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SWTOR 5.0 Runs Magic On MAC OS X


For all ye OS Xers out there. It runs a charm on the Mac. Just don’t go switch tabbing. Enjoy!

[quote=KonarSaas (poyntz @ swtor.com)]Yes. It runs using Wine. Runs great even given solid GPU & RAM. Note: Alt + Tab freezes the game. Tested on: OS X 10.10.5, SWTOR 5.2

  1. Install Wine 2.0 & Winetricks (can install both using Homebrew in Terminal)
  2. Use winetricks to install msvcp90=native d3dx9 vcrun2008 msls31 winhttp
  3. Use wine to run SWTOR_setup.exe (installs your setup files)
  4. Once setup finished add the following text to ~/.wine/drive_c/Program Files/Electronic Arts/BioWare/Star Wars - The Old Republic/launcher.settings file using TextEdit:

“PatchingMode”: “{ “swtor”: “SSN” }”,“bitraider_disable”: true[/quote]
Save the launcher.settings file.

  1. Put swtor_fix.exe download from https : // github . com / poyntz / swtor_fix (no spaces) into ~.wine\drive_c\
  2. Put SWTORLaunch.app into Applications from the .dmg file (same name) also downloaded from the link above.
  3. Run SWTORLaunch.app to install SWTOR. The launcher pops up in a Wine window. (Note: game is Gigabytes big and takes ages to download)
  4. Once install finished close SWTOR and the 2 Terminal tabs that are open (i.e, swtor_fix.exe and launcher.exe).
  5. Open winecfg in a new Terminal. Under the ‘Graphics’ tab, tick the ‘Emulate a virtual desktop’ textbox, set Width & Height to your monitor’s resolution and click Ok.
  6. Open SWTORLaunch.app to run SWTOR. Note the launcher pops up in a Wine window. Just interact with it like you would on windows.

**SWTORLaunch.app (applescript) opens Terminal running swtor_fix.exe and launcher.exe in separate tabs - these two wine executables need to be running concurrently for SWTOR on MAC OS X to work. Please let me know if you have any issues with SWTORLaunch.app so I can update it. SWTOR on MAC has been running great for me. Even better on the 2012 MAC than the old PC.[/quote]


This is potentially really awesome…out of curiosity, what are your system specs? I just bought a new laptop but only went 8 GB RAM because it was cheaper and I didn’t see myself gaming…!! :frowning:


Sorry I can’t help much with the basic hardware requirements. Which in short means I have NFI if you’ll be ok on 8GB RAM. Looking online also turned up nothing since no one seems to report their hardware for patch 5 (KOTET)… Anyhow, my rig is as follows.

  • MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012)
  • Processor: 2.7 GHz Intel Core i7
  • Memory: 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1024 MB

Monitor: BenQ BL3200, 32 inch display

Game settings: 2560 x 1440 resolution, default graphics settings (i.e, bloom effect, etc.)
OS: Tested 10.10.5 (Yosemite) & 10.12.4 (Sierra)
Wine: 2.0
SWTOR: Game Update 5.2

Hope it helps.

You tried to safeguard against accidentally getting into gaming then you found the pull of the dark side all too difficult to resist :wink:.


Removed wine installation and recently had some trouble reinstalling SWTOR Patch 5.6.1 using homebrew package manager. First, due to a certificate error (in the non-staging version of wine). Second, because installer kept hanging and then quitting suddenly.
The following workaround got me there:

  1. In Terminal app:
    1a: Install Brew (per instructions here - https://brew.sh),
    1b. Type ‘brew install wine-staging winetricks’ and hit Enter. Wait till they install.
    1c. Type ‘winetricks msvcp90=native d3dx9 vcrun2008 msls31 winhttp win7’ and hit Enter. Click through all the prompts
  2. Download & run swtor_setup.exe (from swtor.com) by typing into Terminal ‘wine swtor_setup.exe’ (in the same directory). Wait till it installs. Deselect the option to “play the game” on the last screen.
  3. Follow these instructions here except don’t rename the ‘patch’ folder like it says. Only rename the ‘bitraider’ folder. Apparently meddling with the patcher folder breaks things in this version. For more info read the comments at this link.
  4. Run launcher per above by typing into Terminal ‘‘env WINEDEBUG=-all wine /Users/(((YOUR USERNAME)))/.wine/(((YOUR INSTALL PATH)))/Star\ Wars-The\ Old\ Republic/launcher.exe’’
  5. Close Launcher.exe when it hangs with the message ‘ST Initialising’ (SWTOR). If you don’t do Step 4. above you should get a certificate error on this step.
  6. In launcher.settings file change
    ,“skip_self_patch”: true
    , “skip_self_patch”: false
    and add to file this:
    ,“PatchingMode”: “{ “swtor”: “SSN” }”, “bitraider_disable”: true
  7. Save and close launcher.settings.
  8. Rerun launcher.exe by typing into Terminal ‘env WINEDEBUG=-all wine /Users//.wine/(((YOUR INSTALL PATH)))/Star\ Wars-The\ Old\ Republic/launcher.exe’
    It should now install ok.

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