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[Shattered Ties]Flame and Shadow


Shattered Ties Run-On Event

Flame and Shadow team

Zachary O’Maille (#14185)
Firith’rar J Versea-Stormwind (#14519)
Lilith Alema’rah Versea-Stormwind (#14524)
Raistlin Sadow (#114)
Darkhawk (#264)


Mygeeto orbit
ATR Rawhide

“Are you sure about this?” Lilith asked, her voice straining to be heard amidst the explosions and laser fire going on all around them.

“Not sure about anything right now love,” Raist responded cheekily. “But if you have any better ideas…” He trailed off for a moment for emphasis. “Now’s the time.”

Raist scanned the room. He caught just a hint of a chuckle from Darkhawk, his longtime ally. The rest, silence.

“Ok then… Now,” Raist was interrupted as the Assault Transport shook violently. Interior lights flickered off and klaxons began to blare, making anything he would have said inaudible. The ship had entered atmosphere and with that, they would be at their destination soon

Up until a few hours ago, the Seer was under the impression he wouldn’t even be needed. The joint clan operation had been going so well, Raistlin and the rest of the team had been kept in reserve. The Black Hand’s actions, however, had forced them to the forefront.

Raistlin cursed loudly, he knew in the back of his mind that he should have fought to be part of the invasion spearhead. Instead his lethargy had caused two undeniable tenets to come rushing to the foreground:

1 - When something is going too good to be true, most often it’s a trap
2 - Never trust Scholae Platinae

Both as timeless as the universe itself. A voice over the loudspeaker brought Raist of his thoughts and to the present moment.

“Approaching drop zone. 30 seconds out.” The voice clicked off, obviously the pilot. He did one last check of his gear, secured his duffel bag to his person, and walked to the exit. The rest of the team was putting on their jump gear. Other than DH, Raistlin couldn’t tell if any of them had HALO jumped before. It was a far cry from some of the military ops he had been on, but he had also worked with far less

"Any questions? Raist asked as the ship lurched to a stop. Almost immediately the bay doors opened. Frigid wind stung his face and made his breath visible as snow could be seen from outside the transport. The Seer began to walk to the edge, and threw his duffel bag out of the craft

“Why is he not wearing any jump gear?” Lilith asked and before anyone could answer, Raist had jumped out of the transport.

“Doesn’t need it,” Darkhawk muttered as he approached the edge. He paused momentarily and then flung himself off as well.

The rest of them looked at each other, wondering who was going to jump next…


Lilith grabbed her Medi-kit, it contained all her potions and mendicants. She figured that if they were anywhere near a building, her husband was going to need patched up. It seemed that anytime there was a conflict, a building managed to fall on him.

She was also carrying her newest potion, which she called LS-33. It was something that she had concocted while studying Force Alchemy at the Shadow Academy. While it had been tested on various ‘volunteers’, it hadn’t been field-tested as of yet. “No time like the present,” she thought. LS-33 was a gas, that when inhaled, rendered the enemy unconscious. Lilith had also prepared an antidote for it, which she had distributed to her team. One dose for each of them and a couple of extra incase the grenade containing the gas had to be detonated in an area near other Sadowans. Lilith figured if they could take prisoners they could find out what the Dark Hand was up to and stop him before any of her own clan got killed.

Seeing Raistlin jump from the transport without a jump suit had shaken her up. After DarkHawk muttered, “doesn’t need it” she turned and looked at Firith and Zachary. “What is he?” she asked. Zachary just shrugged his shoulders and said “He is human as far as I know.”

“Well, if he doesn’t stop flirting with my wife and calling her love” he is going to be a dead human,” muttered Firith.

“I guess that that is a mystery to solve later,” stated Lilith as she turned and jumped out of the transport into the frigid atmosphere.


Mygeeto orbit
ATR Rawhide

“I’m gettin to kriffing old for this!” Firith’rar thought as he watched his wife walk to the bay doors of the transport and jump out. “Lil, wai-.” And she was gone. He collapsed into himself, muttering, “No even a kiss, no even a wee peck on the cheek, kriff me life, kriff the Palatinae, kri-. What in the bloody hell are you smirkin at?” Firith’rar scowled at the last member of their team still with him.

Zachary was sitting in his station seat and looking over his gear. He had a grin on his face as he watched the man sitting across from him. “Oh, nothing, nothing at all.” The younger man chuckled. Then stopped as Firith’rar stood up and stomped across the bucking transport without hesitation and bent down to look him in the face.

“I’m watching you laddie. Tasha’Vel told me ta keep me eye on you, so doont ye bay thankin aboot slackin ooff! Those stainkin Palatinae are devious evil, an willa be wantin ta kill you, me, ma wife, ALL OF US! So get yer gear and remember ah will be keepin an eye on you.”

Zachary swallowed as he saw the fury in his teammates eyes, then returned the look with one of his own. Standing up and shoving the older man back, he smirked again. “Try and keep up old man.” he spat then turned, ran down to the bay doors, and jumped.

Firith’rar took some deep breaths to calm himself. Walking back to his gear he snatched his HALO helmet off it’s hook and walked towards the bay doors. “I task you with two things Firirth’rar. One, protect the clan. Two, and this will be more difficult because I know you. Keep an eye on Zachary O’Maille, but do not kill him. He can not be trusted and he does not take this task as seriously as he should.” Firith’rar thought back to his conversation with Tasha’Vel and her instructions as he stood in the freezing wind of the bay doors.

“Troop, you have 10 seconds to jump before I leave out!” The pilot bellowed over the intercom.
“Haud yer weesht ye daft numptie, I’m a goin out now.” Firith,rar said, securing his faceplate down. Running and jumping as the transport started to accelerate away all he could think is “Kriff my life.”



Descending toward Mygeeto

DarkHawk felt at ease with the wind whisking past him. Though he would have preferred to feel the wind across his face, the frigid air can cut like razors if not protected by his HALO helmet. The night sky camouflaged his team quite well. DarkHawk made mental notes throughout the jump. He kept track of the heat signatures he had in his HUD through his cowl. He was missing one team member. He figured it was Firith.

The Equite made a roll over to his back to look back up at the transport. He could make out the remaining jumpers and was still short one. Then he watched a figure leap from the transport. Within seconds the glow of the transport ION engines fade to black, “Out of sight, Out of mind”. The Warrior watched the last figure’s descent. He felt the Force overtake him, something was not as it should be. “When something is going too well, most often it’s a trap.” Or in this case something bad is about to go down.

Seeing that Firith was spinning wildly, DarkHawk tried to contact him over COMM but all he got was heavy static. The Equite hit a button on his gauntlet and zoomed in with his cowl’s optical diagnostics. He could see the streamer whipping around his team mate. Cutting the main would surely only tangle the reserve shoot. Only one thing he could do to, he had to get to his teammate quickly.

DarkHawk pulled his rip cord, opening his chute and causing him to ascended into the darkness quickly. He had a lock on Firith. He had to time this just right or they both would be stains upon the planet’s surface. As the Warrior’s descent was stalled by his chute, Firith was quickly coming closer to him approach. He could still see him struggling to free up the lines of the chute. Only about forty meters away and closing fast.

Thirty……twenty….ten….NOW! DarkHawk pulled the release of his chute and just as Firith soared past him, the equate dove into another free fall.

Firith was just in front of him. The Warrior tucked himself into a bullet cutting through the air. Closing the gap and snagging his team mate coiling his arms and legs around Firith. DarkHawk latched a free lanyard to Firith’s harness and gave him a thumbs up.

Firith’s voice cracked over the COMM, “What the hell are you doing!” the Knight exclaimed.

“Saving our rears” replied the Warrior.

“WHAT!” the Knight replied in a confused tone.

“Just relax, I do this all the time,” replied DarkHawk.

DarkHawk could hear his friend gasp, the Equite scanned the surface and found what looked like a “soft” place to land. “You can’t pull your reserve or it will tangle with the main, we are going to tandem in, and we are going to come in a bit fast.” explained DarkHawk.

“Great, this is just great!” The Knight sounded short of breath.

The ground seemed to rush up to meet the pair. DarkHawk still wrapped around Firith’s body he pulled his reserve and the two slowed drastically. Though these chutes were intended on one occupant not two. The ground approached and the equate steered the two towards it. Their rate was still a bit too fast, DarkHawk pulled on the controls and stretched the brakes of the chute to their limits.

The two came crashing into the snow covered terrain. DarkHawk managed to release his chute, the two slid in the snow for nearly 15 meters before coming to what looked like a painful halt. The two lay motionless.

After a few moments Firith managed to get to his knees. “Well that was definitely not what I expected! Thanks DarkHawk I owe you for that.”

DarkHawk moaned as he rolled over. “Don’t mention it.”


The world was coming up fast upon the Savant as the wind whipped around his body. It wasn’t the first time he had parachuted towards terra firma, but he still couldn’t shake the unease painfully churning deep within his stomach.

The last time he wasn’t spinning around so wildly. The last time he wasn’t holding back the urge to vomit in his helmet. The last time hadn’t been dropping into a frigid, unforgiving landscape.

His hands shook slightly as his fingers grasped for the cord. He was slowly counting down in his head as he did so. He knew that there was only so far he could descend before things got messy.

After what seemed like an eternity, his fingers snagged the orange loop dangling from the front of his harness. Pulling it hard, it felt like the world bucked upward a moment as the parachute opened and his plunge slowed. A sharp pain lanced across his body, driving a deep groan from his lips. The sound was silent compared to the thundering of the atmosphere around him. As the terrain below came up to meet him, the Corellian tried to focus. The Force was his ally and his tool. It had guided him this far; it would not abandon him now.

Data scrolled across his helmet as the Dark Jedi surveyed the terrain below. He had lost track of Lilith shortly after exiting the Rawhide. The jump had been far more turbulent than his last one. It would have probably helped if he wasn’t so nervous.

That might have something to do with the kriffing pirates. The Palatinae don’t help matters either. Just keep it together, O’Maille, he urged himself silently. Do not be the weak link here.

The last moments of his fall were a blur. As his feet impacted the ground, he tried to relax. If he tensed too much he would end up breaking a leg. As the balls of his feet hit hard, he allowed his body to roll. Several moments of confusion later, he let out a shuddering breath. He was cold and sore, but he was alive.

The Sorcerer slowly got to his feet, trying to pace his breathing and calm his nerves. Closing his eyes, he probed the Force. He tried to listen to the melodies of the planet, to feel out its surface and its inhabitants. He needed to find his center. Opening his eyes again, the Equite let out a slow breath as he carefully examined his surroundings.

Trees and snow. Snow and trees. Way to get turned around, boyo.

Activating his comm, the man spoke carefully. “O’Maille reporting ground-side. A little rattled but not much worse for the wear. Did the rest of the team manage to make it down in one piece? Are we ready to rendezvous?"


Upon landing on Mygeeto

Hearing O’Maille acknowledge his successful landing, Lilith paused in removing her chute. Keying her own Comm she spoke, “Lilith here, landing a success. Raistlin, Firith, DarkHawk, please report.” “Why did the pirates have to pick such a cold planet. I just got warm again and now I’m back down here,” she thought.

Lilith finished removing her parachute and opened her pack to ensure that all the potions made it intact. Taking out LS-33, she carefully inspected the container making sure that there were no leaks or cracks. Satisfied that all was in order, she put the container back in her pack and secured it to her waist.

Keying her Comm again, “Firith?, Honey?, Did you make it down alright?” All she heard was cursing on the other end. With a snicker to herself, she thought “Yep, he made it down and he is fine.” While her husband was not the friendliest person around and a consummate pessimist, she loved him dearly.

“Yes, yes, I made it down. Wasn’t pretty, needed a bit of a hand, but I’m fine lass. Doona fash yourself,” came the answer that she was waiting on. “Ya jest make sure you are ok and hustle your butt to the rendezvous point. Watch out for any of those backstabbing, traitorous Palatinaeans.

Another voice chimed in with a groan, “This is DarkHawk, Firith and I had a bit of an incident with his parachute, but all is well. We will meet you at the rendezvous point.

Not hearing anything from Raistlin, She keyed her Comm again, “Raistlin, this is Lilith, over. Do you copy? What is your position?” “Maybe he wasn’t wearing a Comm either,” she thought to herself. “Has anyone heard from Raistlin,” she asked?

Unclipping her lightsaber from her belt, Lilith cautiously made her way to the rendezvous point, hoping that she didn’t run across an injured or worse, Raistlin.




Upon landing on Mygeeto

DarkHawk groaned a bit after getting to his feet. The half Shaevalian dusted himself off and twisted his torso side to side. His massive body structure popped with the movement and a smile almost appeared on his face with the movements.

Firith watched as his partner seemed to be enjoying some ritual body stretching. Both the Warrior and the Knight knew of each other and each of their respected reputations. Though they have never missioned together. The Knight seemed both excited and reluctant to work with DarkHawk. While he knew he was the loner type, Firith was also well aware of DarkHawk’s unwavering devotion to Clan Naga Sadow and its members. That part made the Knight very pleased in his own right. Someone who enjoyed protecting the Clan as much as himself.

Both members of Clan Naga Sadow received their communications from Lilith, Firith had a blank look on his face when he spoke. “No word from Raistlin.”

“We will look for him on the way to the rendezvous point. Winds were blowing pretty good as we came in he could just be off course and out of COMM range.” replied the Warrior.

“We will make our way up that ridge line and meet up with the others. I bet credits that we run into some Palatinaean troopers or pirates along the way.”

“Twenty-five credits a kill my friend, you game? Just don’t tell Lilith.” the Knight responded almost humorously.

A slight grin came across DarkHawk’s face. The two made their way up the ridge line and kept a watchful eye out for the unusual. Thankfully the snow was covered in a hard crust, due to the temperature being so frigid. So it didn’t impede the two from making light work of the terrain. DarkHawk was constantly scanning his thermal imagining in his cowl. The only way to pick something up in this environment was to spot them on thermals.

Both DarkHawk and Firith crested the top of the ridge and that’s when the Equite paused for a moment. He held up a fist and motioned for the two to stop. The Knight moved closer to his partner and DarkHawk pointed to the East. Three four man patrols about 50 or 60 yards apart were directly in their path.

Firith grinned a bit, “That’s definitely not the rest of our team. Has to be pirates.”

DarkHawk hit his COMM and attempted to contact the others. “Lilith, do you copy? Zachary, come in!” Nothing but static. “This weather is causing interruption to our COMM’s” murmured DarkHawk. “If we don’t warn them, or take out those patrols the others will more than likely fall right into them.” The Warrior told his partner.

The two knew exactly what needed to be done. DarkHawk motioned Firith to the left side and pointed to the right for himself. Firith nodded and faded into the darkness. DarkHawk stealthily moved down the ridge line. Concealing himself with the environment. The Equite kept an eye on his partner through thermals and the Knight was almost in position.

A few meters more and the Warrior was parallel with the far right patrol. Firith was waiting in position, they would have to move almost in unison. DarkHawk pushed his COMM, “Firith do you read?” A faint whisper came through the Warrior’s helm “Copy.”

“On your go” replied DarkHawk. As the outside patrols passed, the killing commenced.

Both DarkHawk and Firith moved in, following behind each patrol’s last member. Instinctively both clan members used the night and the wind to disguise their kills. Firith made the first kill, coming up from behind and snapping the neck of a complacent trooper.

DarkHawk followed suit to his victim and then tossed his lifeless body aside into the darkness. The warrior crept towards the others stepping into the footsteps of his prey. He was so close he could hear their heavy breathing……their last breaths of life. The cloaked figure slammed the two patrols heads together and with one stroke his talons ripped their throats. Blood poured from their throats and stained the white terrain. The two fell lifeless clutching their wounds……one left.

Firith moved with ease towards his next prey. The Knight unsheathed his vibroknife. In one fluid motion he buried it to the hilt in the side of the neck of his target, pulling it out and spinning towards the next man, he then did the same only this time from front to back. Both men fell silently. Firith was pleased. That’s 75 credits, the Knight thought.

As the both Sadowans made their way towards their last kill, the middle patrol had turned, looked back and opened fire. DarkHawk saw something from the corner of his eye just as Firith was just about to make his move. Blaster fire whizzed past him. He unsheathed a throwing knife and from just a few feet away placed that knife in the forehead of his victim. The warrior then sprinted towards the middle patrol.

Lilith and Zachary crested the eastern ridge to see the last few seconds of this unfold. “Looks like we found DarkHawk and Firith” said Zachary. The two team leaders began their descent in a dead sprint towards their teammates.


Firith’rar J. Versea-Stormwind


The fighting was done, the enemy was dead and the bodies looted for anything of use. Firith had a blaster he was uncomfortable with, as did Lilith. Each carried a couple of stimpacks and some food to add to their stores as well as some winter gear to augment what they had. Lilith and Zachary had shown up to assist with the final kills and the group was together for the first time since the HALO commenced. Except for Raistlin.

Firith removed his HALO faceplate and immediately regretted it. The cold icy wind bit into his skin and made it difficult to breathe. Flipping it over he futilely tried to scrape the frozen blood off of it’s mirrored surface. “Damn.” He muttered then snapped it back onto his helmet only to find the condensation on the inside of it had frosted it over.

“Hold up mate,” DarkHawk said as he trudged over through the heavy snow. “Flip the lower jaw toggle and increase the airflow, then punch in a higher temp on the wrist computer. You’ll get used to the suit before you know it.” He slapped the older man on the shoulder playfully.

Following his commands Firith soon had his faceplate defrosted and was able to see clearly. Looking over at his wife and the scoundrel O’Maille he sized the two of them up. Both looked fit and ready and a damn sight cleaner than he and DarkHawk did. “Still no word from Raistlin?” He asked looking at his wife.

“Nothing, not a sound and I can’t get anything on the bioscanner either. But, I couldn’t get a read on you or DarkHawk until we were within 50 or 60 meters. I think this planet affects the gear, or it might be the weather.” Lilith replied. Firith nodded remembering his wife’s HALO suit had a special attachment to read the group’s vital signs. As a healer more than a fighter, she was best suited to deal with any injuries.

“Fine, let’s get moving then. We all know we are suppose to head towards Kasador. Maybe Raistlin will meet us there.” Zachary said. “DarkHawk do you have the direction and distance?” He asked, shouldering his pack and adjusting something on his suit.

DarkHawk consulted a holomap and pointed vaguely to the east. “I’m guessing it’s about two and a half or three kilometers that way. We should come out this mountainous area in another 100 meters and then there is some open ground. You should be able to see the city in the distance at that point. The patrols we killed were coming from that direction too, so keep an eye out on your thermal scanners.”

Firith checked his saber and remembered the orders given: “No sabers or Force powers unless absolutely necessary, and if you do, make sure none are left alive.” Stupid order, but one he would follow until it didn’t suit him to. “Right. Listen up! DarkHawk you take point, O’Mallie you are after him, Li-“ “Why do I have to be second?” O’Maille interrupted. Firith took a deep breath, straining the material of his suit. “Because I said so, you whiny little Nerf. I told you, I’m keeping an eye on you.” He growled. “Now, where was I? Oh, right Lil, you follow after him and I’ll bring up the rear. Everyone keep checking your 9 and 3 and call out if you spot anything. Good? Good, let’s move.”


Zachary walked behind Darkhawk in virtual silence. The Corellian didn’t like being talked down to the way he had been. In retaliation, he was counting the Sith’s steps, taking careful measure. The Savant tried to stutter his steps ever so little from the set pattern. While he didn’t want to fall behind the man in front of him, he figured the slight hesitance could serve as enough to frustrate Firith’rar. The man’s distrust was evident, but it was more of an annoyance at the moment than anything else. If the Gray Jedi was going to annoy him he would pay him in kind.

If nothing else, it kept him from getting bored as the group trudged on. Several minutes seemed to pass without incident. The cold and wind were nothing he let himself focus on for too long. Every so often, his eyes would dart around his surroundings, watching for movement.

It looks like despite the old man’s paranoia, we have found a reprieve. Suppose we ought to enjoy it while we can. Could just be the eye of the storm. All these Sadowans seem like magnets for trouble. I can’t imagine what it was like for the last guy leading this lot.

The Sorcerer took a moment to probe his surroundings through the Force. The chilled gales were nothing compared to the currents of life which flowed across the planet’s surface. Planetary winds always seemed to pale in comparison to the glory of the Force. Besides spots of wildlife, he could practically smell the emotions bleeding off his companions.

An alert anticipation emanated from the Sith leading them. Behind him he caught the sharp stench of distrust he assumed from Firith’rar, with just a hint of fear. Or that emotion could have been rippling off of the man’s wife. She was likeable enough, she just felt rather quaint when compared to the rest of the Sadowans present. She might have been a little unusual, but he still hoped that she wasn’t broken by what they had to do.

As he thought on it, his attention drifted somewhere off to the left of the group. Off west- or is that east? He never felt like he could hold directions in his head correctly. Instead, he pointed a hand out and extended a finger to point out into the haze created by the growing storm. He opened his mouth, but no sound came out immediately. As he stopped, the Dark Jedi felt a sharp pain in the back of his shin.

“Stop screwin raund, ‘Maille.” The older man grunted. “Ah’ve ‘ad enoof.We dinnae have time for yer-”

“There is something out there,” Zachary gritted through the pain of the kick, “I’ve pissed you off, fine. Look out that way though. You can’t seriously tell me you don’t feel that.”

“Dense sprog alwus causin’ trouble,” Firith’rar growled as he surveyed the icy terrain.

“I feel it too,” Lilith spoke quietly from the back of the line, prompting both men to gaze back. Time seemed to freeze for a moment as Firith reached for his weapon. Zachary’s hands dropped to where a lightsaber would normally have hung.It took a moment for his brain to register the missing object. Annoyed he hissed to the group, “remember not to use your ‘sabers, folks.” The Corellian brandished his slugthrower just as the first group came into view. Firith’rar and Lilith needed no prompting as the two sprung into action.

Zachary was surprised at how quick the old man was on his feet. Lilith seemed to become another woman as she hefted the Warhost-issued E-11 blaster rifle and fired. She was evidently no stranger to combat. O’Maille gave a nod he knew they didn’t notice. It really didn’t matter though. He had no right worrying about the pair. They could handle themselves.

“Keep eyes on the baddies,” the gruff voice of Darkhawk floated over the wind. As Zachary turned, he saw a group of men approaching Darkhawk in unison. They were better organized than the scouts before, more akin to Clan military- either planetary security or from the ranks of CSP’s own armies. Realizing he had to make every shot count, the Corellian leveled his trusty DE-21 and let loose three shots in quick succession. Two slugs found their mark, while the third flew over the shoulder of his Sith companion.

Keep your focus, boyo, he scolded himself for nearly striking his ally.

The emotion didn’t last long however. Darkhawk was more prepared than Zachary had given him credit for. He watched as the Sith threw out a trio of small knives which struck another approaching pirate squarely in the chest mere centimeters from each other. In the back of his mind, he could feel his other compatriots fighting hard behind them. They seemed farther away though.

The Savant turned, realizing that the fighting was starting to drive the two groups apart. With a grimace, he projected out a single thought toward the couple: Whatever happens, keep yourselves safe. Make damned sure we meet again this side of the Hells.

Taking a breath, Zachary placed his left foot forward, bracing himself. Pushing forward, the man launched himself toward the soldiers. Two long strides brought him toward the closest man as he turned his shoulder in anticipation. As the Savant tried to plant his foot in anticipation of the inevitable impact, his footstep faltered. What he had thought was hard ground gave way to powder.

Momentum carried the man through to his target, but both soldier and Sadowan tumbled down the hill together in both cold and confusion. As his descent came to a halt, the world still seemed to spin below Zachary. He struggled to steady his hand as he withdrew his vibroknife from the sheath. With a grunt he stabbed out at the other man, ending their tussle preemptively with the quick slit of his weapon. Falling back he was left to lay in painful silence for the moment.


DarkHawk watched as Zachary made little work of the scattered patrols within their vicinity. Zachary looked over at his partner and smirked, “Not bad huh?” DarkHawk just silently pointed in the direction they needed to travel in. Both Sadowans kept pace as they marched towards their destination. Their pace was steady and determined despite the drop in temperature.

The two crested a ridge line. DarkHawk grabbed the Savant and drug him to a prone position. The Warrior pointed to the Northeast, “There” he whispered. Just shy of the mountain line city lights. Then the black clad figure pointed again. In the mouth of the valley they were entering, a patrol, looked to be six men carrying what looked to be a crate. “And there is our bonus, we need that crate” DarkHawk told Zachary.

“What is it?” asked the Savant.

“Not sure Sir, but for them to tread through this storm at that pace, I am guessing they are on a time schedule. We are about to permanently delay that delivery.” DarkHawk said almost enthusiastically.

Zachary smiled, “It’s always fun partnering with you DH. So what’s are move?” asked the Corellian

DarkHawk assessed the group, he scanned them and the surrounding area. Switching his helm vision from thermal vision to night vision. As he inspected the landscape he was surprised to see that this detail had no backup forces keeping an eye on the prize. Not a good feeling….

That’s when the Savant grabbed DarkHawk’s shoulder excitedly pointing further to the East. Just past the trailing edge of the mountain line and between them and the city. A small clearing, and low and behold a transport ship was making its approach. That’s why there is no backup, a hasty escape….

DarkHawk told the Corellian, “We have to cut them off fast and hard, before that transport comes in and sees us.”

“Copy that, where do you want me?” asked O’Maille.

I want you to come up on their six, take them out quickly and quietly?” the Warrior stated.

“And you?” O’Maille asked.

“I am going to drive right down their throat.” DarkHawk gruffly said.

“HA! You’re going to do WHAT!” exclaimed the Savant.

“Just stay at their six and STAY OUT OF SIGHT!” DarkHawk said almost angrily.

The two split and went on their separate paths. Circling around on the Red Flag Pirates putting themselves in their assigned respective positions. The Warrior did not like using that tone with the Savant, having seen how O’Maille and Firith interacted before. He wondered if it was necessary, whatever beef those two had DarkHawk was staying clear. I just need him focused and we are under major time constraints he thought.

DarkHawk watched his partner come into the troops six and was closing the gap. The Savant could not Force Cloak. So timing would have to be on. The winged warrior closed his eyes and concentrated engulfing himself with the force. Within an instant the black clad figure diminished into the night.

O’Maille was within striking distance of the two pirates and the rear of the pack. Their pace was steady and fast. The Savant mimicked their pace and did exactly what his team mate told him to do. Just then over COMM’s he heard a faint crack then a whisper, “Now” the voice of DarkHawk whispered.

O’Maille unsheathed his vibroknife, and closed the gap between himself and the pirates. Within just a few moments the Savant executed two deadly strikes to the base of the pirate’s neck. They collapsed and faded into the snow, blood outlining the remanence of their snow covered bodies. The Dark Jedi made his way behind the two who carried the rear of the crate. He could hear their accelerated breathing as he drove his blade into the neck of the pirate on the left.

The crate fell with the pirate and O’Maille made his move for the pirate to his right. The rest of the pirate force immediately turned to the commotion and went to the aide of their fallen comrade. Out of thin air DarkHawk appeared in front of the opposing force. Their eyes widened and instantly the Warrior unleashed deadly strikes with his fighting sticks. O’Maille could hear the screams as DarkHawk commenced to doing what he does best. The Savant dove after the closest pirate buried his knife several times in the chest of his foe. He stood up and proceeded to assist his partner, but what he saw there was no need for his assistance.

DarkHawk moved with fluid motion, placing one deadly strike after another on the pirates. Closing the fight by choking the last pirate out with one of his Escrima Sticks. “Always a pleasure” O’Maille stated. DarkHawk paused for a moment regaining his composure. Force Cloaking takes a toll on the user and if not at full strength the rest of the mission would go awry quick like and in a hurry.

“The two of us have to carry this crate over to where that transport is headed.” DarkHawk stated. The transport the saw earlier was making its way to the clearing ahead, but with difficulties. The opposing storm was wreaking havoc on the ship. Which in turn was a good thing for the Sadowans as they had to take care of business prior to meeting the transport occupants.

“Should we open it?’ O’Maille asked.

“No time, let’s get trekking.” DarkHawk replied.

The two muscled the crate and started making their way to the clearing. With the wind blowing it made for carrying the crate a bit difficult to maintain. Not mention trekking through blowing snow. The two managed and made their way to their destination. The transport was moving in closer and landed just about 25 meters in front of the Sadowans.

“Get ready to drop this thing and fight, as soon as they make us out they are going to come at us.” DarkHawk stated.

“I am with you DH, no telling how many are on that.” Replied O’Maille.

“Judging on its size, can’t be more than the last part we dealt with.” the Warrior stated.

The two dropped the crate and DarkHawk made his way to the craft. The doors of the transport opened and another five pirates came out blasters aimed at O’Maille. “Where is your squad?” asked the lead Pirate. “Dead” stated O’Maille. “Where is the other one that was with you?” asked another Red Flag man. O’Maille paused for a moment and then a smile came a crossed his face “Right behind you, dirt merchant!” the Savant said confidently.

The men whisked around, only to see DarkHawk diving off the top of the transport. Two of the men felt the brutality of the move and a third collapsed as the other fell on top of him. DarkHawk slashed with his talons, ripping the men to pieces. O’Maille had already followed suit and was burying his vibroknife into two pirates closest to him. O’Maille let the last pirate slide down his body as he pulled his blade from his chest.

The two casually looked over their carnage they just created. O’Maille started searching one of the pirates for contraband. DarkHawk made his way to the transport again, as he entered he cautiously looked for stragglers. As he turned around towards the flight deck there stood the pilot, blaster aimed directly at the black clad figure. As the man began to speak a slug from O’Maille’s slug thrower exploded the man’s head. DarkHawk just stared at the onslaught in front of him.

“Not bad if I do say so myself” the Savant said humorously.

“Now let’s clean up this mess and get that crate onboard.” O’Maille instructed.

The two dragged the bloody mess of a body out into the snow. Then they brought the crate into the transport. They two brushed the snow off the crate and examined it. O’Maille grabbed a crowbar and started prying up the sides. Both men lifted the heavy slate over to one side. They were blasted by a yellow radiating light coming from inside the crate.

“DarkHawk, lets close this up and get it to the others they are going to want to see this” O’Maille said with astonishment in his voice.

The two replaced the lid to the crate and strapped it down. DarkHawk Hawk jump in the pilot seat and fired up the engines. “We are supposed to meet the others near the hanger on the East side of the city” DarkHawk said.

“Double-time it DH. We got to wipe them out and then get the hell out of here!” The Savant barked his orders, punctuating them with a flourish of his weapon.