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Taldryan Consul Report: End of Line - Dark Jedi Brotherhood


Greetings everyone.

I’ve been struggling with how to write this report, because while I know it is extremely necessary, I also don’t know exactly how to say what I need to say. More than that, because I know I have not achieved all I hoped to achieve. I’m writing this to inform you all of my resignation from the position of Consul of Clan Taldryan. It’s a hard thing for me, because this is a Clan that I have put my hard work into for many, many years. As much as you can in a fake online world, I have bled for this Clan. I wanted to do nothing more than to help build it back into what it once was. But while I am happy with the progress we have made, and the steps we’ve made in producing another generation of fine leadership for the Brotherhood, I know that there is still much more work to do.

One of the mandates I had when I took up leadership in the Clan again was to help train up more people to take over the jobs of leadership, and I think I have succeeded in that duty at least. I am more hopeful now for our crop of leadership than I have been for many a year, and I know that I am leaving the Clan better off than when I started back down the path of Leadership. I am sure that we’ll continue to see great things from this next group of leaders in Taldryan, and I’ll still be around to lend a hand or give advice whenever it is needed.

But I’m not the one to lead Taldryan into the future. I have already stayed long past my welcome, and have started to fall into the territory of people whom I vowed never to be. The old growth must burn to give way to the new, and I have held this position for too long, clinging to my “power” and not stepping aside, so that people can continue to advance in the Clan. Advancement requires change, not stagnation, and I have stagnated. I work more now as an advisor to various members of the Dark Council and the leadership of the Clan than I do as a Consul, which means it’s time for me to go.

Both Sarin and Mavlick have been fully involved and warned about this, so I’m sure we’re going to be seeing an announcement regarding Consul from them soon. In the meantime, continue your great work, and direct any of your questions or needs onto the House and Clan summits.

I kind of wanted to end this with some rousing speech, or some heartfelt bit of advice. But really, that’s not my style, at least not in real life. Kick ass. Take names. Apologize to no-one. Yacks out.

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Thanks you Yacks for all the hard work you’ve put in.Having you as my first Consul was great.



You’ve been here a long time. Great leaders know when it is time to step aside so that new leaders can grow and it is never an easy decision. Thanks for all you’ve done for the club.