Taldryan - New Member Introductions!

(Vithril Isradia) #22

Good morning!

Vithril here. I’m not exactly new to the DB, but I’m new to the clan and very happy to be here. A little about me:
I started the DJB in Clan Exar Kun, where I studied the Dark Side under my Master, Jonaleth Isradia. I served as BTL, AED, QUA, M:KHP, and M:Oracle during my active time. Soon after the changeover from CEK to Clan Plagueis I served as AED and QUA for a very short time before the real world stepped in and I took a very long hiatus. I’ve come back every so often and bounced around, looking for that “home” I had in CEK. I am hoping maybe I’ll find it here.

I play a fair bit of SWTOR, although my characters are on another server I’m hoping to find some active DJB players so I can join the club’s guild. I spent a great deal of time playing SWG back in the day and was the webmaster for the old DBPA SWG Guild’s website.

Outside of the club, I am a K-9 Handler (explosive ordinance dogs) and I collect knives.

Anyway, that’s the short version, looking forward to mixing it up with my new comrades soon.

(Halcyon Rokir Taldrya) #23

Welcome to the Clan!

(Arvalis Raith ) #24


(Schwarzbär) #25

Hi, I am new member of the Tal clan. I am very excited about being part of this clan and I am looking forward to enjoy this journey into knowledge and power.

Greetings from Panama :smiley:

(Halcyon Rokir Taldrya) #26

Welcome to the Clan! If you need any help, don’t be afraid to ask

(Vithril Isradia) #27

Welcome to Tally :slight_smile:

(Tyron Kesh) #28

Hi I’m a relatively new member, looking forward to an adventure on DJB

(Ulim Paxiom) #29

Hello, new member here. Glad to be on board :slight_smile:

(Aen Van Del) #30

Hello everybody. Just registered in, and looking forward to playing with you people. :slight_smile:

(Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor) #31

Welcome aboard Aen!

(Ithil) #32

Hi I am a new member. Happy to be here.

(Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor) #33

Hi Ithil, and welcome to the DB. You appear to be a member of Clan Plagueis, I’m sure @TeylasRamar and @SelikaRoh would love to see you over on the plagueis boards as well!

(Rosalyn May) #35

Hello, I am Rosalyn May and I am Aiden Lees wife. Although I have been signed up on this site for a couple months I am considered new because i am considerably lazy. I am here mostly for the art events as i cannot write fiction to save my …(*looks at Best Aiden ‘can you say butt on here?’) butt.

(Halcyon Rokir Taldrya) #36

Hello hello! Welcome welcome.

(Frotsu) #37

Greetings, all! i joined DJB this past December and slowly but surely learning the ropes here. I’m a huge fan of the horror and sci-fi genres, as well as all video games. I’m looking forward to playing more Battlefront with you guys!

(Halcyon Rokir Taldrya) #38

Welcome to the Clan and the club!

(Dev'err Malren) #39

Hello; I’m Dev’err Malren new to DJB. Well not new but first topic. I was wondering if anyone can help me proofread my characters phsyical description?

(Rhylance) #40

Hello Dev’err, I am more than happy to assist you with your physical description. HIT me up on Telegram, or by email. Aidenleedeshra@gmail.com

(Fenrir) #41

Not new here at all but never posted here so…HI all! :slight_smile:

(Adrestia Teshik) #42

I think this is the right place to post this, lol. I’m new to DJB but not Star Wars- I still have a lot to learn, though. I really look forward to meeting likeminded people and immersing myself in this universe.