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Star Wars Assault Team


I couldn’t remember if we’ve had any discussion on this or not, so I thought I’d ask. Have we thought about doing anything with Star Wars Assault Team? I’m having a blast playing it, addictive blast, but fun none the less.


There were a couple of news posts thrown up about the game. The only thing that the DB has done with it is make an Imperial Squad.


That game I’m already part of. This is the other game , card style game.


Oh right, that game (have my coffee now, so I’m good :P). I remember there were a number of competitions at one time, usually revolving around some of the in-game events. I don’t believe there’s been anything lately though


The last competition for it probably ended over a month ago. It’s a bit tough to support when it doesn’t really have a controllable PVP option or anything, but I still play it from time to time.


I just became a contributor to the Star Wars Assault Team wiki and I’ve found some rather interesting information while persuing it and helping with it’s stats.

I’m wondering, how many DJBer’s play this game? I ask as I’m going to be helping update the wiki as I go along and I didn’t know if there were anyone else that still played this game that could help me with any stat information or pictures as they are needed?


I think a fair number of us downloaded the app just because it’s Star Wars and free, but I don’t know how many actively play it. I’ve stopped, for example, but I will pick it back up when there’s a relevant competition. Been putting my time into Star Wars Commander.