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Star Wars: A New Dawn Discussion [SPOILERS]


Hi All!

Now that A New Dawn has been out for a bit and people seem to be finishing it, I want to get a discussion going on what we think. I still have a small chunk at the end to finish but I’ll kickstart things.

First, I was super excited for this book being the first 100% canon release in this new era we live in. That alone gave it a lot of steam. I immediately liked Kainan’s backstory – Obi-Wan says in Ep3 that he reverses the signal and here we have one of those Jedi he saved. It makes sense and clicks. I am also really enjoying the Count Vidian villain…something of an economic Darth Vader. John Jackson Miller does a decent job of “justifying” his actions while still keeping him evil. I’m definitely finding him a fresh and interesting bad guy.

A lot of the book is pretty standard Star Wars – start off with a group of characters who eventually join up to save the day, jumping between perspectives, the Imperial who has second thoughts. Then again…standard Star Wars is really fun. All in all, I’ve enjoyed the read. New Star Wars!

On a somewhat related noted, personally, I’m not bent up about the “clean slate” treatment of the EU, but I will say I wish the Story Group would grandfather in select tales. They can pick which ones, but it seems like they could do the fan community a service here and there. I’ve never been much into the post-OT stuff, but there’s a lot of TOR and…man, the Darth Bane trilogy. I wish that was canon. Wait…are the video games considered canon? As in TOR?


In terms of the canon question…anything that came before the edict (including the games) probably wouldn’t be considered canon. Just assume they’re part of the “Legends” thing. If they never touch the old stuff, then who knows, but for the most part I’d assume all that stuff doesn’t count.

I am about 2/3s done the book. I’m enjoying Kanan’s story most of all. He’s by far the strongest character in the book and am looking forward to seeing him active even more when the show starts. Hera is ok…not bad, but not really getting any great vibe off her. For a SW book this isn’t bad. The villian is a bit over the top (:P). but it’s fine. Not a fan of the author’s novels (his comic stuff is better), but the writing is serviceable.

The book is an easy read and the plot keeps it humming along pretty well.


Fair. I am actually listening to the audiobook version, so one reason I like Vidian is probably because the reader has a great Bane-esque voice for him. Related note - Star Wars audiobooks have class A production value. There’s score, sound effects. It’s great. Love 'em.


I’m looking forward to read the book after I order it and even watch the show…Even though I’m a little disappointed about Luscas said about the books and games that came out before the new movies that will released next year and the show next months… Are now non-cannon and he will not allow it be cannon which does make since but thats a whole another topic to talk about…

Nice to know about the plot of the book even though I already knew by the cover of it. Its story arc is about some of the character that will be in the show…So its going to be very interesting to read its book series and watch show


how was it?


I’m not sure what you mean here - these new novels ARE canon stories just like the Rebels show and Battlefront when it releases in Winter 2015 (just around Ep7)