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[Shattered Ties]Amazeballs


Reiden Karr(10106)
Sparky Von Wagglehorn lll(14167)


Crash Site
1800 hrs

The transport continued to burn, sending plumes of thick, black smoke billowing into the sky. A blond haired human walked around the wreckage with a hood over his face. The Palatinaean continued to walk around the damaged husk of a ship for any answers that could potentially be found. Lucyeth surveyed the scene with dismay. There was nothing in the ship that could tell him what happened up in the ship before the crash occurred nor could he determine where everything in the ship went and its whereabouts.

The Battlemaster entered the transport with caution as the heated durasteel screeched and strained under his weight. The structure could go at any time and anything that was still left to burn could flashover with all the heat. The transport was filled with the hazy smoke of electrical combustion. Lucyeth struggled to keep his eyes open with the acrid smoke in such close quarters. The Palatinaean could feel the presence of another person in the sip. He moved around the corner with his hand on the hilt of his lightsaber. He had no idea what he was up against but he could feel the force; the dark side of the force. Lucyeth almost collided with Reiden Karr at full speed. A typical averaged sized human with brown hair and a similar black robe to Lucyeth other than the official Scholae Palatinae insignia patch on the shoulder. The Quaestor was relieved to see the Sith Warrior before him instead of a Naga Sadow adversary or a Red Fury pirate. It would be unfortunate to waste his time but regardless, the time will come.

“Reiden, what did you find”? Inquired Lucyeth in the hopes of any possible answers or even a lead to move forward.

“ Nothing at all Lucy, the whole place has been ransacked and everything is gonna except for the dead soldiers in the firefight,” replied Reiden.

Lucyeth pondered at the thought that the place was empty but was not entirely surprised. The small team of Scholae came to the site to look for survivors even though the primary goal was to retrieve the artifacts. However, anyone knew that that would not be the case and valuable artifacts are never easy to obtain.

“ Where is Sparky”? Lucyeth asked but a voice down the burned up corridor answered his question.

“ Lucyeth, the bulkhead is not stable and there is nothing here but we should probably get going,”yelled Sparky. The short Chiss assembled to the existing pair with a quick stride. Lucyeth stared at his scar on the right side of Sparky’s face that was apparent and it was never easy to look at each time the Battlemaster saw him.

“ agreed we need to get out of here, we’ll have to head to the city. Intel stated that Vagabonds are in the city so we’ll start there for the artifacts,” added Lucyeth.

The trio exited the transport as it continued to lurch and rumble under the stress of the heat before it collapsed. They set out into the frigid tundra of the cold planet toward the direction of the city. They knew they would have to be quick if they were to find the artifacts before someone else did.