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Tales from the Darkside (Continuing WIP Story)


Hi all, I am currently working on a series of tales that revolve around my character and the costuming group I am part of The Hand of Korriban, these tales are a work in progress, my grammar skills are not the best and these are first drafts so if anyone spots anything that needs changing please let me know.

Tales from The Darkside Compendium
Darth Rins’zler:

The Sith Lord known as Rins’zler didn’t always go by that name; it was during the Old Republic Era that a young Mandalorian was born. Jandos Phyleus Kalinor, son of a well-known Mandalorian Mercenary, Jaga Kalinor. Kalinor had no homeworld to speak of, he was born on-board his families vessel during a quiet period in the hunting season.
The Kalinor family were successful Mercenaries and Bounty Hunters, and their son wanted for nothing growing up. Kalinor had the finest education that any Mandalorian could hope for, and as soon as he was able to hold a blaster, Jaga began to teach him the family trade. By the age of 16 Jandos entered the Mandalorian Training Program to become a fully-fledged Super Commando like his mother and father, the training was long and arduous but Kalinor exceled at it and revelled at the challenges it offered him. It was 3 years later that he graduated from the training program and was granted his own suit of Mandalorian Armour; it was around this joyous time in his life that disaster struck, his parents were employed to hunt a criminal but things went wrong, the contract had been false and the person they were hunting was a Jedi knight, one who had vowed to rid the galaxy of Mandalorian filth. The Jedi slew Jaga and Meree Kalinor in the name of the republic and vanished into the stars, Jandos, or more accurately Shadow Stalker, the name he had taken upon becoming a Super Commando, was distraught, his life began to unravel around him and his path became blurred.
Anger filled the young man, so much anger that he thought it would kill him, he vowed to have revenge on the Jedi who had murdered his parents, but he was amess and in no state to fight a wamp rat let alone a Jedi, it was then that the mysterious man arrived to see him. A man, cloaked in black and darkness came to see him in his Mercenary Chamber one day, this man spoke his name and asked if he could help him, Jandos cried out that he wanted to kill a Jedi, he screamed letting his anger burst out, the metal walls and shelves of his room crumpled and snapped, then it was over, the surge of energy declined and Jandos simply sat on the remains of his bed and cried. The Mysterious man spoke again and introduced himself as Darth Jarod, and offered to take Jandos with him and give him the chance to exact his revenge against this Jedi. The decision was an easy one and Jandos took the offer of Darth Jarod and left his Mandalorian past behind him and moved down a different path, the Path of the Sith.
Many years went by, Jandos had a clear strength in the force, and the anger that welled inside him provided him with clear and easy access to the Darkside of the force. He was trained by Darth Jarod in the dark arts of the force, passing many trials and coming close to death on several occasions, each time Darth Jarod reminded him of his parents, and the hate flowed through the young apprentice, keeping him alive. By the age of 26 Jandos Phyleus Kalinor was no more, instead in his place stood a new Sith Lord, Rins’zler, his hatred of the Jedi had opened him up to more dark energy than any of Jarod’s previous apprentices, and Rins’zler flew through the training program and impressed even the Dark Council. Rins’zler began to focus his training on the path of the Sith Inquisitor, opening himself up to even more of the Darkside, he visited Koriban, journeying through old temples and seeking the guidance of Sith lords long past. His trials and journeys took him across the galaxy where he slew many foolish Jedi in search for a single man, it wasn’t until he was granted the rank of Darth, replacing his former master upon his death, that he was finally able to track down the Jedi who had murdered his parents, Rins’zler wanted to thank the man, for it was his actions that lead him to this life, but he would thank him in a way so gruesome that even he may have nightmares about it.
The Jedi was a man named Arctrus; he had been expelled from the Jedi order for his actions against the Mandalorians, but still went around the galaxy attempting to carry out what he saw was his task. It was on Coruscant that he encountered the dark robed figure, Arctrus walked down the ramp of his ship and felt a warning in the force, standing there, waiting for him was a figured roped in black, its face hidden by a mask, reflective enough that Arctrus could see the fear on his own face, a voice emerged from the robed figure, the words were distorted, as if they were being said through some kind of temporal flux, but what was said put fear into his very soul. Rins’zler unleashed all of his anger and tore Arctrus from his feet, their suspended in mid-air he sent force lightning coursing through his body, he made sure that Jedi remained conscious through all of this, then utilizing a dark art, Rins’zler began to tear the Jedi’s Life force away from his body, Arctrus could feel his force energy, his essence being dragged away from his body and there was nothing he could do about it. Rins’zler waited until the moment when Arctrus was split between the force and his physical form and sent his lightsaber slashing through the air, cutting Arctrus in two, forever preventing him ever becoming one with the force. Revenge had been hand, now Rins’zler set his sights on other Jedi fools.
Rins’zler spent the next 3000 odd years jumping through time, utilising his unique physiology coupled with Arcane technology and Sith Sorcery, he was able to exist in stasis for many years, he emerged from hibernation on several occasions to keep track of events in the galaxy, he saw the fall of the republic and the clone wars, and the rise of the empire, and he next awoke during the height of the Empire, and watched as Darth Vader and his master brought peace to the galaxy with their Imperial forces. Rins’zler awoke finally during recent events during 30ABY an is currently analysing events and working out when best to reveal his presence to the Galaxy and the New Order.

Tales from the Dark Side
The Emergence of the Hand of Korriban
Death Brings Life

15 years had passed since the Emperor had been killed and the Deathstar destroyed, the galaxy was undergoing a great many changes, Emerging into this situation awoke the ancient Sith, Darth Rins’zler, he had jumped though time by utilising a combination of Sith Magic’s, and Stasis Technology, he had awoken due to a strange calling in the Dark Side of the Force. Centuries had passed and Rins’zler had awoken previously to see the Emperors reign come crashing down, not wishing to be part of this he once again retired to his stasis system. Some may wonder where he was able to hid for all this time, Lord Rins’zler was not always a Sith, he was Born a Mandalorian, and was trained as a Super Commando, therefore he did not lack skills in utilising his environment to his benefit, he was aided in this by his eternal partner Jen’ika, who, while Rins’zler remained in stasis, looked after his place of refuge, the Marauder Class Corvette ‘The Hand of Vengeance’.
Jen’ika was a unique individual, born a Sith Pureblood, she trained for years in the Dark arts of the Force, herself becoming a Sith Lord, she met Rins’zler and the two fell in love and together blazed a trail of Glory across the stars, the two Sith were married within two years, having several children, two of whom went onto become Sith warriors, the third joined the Mandalorians. The Darkside seemed to revolve around Rins’zler and his family, Passion after all was one of the greatest facets of the Darkside of the Force, however their lives were to come tumbling down during a battle with the misguided forces of the Republic, their three children were slain by the Jedi sending both Rins’zler and Jen’ika into a furious rage, they slaughtered hundreds of the Republics troopers and Jedi, stopping only when their forces were reluctantly made to retreat from the world under the cover of Harrower cruisers. Rins’zler and Jen’ika were distraught by the loss of their children, and began researching into ways of bringing the dead back through the Darkside.
The research finally struck gold upon the discovery of an ancient Sith Artefact that had the ability to bind the Soul of one who was strong in the Darkside into a Force Based Circuitry Device, The Sith Emperor himself granted Rins’zler permission and support in finding this artefact, the vast resources of the Sith Empire were put into motion to find this Artefact, and within weeks it was located, it seemed that within their grasp would be a way to bring their children back, alas it was not to be, the Republic had got wind of the search for the Artefact and the Jedi had been despatched to destroy this item of blasphemy.

The world was known as Orrund, in the future it would be a desolate world, stripped of life, but during this time the world thrived, yet hidden among its verdant landscape laid a Dark Foreboding Temple. Planet fall was met by multiple republic fighter squadrons, The Empires Elite wings of pilots began to duel with the Republic, buying time for the Sith to make it to the temple. Rins’zler landed the craft outside the temple and immediately he and his fellow Sith sensed that the Jedi had beaten them to their prize, and there, walking proudly from the temple came a score of 20 Jedi, with them they carried the Artefact, it was clear they were getting ready to destroy it, and without a word, the Sith ignited their blades and charged, the battle was brutal, the Sith were outnumbered 2/1 but they fought like possessed men and women, however it seemed that this battle would not be won, fearing this, Jen’ika entered the fray with murder in her hearts, she cut down 3 of the Jedi, but was caught by the lightsaber of a fourth, little did they know that this was to be their undoing. Rins’zler felt Jen’ika’s scream in the force, and could sense her energy dwindling away, he could not bear to have the death of the last of his family on his hands and he opened himself fully to the Darkside of the force, the skies darkened and black lightning began to fork from the sky, a whirlwind of Anger, Fury and Malevolence began to swirl around the combatants, standing in the middle, arms stretched to the sky stood Rins’zler, energy visibly flowed into him, the Force Storm began to engulf the planet stripping the world of its very life force and channelling it into the Dark storm of energy, the remaining Jedi looked terrified, they decided to attack the Sith lord, but their attempts were short lived, with the storm still devouring the living essence of the world, Rins’zler lowered his arms and once again took up his lightsaber, behind his mask glowed a dark sinister power. Bolts of light flew from his hand, incinerating several Jedi, his Red bladed Lightsaber was a alive with power, and flew through the air, slaying Jedi with wild abandon, Rins’zler walked over to the Artefact, picked it up and took it to wear his wife lay mortally wounded, words were not needed for what was about to happen, the Sith Lord, with one hand on the Device and one hand grasping his wife’s, he channelled the Darkside though the device and the Darkside Force of Jen’ika fled her failing body and went into the safety of the device.

Orrund was reduced to a barren waste land, its life force ended with the end of the Force Storm that had consumed it, the Jedi and the entire republic forces had equally been consumed, however the Forces of the Empire had remained largely unscathed. Those Sith who had survived the battle were permanently changed by the experience, for some, the exposure to that much Darkside energy was too much ad they would die soon after, however there were three Sith who would come to be greatly enhanced by the experience, of the three, Lord Rins’zler was the one who was blessed with the greatest changes, his physically body had quite literally bonded with the Darkside Energy, his physical form now resembled a black, fluid like shadow, the darkness seemed to swallow any who looked upon him. But what of Jen’ika, she remained within the Artefact, a device built using ancient technology in a similar way to the holocrons, there she would remain for eternity, safely with her husband.

Lord Rins’zler decided that he required space and time away from his Duties as a member of the Sith Council, and utilising his resources he commissioned a modified Marauder class Corvette to be built, this ship would be unique for it would incorporate force circuitry into its design, allowing Jen’ika the freedom of the ship, alongside this vessel, he had a score of 40 droids custom built, each would function as a crew member for this ship, operating its many fictions under the guidance of Jen’ika, however each droid would be given a level of sentience and basic understanding of the Darkside, making them loyal but lethal droids. It took three long moths, but The Hand of Vengeance was finally ready and they left for destinations unknown.
Neither Rins’zler nor The Hand of Vengeance was seen again, that was until they were picked up by New Order Probes in the Korriban System.

A Call from the Darkness

Rins’zler had awoken from his hibernation sequence earlier than he had planned, he communed with Jen’ika through the force, and she gave him a brief update on recent events, however both of them had felt the strange disturbance in the force, a calling, someone or something was calling to them across the vastness of space, Rins’zler cycled down the cryo systems and Jen’ika lifted the Vengeance from the surface of the Dead Planet they had been residing on, as fate would have it, their last resting point was the shattered remains of Orrund. The call was emanating from deep within the old Sith Empire, from a world both Rins’zler and Jen’ika knew very well…Korriban.
The Vengeance shot through hyperspace towards Korriban, each parsec closer they got, the stronger the calling was, on route they picked up faint sensor emissions, they had been scanned by several droids, of Imperial design, these must belong to the New Order, the IFF tags and markings on the Vessel denoted this ship as being one loyal to the old Imperium, so the droids paid it little mind, and simply forwarded their observations to the monitoring post. Six days passed before the ship finally reached Korriban, the force signal was emanating from a temple in the Northern Range of Mountains, The crew blasted the trees away to give the vessel enough space to land, and with a dull thud, the vengeance made contact with the surface. Jen’ika opened the forward ramp and deployed a score of droids to scout for hostile forces, the return report was clean, and the droids took up station around the ramp. Rins’zler dressed himself in his robes, his Ethereal form needed little in the way of protection, however he preferred the clothing, mainly from habit, the final piece was his mask, he had worn this mask for centuries, and it had seen the blood of Tyrants and Jedi alike.

Once he felt ready he descended the ramp, lightsaber in hand, there in front of him lay an ancient temple, the occupants name was startlingly familiar, it was the finally resting place of Lord Orak, one of the Sith who had also survived the Orrund event. Rins’zler entered the temple, he could feel eyes watching him, and clearly many Sith beasts guarded this place of rest. The scale of each room was vast, columns stretched up to the ceiling, which was a sky of vast darkness, the entire building radiated with Dark Energy and he felt himself Drawn towards a single room, in this room there was a round table, around which were arrayed a dozen stone chairs and from the shadowy depths emerged three other figures, one A Sith garbed in ancient Revanite era armour, another was a masked human and the third was a Sith Nautolan, the four of them found themselves drawn to specific seats, and they each sat down, from the centre of the table emerged an ancient hologram, the face of Rins’zler old friend adorned the visual ad it spoke “My friends, you have been called here this day for a very important purpose, if this message has been activated it means the Galaxy is in shambles, and it is time for the Sith to rise once again, you few have been chosen to bring about this revival” the hologram gestured at the armoured Sith "Darth Soleil, you have been chosen to lead this Council of the Sith, your skills with the Darkside have been foreseen by our greatest force users, "Vir Mortalis, your lineage was destined to bring you to this place, you will function as the second to the Leadership of this Council, The hologram turned to the Nautolan “Darth Manta, it was prophesised hundreds of years before your birth that you would be integral to this council as its protector and warrior arm”, the hologram turned last to face Rins’zler, “and you my old friend, I knew that you would never allow death to stop you, and I suspect that the changes wrought upon you have meant that you longer even fear the concept, you have been chosen as the advisor and intelligence officer, your knowledge and experience makes you a vital part of this council”, The hologram flickered, “you four have been chosen to form the new Empire, and from this day together you will be known as the Hand of Korriban, and this temple will be your home”, with that last statement the hologram flickered and faded, its ancient power supply now dead.

The Four Sith arrayed around the table looked at each other, deep down that each felt that this was their destiny and that they had been brought together to carry out this great task, it was Rins’zler who arose first, “brothers, for a thousand years or more I have awaited this day, I will gladly offer you my knowledge and experience, and as show of trust I will reveal to you my true face”, with that he removed his mask and lowered his hood, his head a mere shadow, dark and amorphous yet without any light, it was if it was composed of pure Darkness, the next to rise was Darth Manta “I too Pledge myself to this council, and will guard and protect it with my life if I must”, it was Vir and Soleil who arose last, "we are honoured by the opportunity or forebears have given us, The Hand of Koriban is now a reality and we shall go forth among the stars to find our brothers and sisters so that we may once again bring stability to the galaxy. With those last words, each of the Sith drew their lightsabers and activated them, the tips of the blades touching one another, the Hand was Born, and the Galaxy would once again know the Name Korriban.


Tales from the Darkside
The Hand of Korriban Emerges

It had been only six months since the mysterious Darkside beacon had brought together the initial members of the Hand of Korriban, they had explored every inch of their new home, the temple that had mysteriously been set aside for them by the ancient Sith, the temple was adorned with many mysterious and dark crystals, each one seemed to radiate life, and dark energy, but the hand had yet to decipher their purpose. Their presence on the ancient world of Korriban appeared to act as a beacon, for others began to be drawn to them like moths to a flame, it would seem that the temple was attracting Darkside users with specific skills and abilities, the first of these individuals was a mysterious figure, he wore a mask of cold metal, betraying neither identity nor emotion, he entered the temple garbed in the equipment of a warrior, an ornate hilted lightsaber hung from his belt, beneath his hood was visible long dark hair, the colour matched the aurora this individual possessed, the Sith walked into the temple, feeling himself being pulled toward a singular room within the vast structure, his journey felt endless, all around him shadows moved, and he was acutely aware of being watched, he came across a singular doorway, the vaulted stonework reached far above him and vanishing into the darkness, he could not be sure that it even came to a point, the entrance was shrouded in a veil or darkness, he could feel Darkside energy pouring from the room, and without a second thought he crossed through the veil, he stood within a room, empty except for the dark onyx-like table that resided in the centre around which were twenty chairs, each finely crafted from the same onyx-like stone, the man walked into the room when he suddenly became aware of someone behind and to the side of him, his progress was halted when the glowing energy of a lightsaber blade blocked his path, a dark and insidious voice emerged from behind him, the voice sounded warped and distorted, but its question was clear “whooo aaare you, and how dare you enter the Temple of The Hand of Korriban”, the man replied, pushing the Saber hilt away, spun around and drew his own lightsaber, the red light of his own blade cast a glow on the individual who had spoken there stood a masked figure, Dark energy literally flooding from him, his robes flowed around him as if there was a breeze, “I dare enter this place because I was called to it by the Darkside, I am Darth Auron Kain, and a Sith Lord”, Kain was then aware that there were others in the room, a giant, red skinned Nautolan, a masked human and an armoured Sith, who looked somewhat akin to the legendary Revan, the Nautolan spoke, his booming voice filled the space “Lord Rins’zler, lower your blade, he has been chosen by the Darkside to join us, you out of all of us must be aware of this”, “Yeees Darth Manta, buuut peeermiit meee atleasssst ssssome fffun”, Rins’zler deactivated his blade and returned it to his belt, Kain was then aware that this was not the only blade that this Sith possessed . Darth Kain was welcomed within the brotherhood of the Hand of Korriban, and took the seat that had be pre destined to be his.

The Hand of Korriban now numbered five individuals, it was shortly after the arrival of Kain that their sixth member appeared, however he did not walk into the temple as the others had, and apparently he was part of the temple itself. The hand had previously discovered the crystals that formed key parts of the temple, within several of the rooms there stood huge monolithic crystals, who’s exterior flowed like oil, it was during the investigation of one of these that Rins’zler discovered that they were alive. They appeared to contain the Darkside essences of long dead Dark lords of the Sith, many of the crystals seemed to be inert for the moment, their crystalline matrices yet to be imbued with the soul of another, one crystal harboured a somewhat unique Darkside essence, one with whom Darth Soleil was acutely familiar with. A dark figure walked out from the crystal, its features blurred and distorted, a voice echoed around the chamber, sending chills through even Rins’zler, the voice Said “I am Revan, summoned here to guide you”, the Hand would soon learn that the Dark Spirit of Revan somehow occupied the temple, they did not understand why or how, but the Darkside operates in many strange ways.

Many days past, the group spent their time training and meditating on the Darkside, the temple was quickly outfitted with armouries, training rooms and chambers for each member of the hand to reside in. Rins’zler and Vir were patrolling the exterior of the temple, the steep sided valley crawled with dark shadows, each offering a semblance of protection for the temple, few would be able to pass through its shadowy depths to reach the temple, only those summoned could safely arrive at the entrance, and even then they had to be strong enough to endure its challenges, as the pair walked they both became aware of being watched, this was a different sensation, a fellow Sith was there, no warning came as the energy whip uncoiled its way towards Vir, the blade should have decapitated him, instead the whip hung in the air, Vir turned to see Rins’zler’s arm out stretched, from the trees came another weapon, a lightsaber, spinning through the air to bring death to the one who had the nerve to stop the whips lethal caress, Rins’zler turned to look at the blade and it froze in mid spin “Sssshow yoourrrsseelf, the Darksssiide reeeveales your presssense, your aaaatempts to kiiiil us are nooble, buut uuunnesserceery”, Rins’zler released the hold he had on the sabre and the whip and allowed their owner to retrieve them, from the trees strode a powerful looking woman, darkness seamed to follower her like a cloak, both Vir and Rins’zler knew that this was another who had been drawn to the temple to join the Hand of Korriban, the woman spoke, her tones were dark and devious "I am Salrea, Dark Lady of the Sith, the force has guided me to this place, I presumed you two were the final test I was to face in this journey for getting here has been a challenge in its self Vir spoke up, his wise voice uttered “no we are the Hand of Korriban, you have been guided to us by the Darkside of the force, to become one with us, a Sister among the Sith, come we will show you to the temple” Vir gestured for Salrea to follow him and the three Sith made their way towards the temple. Salrea was guided to the central chamber, there she saw a door shadowed in Darkness, her guides had vanished, she could feel malevolence and hate coming from the door, the darkness was whispering to her, two voices, one was urging her to run away, and hide, cry in a corner as a week Jedi would, the other was telling her to accept the darkness and pass through the curtain of darkness, the voices were threatening to tear her in half, louder and louder they got, a crescendo of noise and pain, she summoned all her will and forced herself to walk through the curtain of darkness, she stumbled through and crashed to the floor, she looked up to see a hand their waiting to help her up, “rise Sister of the Hand”, it was Vir who helped her to her feet, Salrea noticed the voices had ceased, clarity had returned to her mind, she knew who she was again, she was Salrea, Dark Lady of the Sith. The chamber Salrea had entered was a dark foreboding room, jagged columns of dark stone rose up into the darkness forming shadowy alcoves, in the centre of the room was a huge table around which were twenty stone chairs, she felt an ominous edge filter into the room, the blackness began to coalesce into a dark figure, it took one of the seats around the table, and from the alcoves emerged four other figures, one she knew as Lord Rins’zler drifted towards the table and sat, another individual wore the armoured garb of a Revanite, he simple nodded at her in respect and took his seat, a red tattooed Nautolan, a giant of a figure was next to emerge, he bowed his head towards Salrea and took his seat, the last to enter was a masked warrior wearing light armour, he made an ornate bow to Salrea, his long dark hair falling around his shoulders, Vir also walked towards the table and bade Salrea follow, she was drawn towards a specific chair, she did not know why, but as soon as she sat down she felt as if she had accomplished a task of great enormity.

The seven Sith arrayed around the table looked at one another, four had been there from the beginning three had joined in the time that had passed after the founding, they were all one, part of the Hand of Korriban now and servants to the Darkside, a great darkness swept across the room and the council session began……

The Tales from the Darkside
The First Order Arrives

The scream of Tie Fighters broke the silence above the dark word of Korriban; two Resurgent Class Star Destroyers sat in orbit of the world, Tie fighters and landing craft poured from their launch bays led by an ancient craft, it appeared to be a heavily modified Sentinel Landing Craft. These events were viewed in full Holo in the central chamber of the Temple of the Hand, the various members of the Hand sat around, the force had alerted them to the impending landings, but they feared little from these fools, they would have to expend thousands of troops just to even reach the temple, and the structure was constructed from a unique material that absorbed energy weapon impacts, rendering it all but indestructible, Darth Manta smashed his fist down on the table and stood with frustration, they had agreed that they would do nothing until action was required, but despite this his warlike tendencies still made his blood boil, even Rins’zler was jittery, he could feel something in the Darkside, but despite attempting to stretch out, he had been unable to pinpoint the disturbance.

Thirty First order AAL craft hit the surface, their assault ramps lowered and six hundred Storm Troopers poured from their interiors, there landing location was just beyond the dark valley that led to the Temple of the Hand, without a moment’s hesitation the Troopers made their way into the Valley of Darkness. The Sentinel Landing craft made its descent to the surface, its gloss black surface reflecting the dust that was kicked up from the landing struts, its ramp lowered and from the dark interior emerged eight Stormtroopers armed with what appeared to be energy staffs and holstered blasters, behind them walked a robed individual, beneath his hood was visible a red helmet, but dark energy poured from him like a waterfall. Darth Manta waved his hand at the Holo Crystal, and the display focused on this new arrival, Rins’zler could sense something familiar about this individual, but he could not pinpoint it, clearly he was strong in the Darkside, they could all feel his Dark Energy, but he was no Sith, the faint sounds of blaster fire and screams could be heard within the central chamber, the Stormtroopers were attempting the navigate the Valley of Darkness, the Sith creatures that inhabited the Valley clearly were not pleased with the disturbance, but the taste of new flesh was always welcome.

Jakara Ren, flanked by his elite guard, walked into the Valley, the mauled bodies of his troopers lay scattered around the Valley, snarling could be heard all around them, dark eyes watched them, the nine figures continued on their way, paying no head to the destruction that they passed through. Two Sith Beasts sensed new prey, they could feel the Darkside of the force emanating from these latest arrivals, they would make interesting prey, The beats stalked towards their prey, guttural growling emerging from the darkness around them, once they were close enough they pounced, razor sharp teeth and claws ready to tear open these new flesh creatures, they never had the chance, the troopers reacted with lighting speed and brought their staff weapons around, the red blades cut down one of the beasts mid-flight, the other managed to avoid the lethal arcs of the weapons, aiming instead for the roped figure, the beast stopped in mid-air, the roped figure held out his hand and casually turned to face the creature, then the creature fell to the floor, it was dazed and somewhat confused, but it had lost the desire to attack this flesh thing, all around, Sith Beasts began to emerge from the Darkness, and began to gather around the party, Jakara simply beckoned to his men to continue, and the Beasts followed.

All of this had been viewed by the members of the Hand, they saw all that happened within the Valley and the area around it, they needed nothing as crude as holo cams, the Temple and the Valley itself showed them all they needed to see, Lord Vir spoke to his fellow members of the Hand “we have all felt a disturbance within the force, it is clear now that the disturbance is focused around this individual, our spies have hinted towards the formation of a new Dark order, and it is clear that this is one of their Knights, I sense in Lord Rins’zler some familiarity, are you aware of who this individual is”, Lord Rins’zler stood and addressed his brothers and sisters his warped voice emerging from beneath his mask “Iuiiit iiisss Posssible thaaat I know whooo this individual is, buut iiit isss impossible, fooor heee isss Deaad, myy son Jorel’ikatha wasss kiiiled by the jeedi, heee canot liiive” Darth Soleil spoke up “but my brother is it possible he has survived by some trick of fate, you yourself have existed longer than all of us combined, if he is able to gain access to the Temple I say that we give hi a chance to speak, if it is your son, then we may have a great ally within The First Order”, Rins’zler stood, and turned his head towards Darth Soleil “your wiissdom iss once aaagain cooreect, weee shall see how he maaanages to eenteerr the teeemple”.

Jakara Ren and his elite guard had reached the entrance to the temple, his new entourage of Sith Beasts had followed him so far and now they sat calmly waiting for their new masters actions, before they lay a great door, it was covered in mysterious symbols, Jakara had vague childhood memories of seeing these symbols but he could not work out where he had seen them before and had no clue as to their meaning, he reached out to the Darkside and tried to tear the doors open, they didn’t even rumble let alone move, Jakara applied more pressure but nothing. He walked over to the doors and touched them, suddenly he was no longer in the valley, he stood in a desert, sand surrounding him, in the distance there was a single figure, dark robes flowing around him, Jakara began to walk towards him but walls began shooting from the desert, blocking his path, they were covered in the mysterious writing, he felt the curving lines of the script, trying to remember, but he could not, then without warning he was back, stood before the great doors, without a sound, the door slid open revealing a long dark corridor.

Jakara and his entourage entered the temple, the Sith Beasts however refrained and waiting outside, the corridor was vast, its ceiling at least twenty meters above him, either side there was niches and arched areas, the mysterious script covered the walls and dark sinister crystals adorned the niches and arches, they could all feel the sensation of being watched. The corridor ended in a vast chamber, in the centre of which was a massive edifice, topped with a crystal, he could not see the top of it for it vanished into the gloom, the Darkside practically oozed from the walls and floor, the vast chamber had 4 doors, one on each side, dark mist began to seep from cracks within the floor, flowing up and around Jakara and his guards, the mist soon encompassed them all, and dissipated as quickly as it had appeared, Jakara was alone, and in a different room, before him lay a dark corridor, lined with crystals, at the terminus of the corridor lay a veil of pure Darkness, something in him forced him to enter the corridor, as he did his mind was bombarded with images, memories, pain, anguish despair and loss, he stumbled to his knees on several occasions, his mind wracked and in agony, memories were surfacing, memories of his death, being murdered by a Jedi, memories of seeing his parents fall into despair at the loss of him and his sisters, he remembered his anger forcing his Darkside energy back into his body, he remembered wandering lost around the galaxy, his mind shattered and broken, he remembered pain and anguish fuelling his hate, years passed and he remembered being found close to death by the First Order and taken to The Knights of Ren, from there his memory was clear, he found his mind clearing, and his vision clearing, somehow he had traversed the corridor, his robes were torn and his hands were bloody, but before him lay the dark veil.

In the central chamber the Dark Lords prepared for the arrival of the newcomer, the room was cleared and the Lords retied to the shadows around the room, in the corridor Jakara Ren stood, silently analysing the obstacle before him, he had emerged from the corridor wounded but feeling better than he had done for years, his memory of past events returned to him by the power of the Darkside, but he knew that this veil of darkness would be the final test, and one that he may not survive, he gritted his teeth and took a step into the veil, the darkness swallowed him, dragging him through, he was surrounded by blackness, no light, no sound just darkness, there was nothing here but emptiness, he could feel his mind beginning to crumble again, memories threatening to turn to dust, he felt his anger grow at his inability to cope with it all, his anger grew and grew and as it did he noticed the darkness was receding , he ignited his lightsabers and filled himself with anger slashing at the darkness, watching it fall away like black silken fabric until he was standing in a vast space, like the central room, its ceiling vanished into darkness, great crystalline pillars supporting the unseen room, the room housed a vast stone table surrounded by stone chairs, his anger had not dissipated, but his memories remained, he became acutely aware of not being alone, lightsaber flew towards him and he was only just able to avoid its lethal caress, the hilt return to its owner who had emerged from the darkness, Jakara felt the Darkside emanating from this person, a black and red mask hid his features, but he also felt a strange kinship with the figure, the robed figure coupled his hilts together, ignited their blades and charged Jakara, he was like a blur of motion, Jakara had no hope to even defend against him, he readied his blades as best as he could, he had very little experience fighting anyone with a lightsaber let alone a saber staff.

Jakara prepared himself to once again be one with the Darkside, but felt anger swelling at his lack of skill and training, he used that anger and focused it into a concussive blow that would sent his attacker flailing against the wall, the energy surged from his hands and impacted the robed attacker, expecting his assailant to be flung against the far wall, he lowered his guard, only to find his force blow simple being absorbed into the attacker, to his horror there was nothing he could do to prevent the saber staff blade from removing his head, he closed his eyes and prepared for the end, but it didn’t come, instead the blade hovered inches from his face, the masked figure now close enough to him that he could see the detailing on the mask, then a voice emerged from behind the mask, it was twisted a warped as if not being spoken by human lips “Iii exxxpecceted beeteerr frrrom my son, your training haaas been negelecteed, though consssssiddering you arrre deaaad, iiit is still a suuurprise” Rins’zler turned off the blade, the red glow receding from Jakara’s face, “teeell me sssson why dooo you come heeer, aaaafteer all thiiss tiiime”, Jakara came to his senses and replaced his sabers on his belt, “Father, it is truly you, even after all these years, I do not know how it is possible, but then my life has been filled with the strange things the Darkside is capeable of, I was sent by the Supreme Leader, Snoke, he had heard rumours of a gathering, a focusing of the Darkside on this ancient and desolate planet, the Sith have been gone for so long he wondered if this could be a sign of their return, we only have vague records of the Sith, all that happened before the rise of Palpatine has been destroyed, so we know only what we can gather from the surviving Sith Holocrons, we had to know, so I was despatched along with members of the Black Guard and 2 Destroyers to ascertain what was in fact happening, here, my troopers are dead as I expect are my Black Guard, but my master gave me explicit orders that should I encounter any Sith, I was to extend an Invitation to them to join the First order and the Knights of Ren, your skills and knowledge would be of enormous value to us all”, from around the room emerged several other Sith lords, along with the Black Guard, the giant warrior spoke “so it is true, these rumours of a new Empire and new Darkside users, however you are untrained and unskilled and clearly have much to learn”, Lord Vir spoke next “The Council of the Hand have decided to accept your offer of alliance, we would gladly aid your Order and your Knights, with you comes hope of a stable future for the Galaxy”

The Alliance between the Hand of Korriban and the First Order would prove to be an interesting one, and their skills and training would hopefully see the Knights of Ren become the true inheritors of the Darkside