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Sit Down With Naga Sadow


[Camera turns on and there is a blue Twi’lek adjusting the camera. She points it towards the two chairs in the middle of a dimly lit room. She smiles and waves at the camera.]

“Heya all, my it has been some time since I have done these sit down interviews, but I thought I would give you a character highlight. I am Tasha’Vel Versea, current Rollmaster for Naga Sadow and today we have a little more quiet guest that keeps to themselves and who has recently been trying to overcome her amnesia. She seems to have forgotten quite a bit of the past, but let’s bring her out. Syntari Bastiyan would you mind coming in and having a seat?”

[An Umbaran dressed in a simple outfit with a cloak about covering her face walks in and sits in one of the chairs next to Tasha. She blinks a bit and shifts uncomfortably.]

“It’s a bit bright in here, but I am here as you requested. What do you want?” She asked firmly as she continued to blink and occasionally squint her eyes.

The Twi’lek smiles and continued her interview. “First of all I wanted to find out is there anything you like and dislike?

The Umbaran pondered for a moment then answered.

“You know I do not consider myself fit for Clan life, and yet…what is this feeling? Accomplishment? Am I proud of myself for sticking around and guiding an apprentice? Yes…yes, I believe I am, and Tasha’Vel…I like that very much. I’m going to take a risk and be slightly dramatic, but I very much dislike the feeling of being caged…which is probably why I dislike you so much, since you’re so good at caging people when it suits you.”

The Twi’lek’s eyes grew a bit wide as she was slightly stunned at the answer, but she quickly composed herself and continued.

“So what are your opinions on the Collective?”

The Umbaran gave a puzzled look at Tasha’Vel. “The what? Don’t you remember, I lost my memories and a good deal of respect for everyone around me?”

Tasha’Vel winced slightly.
“Right, I am so sorry about that, anyways last question for you. What is some advice that you would give to someone?”

The Umbaran stood up, glared at Tasha with her white eyes and pointed a pale finger at herself.
“Me? You want me to give advice?” She then pointed back at Tasha’Vel. “I’ll tell you the same thing I tell my apprentice: trust no one. There is not a person on this ship you can trust not to stab you in the back. Guard yourself carefully; Force knows I didn’t.”

Then without another word, Syntari practically vanished from the room like a wraith riding the wind.
The Rollmaster’s jaw could be seen practically falling to the floor. She turned to the camera and began to walk towards it.

“Well folks ,as I said before we get all kinds of interesting people here in Naga Sadow and Syntari Bastiayn is certainly quite a character. So I will be seeing you next time for Sit Downs with Naga Sadow till then have a goodnight!”

The camera then shut off.