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Tasha’s New Master


Gritting her teeth, Tasha swung her newly provided lightsaber against one of the many training droids. The lightweight scarlet blade crackled as it struck the droid down effortlessly. “This lightsaber practically feels like I am wielding a feather.” She shifted her left foot and pivoted around pulling the lightsaber upwards as if to block an imaginary foe. Finally Tasha swept the blade to the side for a strike as she leaped back to dodge a possible hit. Moving the blade side to side as if the foe also pulled a blaster to retaliate.

Suddenly, Tasha felt a strong presence in the force and stopped briefly to scan the room. Standing in the doorway, was a black haired human looking individual. He was much taller than Tasha, and his hooded robe blocked most of his face. She could see his vivid green eyes that seemed to be studying her. “Who are you and what are you doing here?” She asked curious as to this man’s motives. “My name is Marcus Kiriyu, Jedi knight of the Krath order. I have been sent here to take you as my new apprentice. I have been watching your progress through the ranks and have heard many glowing reports of your determination to excel. From what I have seen so far with your practice, you are quick to move, however there is still much you can learn. I hope that I can teach you better fighting techniques that will improve your potential.” Tasha, after turning off the lightsaber and putting it at her side, thought a moment before speaking. She gave a half smile at the praise. “I am pleased that many of the leaders have taken notice of my abilities and I am happy to hear they granted my request for having a master train me. With your guidance, I seek to improve my skills and soar above the others as one of their best people. I hope that I can learn one on one though.”

Marcus smiled slightly. “You can be sure that we will train one on one, I myself at one point in time was mostly alone. Now let’s see how well you can fight against a bigger and more intelligent target.”
Marcus ignited his blade as he awaited Tasha’s move. Without hesitation, Tasha dashed for Marcus weaving from side to side as she honed in to strike. Marcus met her blow as the lightsabers crashed against each other, and Tasha felt his sheer strength flowing from his hand to the blade. Knowing that a straight charge was pointless, she quickly channeled the force within her to flip back away from her opponent. She was not going to give up, but she needed to find an opening. She began to circle Marcus and study his movements.
“Good, that is a smart thing to do in a situation you know is difficult. Study your opponent to find a weak spot, but remember…” With that Marcus rushed and swung his blade to the side, catching Tasha off guard. She barely had time to block as the blade narrowly missed clipping one of her Lekku.
“Always be on your guard, Tasha.” Marcus replied as he pivoted to strike a second time. Tasha parried the blow and sprinted away. “I’ve got to find a way to get close without him chopping off my Lekku.”
As she backed away, Tasha created an illusion of a training droid coming at Marcus. She hoped it would distract him enough so she could strike. Marcus seemed to be smiling. “Jedi tricks do not work on me young one, I am an Epicant. Our race, is resistant to such things.” Tasha frowned and thought. “ Bantha poo, that’s not fair. Guess I have to just create one without using the force to create an illusion.” Using the force, she picked up a piece of a droid and threw it at Marcus. While it came at him, She quickly sped behind him and leaped to strike a blow. Marcus stopped the droid piece and quickly turned putting up his blade in time to block Tasha’s blow.
The force of his block knocked Tasha back some. “Not bad apprentice, still need some work, but overall a very good try. We will stop for now and pick up where we left off a bit later. Come with me and get something to eat. I am sure you are famished.” Suddenly, Tasha’s stomach growled loudly in protest. Blushing a bit, she smiled weakly. “Yep, I think I could use some lunch.” Marcus chuckled as he led Tasha to the mess hall.