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Taldryan Proconsul Report #14 – Return to the City of the Battle of the Planet of the Howie - Dark Jedi Brotherhood


Taldryan Proconsul Report #14 - Return to the City of the Battle of the Planet of the Howie

Taldryan News

  • Peacekeeper Christopher Winchester (aka: Nero Inferni) has retired from his position as Dinaari’s Aedile. I want to thank Little Nero for his hard work, and I hope that he’s learned a lot from his time in leadership (and I think that he has)! In his stead, Knight Best Aiden Lee Deshra has assumed the Aedileship of Dinaari, and he’s already introduced himself and posted his very first report!

  • I’d like to welcome Apprentice Galene Vivek to Clan Taldryan! I look forward to seeing Vivek move through the ranks as a member of the Gray Path!

  • Djasei Brevis was promoted to Hunter on the 21st and Rosalyn May to Proselyte on the 27th! Congratulations to both of them!

Brotherhood News

  • Cethgus was appointed as Fist of the Brotherhood, and posted his first report, as well as a Gaming Update. In the latter update, Cethgus posted some important changes to the Rites of Combat, including a hard requirement to use the Fist-O-Matic Bot in #dbgaming!

  • The Master at Arms, Seneschal, and Herald all posted reports – everyone should take a look see.

Taldryan, Undesirables, and Fiction

Sarin/Pravus posted a massive fictional update a week and a half ago or so, and it’s definitely worth reading. For those of you that haven’t – I suggest you do so. If you have not read it, you’re probably going to want to skip over this section because there be plot update spoilers ahead.

For those of you that have read it? It’s pretty damn important to Taldryan. Lightsiders and Graysiders are now undesirables - and they’re now very much on the Grand Master’s chopping block! That means a sizeable chunk of Taldryan’s membership (and it’s potential pool for future members) are on the hit list! Taldryan as a clan has a number of options where we can take our fictional development, and we are mulling them over as a clan summit – but I want to know from all of you what you think?

  • Do you think Taldryan should openly oppose the Grand Master? Do we go to war over this (or something to that effect)?

  • Should Taldryan try and hide its members? Or not be obvious about our support for undesirables?

  • Should we do something else?

When thinking about these ideas, try to think about how it will impact your character in the short and long term, how it will impact how Taldryan interacts with the other clans and the Dark Council, and anything else that might be important. Please feel free to comment on this news post, or send me an email directly.

Competition Roundup

Taldryan Intelligence Directorate

Bobecc and Omega are running a set of competitions that features one of Taldryan’s newest enemies, Sphinxian Satellite Technologies! These competitions end on March 3rd at 11:59 UTC – so you’ve only got a short time to complete them!

Taldryan Hosted Competitions Brotherhood Wide Competitions

Howie Closes

  • Thanks for your patience in dealing the clan summit during its lull period. I promise you, that will not happen again!

  • I'm going to be on vacation in Europe from March 30th to April 11th. I'll probably have very limited access to email during that time.

  • Alberta's likely to have a pretty gnarly wildfire season starting in the coming months, so if I disappear into the deep mine of my workplace for a while, please don't panic!

As always, if you have questions, my Howiecave is always open!

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Worthwhile getting the party started in regards to the question Howie asked.

  1. Do you think Taldryan should openly oppose the Grand Master? Do we go to war over this (or something to that effect)?
  2. Should Taldryan try and hide its members? Or not be obvious about our support for undesirables?
  3. Should we do something else?

I have my own opinions on this, and would like to hear lots of discussion about it, as it pertains to our Clans identity now, and going forward.


I say stick it to 'em. We’ve found a way to coexist for our own ends, and they know that we lighties are here, so no point in hiding.


So, you gave us two questions so I’m going to give you one. Fictionally, do we have allies in the other clans. I know we hate Arcona, but with the last GJW we were on the side of COU and I think Plagius.



Overall, I do believe we should be openly opposing the Grand Master. This is very similar to the last GJW where we had a crazy GM doing crazy-shit that we were standing up to. We have a new GM, but he’s also going all darkity-dark and just blowing things up and killing off actual members of the organization. Taldryan’s has generally been the protectors of the DB, no matter who was in charge or what they were trying to accomplish.

If they fiction that is being created is taken along its logical path, I am pretty sure someone would come knocking on our door at some point. However, we do have two members on the DC who are the next highest authority after the GM and are also Taldrya. The only way we don’t get attached by the DC is if they two of them basically cover for us, and I don’t know where they would stand fictionally. If they have the same values as the Clan, they should technically be opposing what is happening as well.

Again, we are generally about taking the “moral high ground” as it were, hence why we have all 3 orders in Clan. What we are is beyond the normal trappings of light/dark/neutral. But the current Dark Council is all about the Dark ways and removing anyone that doesn’t fall into that category. We have shown ourselves to be rebels already, and while we got our nose bloodied last time, it should not stop us from continuing in that role.

As to Nero’s question about allies…we don’t have any formal ones. We were allied with Clans in the GJW for a common purpose. The same could be said here, if the DC goes after specific Clans that don’t fall into line. COU is already off the table, but I don’t know if any other Clans would be attacked directly at this point.


1 - I’m torn on this. My character is, after all, the GM’s Magistrate and his apprentice. It would make for some interesting fiction for me at least.

2 - I don’t know that we can hide our members. It’s not like they’re not known to exist within our borders. If we do decide to protect/hide them, that puts us in a head-to-head matchup with the DC anyways.


Of course we have to oppose the reigning Grand Master. After all Taldryan serves the Iron Throne not the individual who is currently warming it. If we as a Clan have the feeling that opening our minds for other aspects of the Force to further our understanding of it, we must protect those currently hunted down by the Grand Master.

On the other hand, Taldryan has fared sever losses during the recent GJW and with us openly opposing the Grand Master, it would make us his next target number one no matter if there are Taldrya on the DC or not as it was seen in Sarin’s fictional update where he just matter of factly replaced Aabs with a Moff he is sure he’s loyal to him.


Pssst… hey kids, you wanna rebel against the Grand Master? All the cool Clans are doing it.


In this regard, Taldryan is the original hipster… we’ve been doing it for going on 20 years now :stuck_out_tongue:


Ohh, of course we should fight. I know my character doesn’t give a monkey-lizard’s fart for much other than himself, but he’s an Undesirable race and fairly independent (ie, Dark Jedi and thus not an adherent of the Sith Order).

From a more meta standpoint, like the others have said Taldryan has historically been a defender of the Brotherhood at large, and a ruthless dictator who suddenly decides to purge the ranks according to his personal preferences is not healthy for the entire DB.

If I understand things correctly (correct me if I’m wrong) we have the largest standing navy of any individual clan. We’ve always stood apart from the other clans, but worked primarily towards the good of the DB. Even if the other clans aren’t particularly happy with us, we stand the best chance of uniting victimized clans behind a common banner. And once the dust settles, if we’re victorious we would be in one of the better positions to take power.