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Taldryan - New Member Introductions!


Hey all, this is a thread for new members of Taldryan to introduce themselves to the rest of us. It also serves as one of your early promotion requirements, so feel free to start up a conversation right away.


A new member here… looking forward for a new adventure on DB


Welcome aboard Gorn! Let us know if you have any questions or need help with anything.


Hey Gorn. Welcome to Tal.


Woo…said hi to you on IRC already, but welcome again! Glad to have you aboard!


My name is Omega Kira. I’m currently working on my character’s back story; as it pertains to my renewed involvement with the DB…DJB. I was around before the Exodus. I was a member of the New Imperium for a while. I doubt there’s many who recognize me these days; though some have. I’m formally a House Ar’Kell member, when I was with the DB. Excited to be in Clan Tal; seems like my kind of place. I’m going through the paces to get “leveled up” through my journeyman. None the less, here I am!

-Omega Kira


Welcome to the forums and back to the DB Kira. Glad you found your way up onto them. If you have any questions, feel free to toss out a question here or on IRC.


Hi Hi :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard Artorias! Check your email for some extra information from our lovely rollmaster @Howlader!


Yes sir.


Hi im new ready to serve


Hey Dracus, welcome to the Clan! It appears that your e-mail is bouncing. Would you be able to confirm what your actual e-mail is, or perhaps log into the DB site and double-check to see if it is correct. We have been trying to contact you, but have been getting bounced back.


sorry bout that not been on my email for a while


Right now the current email address you have on file with us isn’t working, could you email me and @HalcyonRokir asap? Thanks @Dracus Our email addresses are: yacks@darkjedi.club and dbhalcyon@gmail.com


Good day fellow!

Please kindly introduce myself. My short name is Sandi. I am fresh brand new to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood.
Currently I am writing and developing a character (sheet) and looking forward to be actively participate in ACC.

Thank you!


Welcome to the Dark Brotherhood @Arisandi!

It looks like you’re a member of House Satele Shan over in Clan Odan Urr, and I know my colleagues Ji and @Solari would love to help you out learning the ropes in the Antei Combat Centre, best of luck!


Checking in, folks. New guy here. I came from the TIE Corps (still fairly active over there) and am looking forward to jumping in!

Right now I’m primarily playing SWTOR…but see that there is a good Diablo 3 following here as well. Very intrigued!


hey mate.

ToR is…well we play but I wouldn’t call us progressive raiders. Yes D3 is alive and whored quite often.

Welcome to the clan


Holy smokes, I just realized I created another intro post on this. Sorry for the double post! But yes, I am back in action and excited to be here.


Don’t worry about double posts @Sparky. It looks like you’re actually a member of Scholae Palatinae though and this is the Taldryan thread. I’m sure your Clanmates over in CSP would love to hear from you on their board though!

Either way, welcome back and I hope you enjoy your time in the DB :slight_smile:


Good morning!

Vithril here. I’m not exactly new to the DB, but I’m new to the clan and very happy to be here. A little about me:
I started the DJB in Clan Exar Kun, where I studied the Dark Side under my Master, Jonaleth Isradia. I served as BTL, AED, QUA, M:KHP, and M:Oracle during my active time. Soon after the changeover from CEK to Clan Plagueis I served as AED and QUA for a very short time before the real world stepped in and I took a very long hiatus. I’ve come back every so often and bounced around, looking for that “home” I had in CEK. I am hoping maybe I’ll find it here.

I play a fair bit of SWTOR, although my characters are on another server I’m hoping to find some active DJB players so I can join the club’s guild. I spent a great deal of time playing SWG back in the day and was the webmaster for the old DBPA SWG Guild’s website.

Outside of the club, I am a K-9 Handler (explosive ordinance dogs) and I collect knives.

Anyway, that’s the short version, looking forward to mixing it up with my new comrades soon.


Welcome to the Clan!




Hi, I am new member of the Tal clan. I am very excited about being part of this clan and I am looking forward to enjoy this journey into knowledge and power.

Greetings from Panama :smiley:


Welcome to the Clan! If you need any help, don’t be afraid to ask


Welcome to Tally :slight_smile:


Hi I’m a relatively new member, looking forward to an adventure on DJB


Hello, new member here. Glad to be on board :slight_smile:


Hello everybody. Just registered in, and looking forward to playing with you people. :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard Aen!


Hi I am a new member. Happy to be here.


Hi Ithil, and welcome to the DB. You appear to be a member of Clan Plagueis, I’m sure @TeylasRamar and @SelikaRoh would love to see you over on the plagueis boards as well!


Hello, I am Rosalyn May and I am Aiden Lees wife. Although I have been signed up on this site for a couple months I am considered new because i am considerably lazy. I am here mostly for the art events as i cannot write fiction to save my …(*looks at Best Aiden ‘can you say butt on here?’) butt.


Hello hello! Welcome welcome.


Greetings, all! i joined DJB this past December and slowly but surely learning the ropes here. I’m a huge fan of the horror and sci-fi genres, as well as all video games. I’m looking forward to playing more Battlefront with you guys!


Welcome to the Clan and the club!


Hello; I’m Dev’err Malren new to DJB. Well not new but first topic. I was wondering if anyone can help me proofread my characters phsyical description?


Hello Dev’err, I am more than happy to assist you with your physical description. HIT me up on Telegram, or by email. Aidenleedeshra@gmail.com


Not new here at all but never posted here so…HI all! :slight_smile:


I think this is the right place to post this, lol. I’m new to DJB but not Star Wars- I still have a lot to learn, though. I really look forward to meeting likeminded people and immersing myself in this universe.


My name is Erex Maldex and I look forward to Roleplaying with you guys. :slight_smile: I hope to one day lead a group of soldiers within our order. :slight_smile: