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Take Your Seat! - a Sadowan Knighting Fiction


Boomshakalaka. The name made the Chiss shake his head. Still, his master had ordered him here, and he would obey. Then again, Zachary’s orders had always been a little odd. Though the Corellian disguised the mixed drinks as ‘elementary exercises in Sith Alchemy’ there was no hiding the nature of it. Still, he had to admit there was something very amusing about the man, and he could still learn from him even when the Dark Jedi played the fool. Which was often.

As he approached, the bouncer at the door squared up. The Aqualish pointed a finger at the Hunter’s chest, coughing twice before speaking: “Name?”

“Kane. Jason Kane.” The Chiss smiled. “Just coming in to meet a friend.”

The Aqualish seemed to size the Seeker up for a moment before stepping aside. “Welcome to ‘Boom’. No fighting and no breaking the furniture.”

As the Chiss passed through the doors, he took a breath. The establishment smelled of intoxication- almost like someone he had grown to know all too well. “Jason!” A voice cut through the ambient buzz. The Seeker turned to regard the speaker, in time to see the Corellian throw an arm roughly around his shoulder. “My friend, my boy, my lad let me tell you this has been quite the evening.” The smell of booze on his master’s breath was almost nauseating.

“Oh, what has been occurring this time? Do you need me to mix you up another concoction?”

“Oh no no no. Nothing so stressful as all that. Tonight tonight tonight-” the words slurred off for a moment as O’Maille seemed to lose focus. “Well, tonight is a bit of a big ordeal. I will tell you shortly. Would you like something- some milk perhaps?” The question was followed by a rowdy guffaw. “See I was talking to the Matriarch here.” Zachary motioned to the blue-skinned Twi’lek by the bar. Jason recognized the former Quaestor immediately. “And she seemed to agree with me. You see, this is a very special evening.” As he spoke the last words, his volume rose. The room seemed to quiet considerably.

“You see, my fine people and patrons of the Boom, tonight my boy has approached a very important milestone in his career. Jason Kane has went through all the necessary trials and tests, mixed me more drinks that I can even begin to count, and been an all around nice lad.” He patted the Chiss roughly on the shoulder, his eyes flashing as he smiled widely. “The day comes in every Sadowan’s life I figure when he has proven himself and no longer needs the likes of my special brand of mentorship. The time comes when each student leaves his master.”

By this point the words sunk in. Zachary turned, smiling warmly before clapping the doctor on the shoulder again. “So before all you gathered here, his friends and peers, I want to officially bring Jason Kane into the fold. You have completed everything I have asked of you, made quick work of the necessary hoops and jumping therein, so with the power invested in me by the Clan Summit, upon the joint agreement of your House Summit and myself, I hereby declare you a Knight of the Brotherhood.”

A cheer broke out among the crowd. Jason Kane scanned the room, picking out Muz Ashen, the ghastly Ophelia Delacroix, Darkhawk, Locke Sonjie, Sanguinius Entar and many others as they cheered. The sound of a lightsaber crackling to life caused him to look back at O’Maille. The man had his weapon raised in a salute to his former apprentice. “To Jason Kane, may he make us all proud!” In response, lightsabers were heard activating throughout the assembled until the entire room was bathed in a kaleidoscope of color as each weapon was raised in a similar salute. Jason could feel pride swelling in his chest. Keeping his composure, the fresh Knight gave a bow.

“Now come on my boy, take your seat and let your old Master give you a bit of a treat- anything you like. After all, the real work begins now.” The Corellian motioned to a chair at the bar.