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Star Wars: ToR tips


Hey guys, I just started playing TOR recently and I’m looking for any general advice that might be of use to a new players. I’m not new to the MMO genre (I play WoW) but just don’t want to “screw up”, if that’s even possible. Thanks!



You’re right in that it’s not really possible to screw up, at least at the earlier levels. TOR is a lot like WoW in how it plays so you should already have a good grasp on the mechanics and the interface.

Best advice is just take your time, mobs can swarm you pretty easilly if you’re not careful and harder enemies like elites are a lot more common than WoW so you need to keep an eye out and watch your back.

Another bit of advice is to take the time to do side quests, they’re a bit monotonous at times but it’s worth it for the xp and level advantage when you come back to your Class Quests as some of them can be a pain.

Aside from those, there isn’t much else I can think of that you wouldn’t already know from WoW. Choose professions early and level them as you go, Flashpoints (Dungeons) are a great way to get good gear and xp, you never really need to waste money on purchasing anything from vendors aside from perhaps medpacks and stims if you want the extra buffs.

Otherwise enjoy the game, Bioware’s always been good at telling stories and while some class stories are definitely better than others, they’re all worth at least a look.


The things that I wish people told me before I levelled my toons:

  • Work out how to rotate and stack abilities, and the best build for your class & spec. This is 101 for MMORPG type games as you probably know from WOW. If DPS you want mainly damage, tank you want aggro, heals something else… check out Dulfy guides http : // bit .ly / 2o53JNK (remove spaces)
  • Credit farming. Currency enables you to buy Legacy perks, experience, cool outfits, etc. - http : // bit. ly / 2o4R8Kt. Work out the fastest way to get credits (usually dailies, heroics & flashpoints yield the best) and hit them hard.
  • Get perks related to Companion Influence. Aim to level your main companion to 50 as fast as possible (the perks will help you do this) since companions help you fight, sell your junk, and allow you to farm stuff.
  • Check out the companion gifts guide to do this. Each companion likes different things - http : // bit. ly / 2o52DS8. Buy exclusively purple grade gifts because everything else is a waste of time
  • Get all the rocket boost legacy perks and the quick mount speeder perk ( allow you to get around the game as fast as possible ). Go for the swoop piloting perks as well.
  • Would advise you to buy all the strongholds as well (since you can teleport direct to different planets around the galaxy - currently this means Dromund Kaas (Imperial), Coruscant (Republic), Nar Shaddaa, Tattooine & Yavin IV). The only thing is they’re not cheap. Yavin IV & Tatooine strongholds are 2.5M credits for example. Don’t bother extending strongholds by adding extra rooms and most decorations unless you love that kind of thing (waste of credits). Useful decorations to have are GTN Kiosk, Mail (available by default), Modification Station, Cargo Hold, Legacy Storage, Guild Bank, Appearance Designer and the vendor NPCs (available by default). Just add the above decorations to a mat in an easy to access location. Would recommend having the GTN Kiosk next to Mail [since items you buy on the GTN are sent to Mail], and the Cargo Hold and Legacy Storage next to an NPC vendor [since you’ll be selling most of it to the NPC vendor for credits].
  • Aside from equipping yourself with a full arsenal of red and/or purple armor pieces, hold off gearing until you hit the maximum level cap since as you play at the maximum level, you get given items with the best stats in the game as part of a random drop crate which appears as you gain command levels. Buy command XP boosts to level faster and hence get better stuff. Once you have full 230 gear you’ll want to make sure you have a complete set with a set bonus (depending on if you want to play PVP or PVE and you’ll have to swap out items in your individual armour piecces to get the best stats for your class & spec. There used to be a guide for the previous patch that taught you how to do this effectively - http : // bit.ly / 2o57ceY. Problem is things have been changed and it is now out of date. You may have to get the combat dummy perk and attack it a few times with different combinations of stats to see which ones work best together for your class and spec. You can change the stats by adding/swapping Enhancements, Augments and Crystals in your gear.

Hope this helps. If I chose two words to represent MMORPGs it would be complex and confusing, but thankfully there’s a lot of sources out there that dumb it down for us by writing up guides and that. The stuff I sent you above is the way I’d tackle SWTOR for a new toon after having maxed out legacy and all 8 classes of toon in the game. The other thing is the game gets a heap easier at the end, so leveling your second, third, etc. toon is much easier bc your main toon (who does more damage and earns credits faster) can help them out (ie, send them credits, level up legacy which applies to all toons, apply legacy perks, etc which affect all toons the same.