Taldryan Proconsul - Kenath Zoron - Dark Jedi Brotherhood

Good evening!

After a lengthy and difficult selection process, Seer Kenath Zoron will be taking up the challenge of being Taldryan's newest second in command. Congratulations go out to him! Expect to hear from him in the next day or so.

I also wanted to thank the other applicants! All the applications I received punched above their weight class, and I think they should be congratulated!

As for me, my life soldiers on - I'm working day shifts starting tomorrow, so expect to see me quite a bit more - but not as much as normal (12 hours on is a hell of a lot more than a regular work day).

For now, do all the things!

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Good luck!

About goddamn time.

Wooooo!! Congrats Z man. Looking forward to working with you once again


Seer Kenath Zoron Congrats and Good Luck!!!

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