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[SWTOR] New/Returning Players


Star Wars: The Old Republic has had a shaky history but the game is currently has made some significant improvements in the past few years. If you are looking for a, gasp, Star Wars game to play then give SW:TOR another shot!

Reddit New/Returning Player Guide - A treasure trove of information to help answer almost any question you may have. There are a few items I will call out the entice players new or old to give this game another shot.

Free-to-Play - Yes there are restrictions but you can do A LOT in the game without spending a single dime. Everything I list below is available without spending any money.

Galactic Strongholds (player housing) - Apartments on Dromund Kaas, Temples on Yavin IV, a floating palace on Nar Shaddaa. Decorate and expand your own slice of the Star Wars universe. There are a ton of decorations and as a bonus you can earn cool items for decoration as loot drops in other activities.

Repeatable Heroics and Flashpoints (dungeons) - Both of these reward Clusters of Earth and are easily accessible for even the newest of characters.

Story Content - 8 distinct class stories, each with three chapters across 12 planets. All free! Add in mini-stories for the companions of all eight classes and that is a ton of content for zero dollars.

Planetary Content - Each planet has optional unique side Planetary Quests and Exploratory Quests, which are different on the Imperial and Republic faction. More free Star Wars stuff!

Guild Conquest - Each week, the guild will “invade” a planet but we will have competition. All characters in the DJB guild can help earn points that could push our guild to the leader board for that week. No matter your level or gear, anyone can be part of putting the Brotherhood on the map!

If, after the end of all of the giveaways, you are still looking for more you can get more for not much cash. You can unlock ALL of the expansions FOREVER by subscribing for one month. Even if you cancel you will not lose access to the four expansions and your account is upgraded to “Preferred” status. Preferred status also gives you more access that you never lose once your account is upgraded.

I encourage you to give the game a try once more. For more information you can reach out to me here, on Telegram or by email.

Kind Regards,

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DJB activity is on the Darth Malgus server, correct? If that’s the case I’m looking to start a DJB-affiliated Imp Guild on the Satele Shan server with a focus on conquests, crafting and decoration. Anyone interested feel free to contact me here or in-game on Satele Shan at my main Imp toon, Omniside.

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That DJB guild is on Star Forge. If you have any cartel coins saved up you can teansfer or there is also a double XP event coming up this month. Leveling is ultra fast with those events.


I’m european. If i play on an american server will i experience lag?