Star Wars RPG's

(Qormus Aquila) #1

I remember last year someone organising a Star Wars RPG using either Saga or the new FFG system. Did that ever happen? If so, is it still happening?

(Marcinius Turelles) #2

Like developing a new game entirely? Or an extension of the DJB?

(Qormus Aquila) #3

I’m not sure.

(Mirado L'eonheart) #4

I had talked to a couple people about it a couple years ago. Never panned out.

(Qormus Aquila) #5

I am pretty sure this was someone in Plagueis and it was at the start of last year. I am also pretty sure they were going to use Saga/D20 rather than FFG’s system. Last I heard they even had something booked in, I just don’t know if it ever got off the ground.

(Qormus Aquila) #6

I finally found reference to it. It was SBL Kz’set di Plagia otherwise known as Arden Karn in Plagueis.

(Aidan Kincaid) #7

The last attempt at a DB RP activity, like other attempts before, unfortunately didn’t pan out. Despite initial interest from members, participation turned out to be low or non-existent.

I am sure the idea will be tried again. Someone will have to come up with a proposal, send it along to the GM, DGM, and Voice, and then do a test run to prove there’s enough interest.

(Marcinius Turelles) #8

What kind of RP are we talking about? I mean I thought we were already playing an RP game o.O

(Aidan Kincaid) #9

Generally this refers to forum or IRC-based textual roleplay with a group of members talking in character. It would involve some for of RP system (dice rolls or RNG or what have you).

Think an online version of table top roleplaying (dungeons and dragons, etc).

(Drake Starfire) #10

Roll20 has the ability to create star wars campaigns, I have the online rulebooks, but having a DJB game going would be cool

(Kadrol Hauen) #11

Is there any online rpgs for star wars?

(Oric Ral) #12

Let me know if anything becomes of this please!

(Erik Cato) #13

I’m currently on part 3 of an ongoing Star Wars: Edge of The Empire campaign I’ve entitled, “The Quest for more credits.”

If anyone wants to set up a Roll20 SW: EoE game, feel free to message me. Haven’t tried other tabletops for Star Wars but I’m a quick learner if there are other ones in the works.

(Oric Ral) #14

I would like to know more, mind sending a little more detail?

(Erik Cato) #15


It’s a fun tabletop. The dice system is still leaves a chance of craziness which I find to be very Star Wars appropriate, You add your skills to your success in the dice pool. Outcomes range from bad and horrible, bad but good, good but bad and good and amazing results. I definitely recommend it. If you don’t want to buy the bloody dice you can get a phone app.

We’re a bunch of scum getting together for the sake of profit as cargo transport and bounty hunters. We all took obligation debt with a local Nar Shadaa Hutt to split on our first clunker space ship and are doing jobs to get money in order to made upgrades and acquire better equipment.

(Maleik the Gray) #16

Do we have any type of rps in the brotherhood?

(Oric Ral) #17

Sure do!