conquer and understand it.” Answered shadow, in a understanding and sympathizing tone,

Katyusha nodded and began to brace herself as the pilot announced

“Okay ladies we’re here and please make it quick, I have a wife and kid to go back to.”

Kat full of zeal and confidence answered the pilot as the shuttle landed on the landing platform

“Don’t worry, we will be back in 3 hours tops.”

Shadow noticed that Katyusha sounded confident but she didn’t look it, she looked full of fear. Shadow realized her young apprentice was not afraid of death, she was scared of failure. She saw it in the young former Jedi’s eyes, Katyusha was afraid of failing herself and failing her master. Shadow kept quiet about knowing this, this was a test after all and she couldn’t interfere. As the pair got out of the shuttle, they walked across the scorched platform. All of a sudden, They hear a scream on the com-link, as they listened they heard the sound of their pilot screaming. The master and apprentice turned to where the shuttle was, seeing it be crumpled like simple paper by the force.

“So you have come, I should have expected this from you.” Said a mysterious voice. “Don’t worry, you wont be needing that shuttle anymore.”

The pair turned, in front of them was Vandeus in his brown Jedi cloak. From behind him, another man walked beside Vandeus and spoke.

“So it seems you have also come Rowan or should I call you Shadow Nighthunter.”


Shadow’s golden eyes were glowing coals beneath her hood. She stepped forth, her hands ready to grasp her lightsabers as she glared at the man before her. The Sith showed no emotion, and kept her thoughts hidden.

“Master Relan…it’s been too long. I’m surprised you know of my new identity.”

The Jedi Master’s green eyes showed disappointment as he sighed. “There hasn’t been a day where I don’t regret what happened. I didn’t mean to hurt you, Rowan. What Nordith and I did to Marcus was wrong, but at the same time, we had to do it. He could’ve become a terrible-”

“Threat? A threat to you, or a threat to corrupting me?” a dormant spark of flashed in Shadow’s eyes as she clenched her fists. “Marcus wouldn’t have left had you and Master Nordith been true Jedi…but he saw your hypocrisy just as I eventually did.”

The half-Sephi closed her eyes, letting the past wash over her. “But I don’t hate you. No, how can I? Because of what you did, I have become far more powerful than I would’ve been had I remained a Jedi. I have gone through darkness, pain, hate, fear, and hell. Yet, here I am before you. My chains are broken, and I am free to do as I wish. I am not a slave to the darkness like you think all Sith to be. I have fought in wars, and I have been victorious. It’s all thanks to you, my master.”

The Jedi was taken back by her words, but kept his composure. “No one can be free while serving Bogan, Rowan. You’ll only become corrupt and lose yourself to the darkness. I cannot allow this to continue.”

The snap-hiss of two sabers was heard as Shadow’s silver and red blade came to life. “So predictable, but no matter. Your death is far overdue, Jedi.”

Before Master Relan could say anything, Shadow leaped and brought both sabers down towards him. The Jedi had barely ignited her blue lightsaber on time to block the attack. The power behind the Battlemaster’s attack was unexpected, and Relan looked into her eyes with a slight hint of worry. He sensed the other Jedi Master step forward to help, but he waved him to stand down.

“Rowan! Don’t do this! You could do so much more as a Jedi!”

Shadow scowled as she began unleashing a flurry of strikes, her sabers arching through the air before each impact. “No! This is who I am meant to be! What I want to be!”

Despite her condition, Shadow drew upon the dark side, and her strength and speed of her Jar’kai attacks increased. She leaped and spun in the air, her body twisting and turning as her lightsabers followed suit until she slammed them down upon the Jedi’s own blade. She kept unleashing continuous chains of attacks without signs of relenting. She didn’t give the man a chance to parry her blows, and she could feel him trying to keep his strength up.

“R-Rowan! St-stop! Please!” Relan shouted as his strength began to waver.

His begging brought a devilish grin to Shadow’s pale face as she sensed his end was coming. With all she had, she struck as fast and as hard as she could. Relan’s blade was knocked out of his hand where it landed by his feet. The Sith kicked it away, sending it over the edge into to a pool of lava.

“Now…is the time you tasted fear,” she hissed as she Forced pulled him to her and grabbed him by the throat. Her eyes locked with his, and she connected with him in the Force as dark tendrils began to slither into his mind. His eyes widened as beads of cold sweat began to form down his neck. He wanted to look away, but he couldn’t get himself to take his eyes off of the dark being.


Shadow reached further into his mind, filling him with paralyzing fear. “You’re pathetic and weak, Relan…especially for a Jedi.”


The woman furrowed her brow. “Goodbye, my master.”

Before Relan could beg for mercy, Shadow threw him with the Force into the pool of lava. She the scourge of her past scream in pain as he sunk burned up and sunk into the lava. Not even the little light she had could keep her from relishing in his destruction.

You’re free now, Marcus. Rest well.

She turned and saw A shocked Katyusha watching her. The apprentice’s eyes were filled with awe and fear of the darkness Shadow had demonstrated, but it wasn’t all done yet. Vandeus was still alive, and he suddenly charged towards the distracted Neophyte.

“Kat! Look out!”


Katyusha turned around and saw her former master charge towards her. Thinking on her feet, Kat managed to jump out of the way of her former master’s charge. Landing on her feet and sliding, the young Sith ignited her lightsaber and got into her pre battle pose. The snap hiss of her old blue lightsaber could be heard from across the landing platform. Vandeus turned to his former apprentice and laughed.

“Do you really think you can beat me with the power of Bogan, The power of the dark side.” The Jedi master continued as he ignited his double bladed green lightsaber. " I can see it in you already, You’ve already become a slave to the dark side."

The Jedi master put emphasis on the word slave, knowing that it would break his former’s apprentice’s already low self control. The Jedi master continued to taunt his former apprentice

“do you really believe the dark side can save those you love well it cant, Jemma died because of you and because of your dark side.”

Those words pushed Kat over the edge, she was able to take the slave insult since she had trained letting go but bringing up her failure to save those she loved pushed her over the edge. The young Sith charged the Jedi master and jumped into the air trying to slash her former master in half. The Jedi easily parried the strike and guided the young woman momentum away. When Kat turned back to her master she charged again, the Jedi simply side stepped and parried the Sith’s lightsaber out of her hand. Before the former Jedi could use the force to retrieve her weapon, Vandeus Force pushed it off of the platform. Kat worried, pulled out her small DL-44 pistol and shot at Vandeus frantically. The Jedi simply walked towards the panicked young woman and deflected the blaster bolts, blocking one of the to knock the blaster out of his former apprentice. Katyusha realized the Man was toying with her and this made her angrier and less focused. Kat pulled out her vibroblade and charged, Vandeus easily deflected her form 0 strikes and disarmed her. As soon as he disarmed his former apprentice, Vandeus slashed Kat’s back. Being unable to handle the burning sensation, the former Jedi fell to the ground. Shadow had been watching he apprentice dual and fail pathetically

She wanted this fight, she has to fight it herself.

But as her apprentice fell, Shadow simply extended her arm to pull the Jedi towards her, But shadow couldn’t help buy notice that nothing was happening.

I’ve used too much on Relan, I can’t…

All of a sudden, shadow collapsed from exhaustion due to the strain her pregnancy was having or ability to use the force. Vandeus simply walked towards the soon to be mother, looking puzzled at her sudden weakness after he quick dispatching of his partner. Relan got closer to the half Sephi, inspecting her when suddenly he had noticed an opening in Shadow’s concealing robes.

“Ah now I see the sudden cause of your weakness, You are with child.” Announced the jedi, Looking smug. “No wonder you didn’t engage me when I attacked you’re apprentice, you value that child more than your follower.”

Vandeus walked up to the exhausted woman, bending down in front of her and poking her stomach.Shadow enraged and insulted, Launched a wave of force lighting the Jedi simply deflected with his lightsaber. Laughing at his victory over the attempt of self defense, The Jedi walked away and continued to monologue.

“Three Sith with one stone, Ooh the galaxy will be pure of your impurity.”

The Jedi walked back a bit before Igniting his double bladed lightsaber, He raised his saber over his head whilst yelling

“this is the begining of the end of the Sith, I shall bring balance to the- Urk.”

Before the Jedi could finish his sentence and the life of the weakened half sephi, He was stabbed in the back. When shadow looked behind the Jedi, The Sith was caught by surprise. It was he apprentice, Using her last available weapon, her hidden blade. After stabbing Vandeus, Kat Cut his spine in half with the blade, essentially killing her master. The young Sith the laid the corpse of her former master. Before going to help her master up, she closed the eyes of her former master and whispered into his ear.

Requiaste in pace, And im sorry, it was my fault not yours

After this Kat Limped out to Shadow and they began to limp into the complex.

“So… your pregnant, is it a boy or a girl.” Said Kat jokingly, weakly laughing due to her injuries. “If its a girl, Your naming her Kat since I saved your life.”

Shadow laughed and looked impress, She saw her apprentice had found peace and would be a good Revanchist

“'Ill tell you all about it on their shuttle and good job, your newfound peace will make training you much easier.”

As shadow and her apprentice found and walked on to the Jedi’s shuttle she remembered the motto she had decided to live by.

There is no emotion, there is only peace.