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{TA} Hutt Hunter - Trial & Initiation Ceremony of Katyusha Neige


Hutt hunter

By Katyusha Neige.

So this is Nar Shadaa… it’s not as bad as I expected.

These were the first thoughts to cross the sith acolyte’s mind when she looked out the view port of the shuttle bringing her to Nar Shadaa. When the shuttle landed on the platform, Katyusha rushed out of the spacecraft, she wanted to get this mission done quickly and efficiently. “Kat’s mission was simple: go to Hutta town and kill Dolka the Hutt.” The problem that stuck out in Kat’s mind were her weapons. Kat could not use her own weapons, she had to use weapons provided to her. The weapons the battlemaster bestowed up the assassin were a katana and a DC-17 hand blaster. Katyusha had no problem using the katana; she enjoyed its light, deadly aspect of it and the fact it was a sword helped. The pistol on the other hand, she did not like. Kat had never really used guns, always preferring the silence a sword offered. The young Sith walked up to a shady looking Zyggerian male. The humanoid was tall and looked quite muscular.

“Excuse me kind sir, I am lost and need to find the “Rebel Rock ‘N Spirit Club”. Asked Katyusha, using her small size and innocent look to persuade the Zyggerian to help her.

The large humanoid simply looked at the small woman, snorted and spat on Kat’s boot, adding a white ooze of mucus on her boot

“Sod off you dumb broad, I don’t talk to weaklings and whores like you.” Answered the large Zyggerian in his thick, proud accent.

Kat, quite taken aback by this action and insult,began to feel anger well up inside her. The audacity this man had to spit on her boot. Before losing her temper, the Sith simply waved her hand in front of the thug and asked again in a persuasive tone.

“Would you please tell me where the bar is, I’m in a hurry and really need to get there.”

The Zyggerian flinched and shook his head; He had a look of apology on his face. Quickly, the Zyggerian began to stammer and answered.

“Oh I’m s-s-sorry ma’am, just take a left at Little Rodia and just keep walking down Groda lane until you see the big sign, it’s hard to miss.”

Kat thanked the Confused Zyggerian and went on her way. The assassin walked in the directions given to her by the thug. Kat finally found the bar. The sign was a giant rectangle with the name written on the front, on both sides where the insignia of the rebellion. The sign had the name written on it neon pink. Beside the N’ there was an x-wing outline.When Katyusha saw the x-wing, she reminisced of her times as a pilot when she and her squadron would go to bars and celebrate a successful mission. Kat shook her head and walked in thinking to herself.

If I survive this, I am getting a drink. for old times’ sake.

When Kat walked in, she looked around for the bar to find the bartender that the message told her would be waiting. The room was massive silver room with alternating color lights flashing as several dance girls were on the stage. The club was full of people all of varying species, From Twi’leks to Pantorans, the bar had many patrons. When Katyusha turned and saw the Band playing, it was the galaxy famous cantina band most known for their hit single, Mos-Eisley medley Kat walked up to the bar and sat down at one of the stools. When she sat down, a purple Twi’lek approached Kat.

“What’s your poison lady?” asked the Barmaid, eyeing the assassin’s outfit.

Kat looked at the barmaid’s outfit and noticed that the nametag said Leara, the name of the supposed contact.

“I won’t have a drink but I am here to pick up the goods, SN sent me.” Kat answered, telling the barmaid the phrase the message told her Leara would know and understand.

The Twi’lek simply got up and motioned Katyusha to follow her in the back room where the weapons issued to her laid. A sharp katana and a DC-17 blaster pistol were all that there was.

“Your destination is Dolka the Hutt’s Base; it is a giant warehouse 10 miles east from here, to get there you can use my speeder. Leara informed the assassin. “The warehouse should be empty and dark for the most part at this time of night.”

Katyusha picked them up the weapons, sheathed them and began to leave the building. Before she could go, The Twi’lek grabbed her arm.

“When you’re finished, come back here so you can get your reward.” Said Leara,“she obviously spoke with seduction as she bit her lip while curling her eyebrow at the Acolyte.” Katyusha simply nodded and got on her way.

Kat found the barmaid’s speeder, got on and sped off to the Hutt’s palace. The whole way to the palace, the sith evaluated every possible scenario in her mind. She planned around every conceivable obstacle in her way. One of the things she knew was that she would have to stick to the shadows. When she arrived, Kat parked the speeder and snuck into the palace through the front door. Kat stopped, put up her hood and used the force to sense how many life forms where in the room. There were seven beings in the room. One Hutt, Three Trandoshans and three Chiss. Kat realized she would have to be patient. The sith snuck into the room and analyzed her surroundings. The main room was massive; there were several perches and easily climbable areas to the higher reaches of the room. The room was relatively dark, the only real light in the room in the center where the Hutt and his six guards were. The guards were heavily armed, the Trandoshans wielding magna-guard shock staffs and vibroknives. Chiss had E-11 blasters and A-20 blaster pistols. Kat decided that the threat where the Chiss due to their ability to shoot her at a distance. Meanwhile, the sith noticed that Dolka was asleep. Kat decided to climb up the pillar closest to one of the chiss guards. The assassin waited for one of the guards to come close to the shadows. One guard approached the shadows and the assassin struck. She dropped down, stabbed the Chiss guard with her katana and grabbed the chiss guard’s blaster pistol. The Trandoshan closest to Kat turned and screeched

“Intruder, Let’s get her so we have some din-URK.” Before the Trandoshan could finish his sentence, Kat drew her DC-17 and shot the Trandoshan in the head, killing him instantly.

The shot awoke the Hutt crime lord who drowsily looked around, awaking from his deep slumber. The Chiss instinctively fired on Kat, who simply back flipped into the shadows and used her grappling hook to get to higher ground. The Chiss guards looked around and checked on their fallen comrades. The Trandoshans were sniffing around, looking for the assassin to avenge their fallen brother. Kat decided she needed to kill the guards quick or they would call for reinforcements. Kat dropped down to the ground and used force cloak to render herself invisible. The assassin slowly snuck up behind one of the Trandoshan guards, slit his throat, and slowly placed his body on the ground. After dispatching the third guard, the acolyte went back into the shadows and watched the guards. The guards discovered their dead comrade and one of the Chiss guards gasped in fright.

“Frack this, I don’t want to die in the dark alone.”

The Chiss attempted to run out but the last Trandoshan turned to him and attacked him. The reptile clawed and beat the deserter to death in a fit of rage. After killing the Chiss, the Trandoshan smothered his blood on his scaly face and screamed into the darkness.

“If you are a true warrior, face me in single combat. Or are you a coward?”

Kat snickered, she knew the odds were not completely one sided in this fight. She knew that Trandoshans lived to fight but she wanted to humor him. Kat walked out of the shadows, pulled out her katana and signaled the Trandoshan to attack her. The Trandoshan charged Kat empty handed, wanting to draw as much blood with his claws to avenge his fallen brothers. When the Trandoshan neared Kat, he swung his arms to bash his opponent. Kat simply dodged out of the way but the Reptiles counter attack was almost immediate. The Trandoshan kicked Katyusha, which propelled her across the room. Kat got up and simply extended her hand summoning force lightning to electrocute the Reptilian humanoid. The Trandoshan was a powerful being but even he could not sustain the blast of electricity, It didn’t kill him but it stunned him. The Humanoid fell to his knees dazed. Kat walked over to her stunned foe and told him.

“Good fight but Sith beats Trandoshan”

Kat simply extended her arm and decapitated the lizard, its blood spurting everywhere. Kat picked up his head taking it as a prize. The last Chiss guard simply stared at the assassin and began to cry. Kat looked at him and scoffed saying.

“I’m not here for you, I’m here for him.” The young woman pointed at the Hutt “So you can go, I only killed them because they got in the way; you didn’t so you can go.”

The Chiss guard turned and began to run but was instantly gunned down by Kat who shot him in the back whilst exclaiming.

“I think no survivors will sound better on the news.”

Kat walked over to the large slimy distended Hutt, who looked at the assassin in fright. As Kat got closer, Dolka tried to escape but stopped when the young woman cut of his tail with her katana. The Hutt howled in pain, as she got closer. The Hutt began to cry, his tears flowing down his face in fear of what the former slave would do to him.

“I suffered for two years as a Hutt slave, the pain was spread over two years. Kat walked up to the Hutt’s face. “I’m going to make you suffer the same amount in an hour.”

The Hutt began to scream as the Sith extended her hand and lightning began to crackle. An hour later, The assassin returned to Leara. Leara looked at her with a look that said she wanted proof. The assassin snickered and said:

“Here’s your proof, and don’t worry there aren’t any witnesses.” Kat said as she slammed the Hutt’s tail on the table.

“I guess you will get your reward.” said the bartender as she brought the Acolyte to the back room of the club.

The Initiation Ceremony of Acolyte Katyusha Neige

Written by Katyusha Neige, Batllemaster Shadow Nighthunter, and Sergeant Alara Deathbane

February 1st 34 ABY

A day of solemnity and celebration was upon the Battleteam once again. In the dark
depths of Silent Death Citadel, Tacitus Athanasius formed their eternal circle. Each
member stood in their sacred position, saber in hand, ready for their next moment. The
Battleteam Leader descended the dark path and made her way to her illuminated place
at the top left corner of the vault. The lantern light flickered in her eyes along with the excitement within them. Alara Deathbane came down the path a few moments later, escorting the newest initiate: Katyusha Neige. As tradition, the newest recruit was kept blindfolded. Alara Deathbane led the newest initiate to the middle of the circle of members, took off her blindfold, and went to her place at the right of the room. A banner for the Battleteam Leader and the Sergeant hung at the respective corners. To the left of Katyusha in clockwise formation stood Arron Saylos, Koryn Thraagus, and Kylex. To Kat’s right stood Zehsaa Hysh and Malodin’Tater. Arron Saylos stepped forward first.

“Katyusha Neige, Acolyte of Excidium, Clan Scholae Palatinae. This is your first question. Answer well, and I shall light my saber. Answer wrongly, you only have so many chances. What is an assassin’s greatest ally?”


With a nod, Arron Saylos stepped backwards and ignited his blade.

From the right, Zehsaa Hysh stepped forward. “Acolyte, this is your second question: What sacrifice must you make to be an assassin?

“You must sacrifice remorse to be an effective assassin.”

“Good answer.” Zehsaa stepped backwards and turned on her yellow saber.

Koryn Thraagus stepped forward next. “Here is your third question, Katyusha Neige.

What does the Force and an Assassin have in common?"
“They can be anywhere, even when you least expect it.”

Koryn smiled, nodded, and stepped backwards, his crimson blade igniting vibrantly.

“Katyusha, you have made it thus far.” Malodin’ Tater stated solemnly. “Here is your fourth question: What does it mean to become fear itself?”

“To become fear itself means to be able to become one with the shadows.”

“And so you continue to press onward.” Malodin’ returned to his former stance and ignited his saber.

Kylex’s turn was next. He stood forward, and eyed the Dark Sith closely. “Katyusha Neige. Your fifth question: What does true devotion to Battleteam and to House mean to you?”

True devotion means to do whatever it takes to uphold the House, no matter the sacrifice. Even if it means death.”

“Truth is echoing in this hall tonight. Well done.” Kylex stepped backwards and illuminated his own saber.

“How will you sharpen your current skills towards benefitting Tacitus Athanasius?” The group of five interrogated the Acolyte together.

“I will sharpen my skills to be able to better my hunt for the enemies of Excidium in secret.”

The group nodded and stepped backwards even farther.

Alara emerged from the right corner, her steps illuminating the ground’s markings of old
age language as she walked. As she stepped into the circle from the right, next to
Malodin’Tater, the other assassins closed in on the initiate, sabers pointing towards him.
The Sergeant’s words echoed the halls: “To be an assassin, is to be a predator on the hunt. Therefore, what is the greatest gift
both assassins and predators can give to their prey?”

“Freedom of Burden. Freedom of pain and suffering.”

“Aye. A good answer that is.” Alara looked to her sister and nodded, illuminating her
bright yellow saber and pointing it towards Katyusha Neige.

Battlemaster and Battleteam Leader Shadow Nighthunter walked towards the circle, standing next to her Arron Saylos and Alara. The path of markings vibrantly pulsed with light even though
both Battleteam Leader and Sergeant were standing away. The Battleteam Leader lifted
her head, her vibrant amber eyes flickered towards the Acolyte before the Battleteam.
“Your final question, Katyusha: *How does silence sharpen the blade?”

“It makes the blade much more lethal, when unexpected."

With a smirk, Battlemaster and Battleteam Leader Shadow Nighthunter ignited her
blade, and raised it up in the air. The members all did the same. Katyusha immediately
followed their actions and ignited her saber, holding it high in the air. She stepped back
to complete the circle of assassins as she was previously instructed to do so.

“The Circle of Assassins is strongly lit, and never broken. None falter, and none step
away from the path. Once a true assassin is initiated, the blood of Tacitus Athanasus
never leaves their veins. And thus we are family to you, Katyusha Neige” Shadow’s
voice resonated in the vault. “The Force shall guide your path in these halls, and you
are now a member of the family here. The sharpest blade for the darkest of nights!”
“The sharpest blade for the darkest of nights!” The others exclaimed all at once.

Suddenly the members of Tacitus Athanasius began walking, one by one, back up the
path to the surface. Alara stepped behind Katyusha, and wrapped a blindfold upon her
once again.

“As your last step to becoming a true Assassin, lean on the Force as your guide from
this place.” she spoke sternly. With a snap of Shadow’s fingers, the lanterns of the vault
were extinguished.

As the Acolyte made it back to the surface, there he saw the ice-y light of the sun fall
upon the great halls of Silent Death Citadel through large openings. Mountains
scowered the background of the open hall. The ceiling was at least 20 feet high with
small lanterns scattered across it. The members of Tacitus Athanasius were standing in
the centre of the great hall, atop of the large bat symbol that was carved into the floor.
At the back sat Battleteam Leader Shadow Nighthunter on a large, black throne. Alara
sat next to her in another smaller throne. Both their banners sewn into the backs of the thrones.

“Welcome home, Katyusha Neige. Welcome to Silent Death Citadel.” Shadow spoke, ushering the Acolyte towards her.

“Let the celebrations begin!” Kylex exclaimed.