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Taldryan Consul Report #1 – Meet the New Boss, Same as the Old Boss? - Dark Jedi Brotherhood


Taldryan News

I was going to make some jokes about nothing going on, but really, I won't beat around the bush. Consul Cantor has retired from his position as Consul and abandoned me, as he always does. Yacks did one hell of a job as Aedile, Proconsul, and Consul – and will continue to be around in the Clan and the Brotherhood. Take a look at some of his accomplishments in Pravus’ post here! I would also like to personally thank him (even though he’s leaving me) for teaching me a lot more about leadership than I ever thought possible. Even in his final news post, he still has lessons to teach me, and to teach all of us. So Yacks? Thank you. Jackass.

In his stead, the Grand Master has selected me as Taldryan’s new Consul. God help us all. I don’t expect many things to change around these parts, I was Yacks’ proconsul – and we worked well together as we generally had the same overarching look about things. That said, I do have a few priorities and tasks that I’d like to complete in the coming days and weeks (in no particular priority):

  • I’ve emailed all of Taldryan’s Novitiates and Journeymen with an introductory type hello message, as well as some suggestions on their promotion path! Please, if any of you Novitiates or Journeymen did not receive and email from me in the past two days, please get in touch with me! That means either your email address is broken, or mine is. Or something is even more wrong! Email or telegram or IRC are perfectly good ways to contact me!

  • Appointment of a new Proconsul. For me, this is overarching priority number one! More news on this in the next day or two!

  • Bobecc and Omega are still running competitions related to the Intelligence Directorate! Check them out here!

  • Taldryan has a Gatekeeper competition going on right now! This one is especially important, not only will the winner earn the right to be Clan Taldryan’s Gatekeeper, they will also take the honour of representing Taldryan in an upcoming club-wide tournament! To that end, I will be available for some good old PVP action for most of today and most of tomorrow (I only have a couple of errands to run!), as well as the upcoming week, wildfires permitting.

  • Aedile Best Aiden posted a House Dinaari report this morning, please have a read!

Brotherhood News

  • The Brotherhood’s Holidays are changing – instead of Grand Master and Exodus Days, we’re going to be honouring Star Wars Day as well as the Brotherhood’s Dark Covenant. Take a look at Pravus’ news post here.

  • The final sets of Exodus Seals of Loyalty were awarded earlier in April, and I offer my congratulations to Knight Aiden Lee Deshra, Knight Bobecc Varga, Prophet Halcyon Rokir Taldrya, and Prophet Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor!

  • There is a Brotherhood Wide Antei Combat Centre tournament running right now! Taldryan has two participants, Neophyte Xylnn Wolfstalker and Knight Aiden Lee Deshra! Check on their progress here! Good luck to them both!

Competition Roundup

Taldryan Intelligence Directorate

Bobecc and Omega are running a set of competitions that features one of Taldryan’s newest enemies, Sphinxian Satellite Technologies! These competitions end on May 1st at 11:59pm UTC – so you’ve only got a short time to complete them!

Taldryan Hosted Competitions Brotherhood Wide Competitions

Howie Closes

  • Expect to see another short news post from me in a day or two surrounding the open Proconsul position for the clan. There are a few more administrative details that I want to work out before that happens.

  • I’ve got a couple of short competitions in mind (in addition to Hunting the Jedi!) that I will be posting in the next couple of days (or maybe today).

  • A second reminder about Gatekeeper – I’ll be hanging out looking for gamers on Saturday and Sunday! Please come and beat down the Consul.

  • My proverbial office (it’s probably more of a cave, really) is always open if you have questions or comments or you think I’m doing a terrible job. Please don’t feel the need to keep things from me!

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