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Taldryan Proconsul Report #11 – It’s True. All of it. - Dark Jedi Brotherhood


The Force Awakens

The biggest damn news this week? A full on trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens was released. You know this, you all do. If you're anything like me, you've watched it half a dozen times in the past 48 hours - and that number if viewings is going to keep growing.

To go along with the release of the trailer, pre-sale tickets for showings were released world wide. I don't know about any of you guys? But the theatres where I live were pretty much sold out for opening night by the following morning. I was lucky, and I'll be seeing it the evening of December 17th, and I will do my damnedest to keep my mouth shut for those that haven't had a chance to see it.

That leads me to my next point. Spoilers are a big deal, and I implore everyone in Taldryan (and hell, everyone in the Brotherhood) to be aware of what they're saying once the movie is released. Some of of our members have difficult schedules that may mean they won't have time to see the movie opening weekend. Some of our members live in countries where the release date is later (hell, the release date in Europe is a day or so ahead of the release date in Canada and the United States). So when you're on the IRC, the Telegram, or even on mailing lists? Watch your words, and try and keep plot points to a minimum - at least for the first week or so.

Taldryan Accolades

Since the beginning of October, Taldryan members have been recognized by the following honours:

Proselyte Taron Wanse

  • Earned a Crescent with Sapphire Star

Neophyte Tyron Kesh

  • Promoted to Proselyte and then to Neophyte!

Hunter Aiden Lee

  • Promoted to Hunter!
  • Earned a Crescent with Amethyst Star
  • Earned 2 Clusters of Ice
  • Earned 12 Clusters of Fire

Knight Bobecc Varga

  • Earned a Scroll of the Master
  • Earned a Crescent with Sapphire Star

Knight Seyda Norith

Warrior Kookimarissia Mimosa-Inahj

  • Earned a Steel Cross
  • Earned 10 Clusters of Ice

Warrior Omega Kira

  • Earned a Pendant of Blood

Warrior Armags C'Hiesa

  • Earned 49 Clusters of Fire
  • Earned 11 Clusters of Ice

Warrior Nero Inferni

  • Earned a Crescent with Emerald Star
  • Earned 16 Clusters of Earth

Savant Kenath Zoron

  • Earned a Crescent with Sapphire Star and Amethyst Star

Savant Arvalis Raith

  • Earned a Dark Cross
  • Earned 2 Crescents with Emerald Star, and 1 with Amethyst Star

Battlemaster Vithril Isradia

  • Earned a Crescent with Topaz Star

Seer Raistline Taldrya Majere

  • Earned a Crescent with Emerald Star

Warlord Andrelious J. Mimosa-Inahj

  • Earned an Amethyst Kukri
  • Earned the following Crescents: Diamond Star, 2 Amethyst Star, Sapphire Star
  • Earned 2 Pendants of Blood
  • Earned 114 Clusters of Fire
  • Earned 18 Clusters of Earth

Competition Roundup

Taldryan Hosted Competitions Brotherhood Wide

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