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SW Commander PVP Tournament Event is live!


Just loaded up Commander and got a notification that the PVP event teased in the last patch notes is now live.

The event is called "Galactic War: Tournament I, and it is 2 weeks long. Looks to be a leader board based on number of wins (ties broken by losses), you get reward points for getting into certain leagues (top x% of players).

As always there is a new unit to unlock.


I doubt I’ll be unlocking this vehicle. There’s nothing I am more terrible at than PvP gaming. My first two attacks against enemies for this tournament were met with colossal failure. I haven’t bothered to try again yet. And especially if you lose points for losing a match, there’s no way I can see getting enough points to unlock the vehicle… Not if it keeps giving me such difficult bases to attack anyway.

Is there some strategy I’m missing? My AT-ATs and AT-STs just get cut down long before they make any actual progress. It’s hard to imagine that there’s a way to destroy the bases I’ve seen so far in the tournament.


Alright with just a couple of days left, I’ve come across an army configuration that works to get 3 stars most of the time.

1eATAT + 2HT + 10 DT + 30 ST + [5 TF]
= 1 Elite ATAT
2 Hover tanks
10 Dark Troopers
30 Stormtroopers
5 TIE Fighters (though I only use them on mortar and rocket turrets, but I probably didn’t need to use them.