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Star Wars Rebels: New TV Spots & Short - Dark Jedi Brotherhood


Hot off the presses today are three newly released Television spots featuring Star Wars Rebels.

Sure, these are just commericals, but its always nice to be reminded of where we are in the Universe. Gotta admit though, that yanking to an end right after the Death Star? Yeah, let felt like a slap on the EU. Still so sad.

There's just one more new spot to share here, nothing fancy or anything, just to keep salivating so, so much. Just over a month left!

Oh, and don't miss this other short that dropped last week, that lets us get to know the kid Ghost's youngest member Ezra Bridger just a little bit more. Slingshots!

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Don’t you mean just under one month left? US subscribers can watch it on demand at the end of September!




Damn those Americans…


To be fair, 30 minutes after it’s aired in America it will be “available” everywhere.

Also, stop complaining, I’m sure NZ will be waiting until next year for it to air properly :rage4:


OK, you do have a point there… poor Oceania :stuck_out_tongue: