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Team Wrong place, Right Time: Kesarat Run On


Competition: Responding to the Threat: Shadow of Kesarat(Competition)

Objective: You and your team have just received a distress signal that Commander Mauro Wynter and Major Silvia Tanos are under attack at the Shipwright Guild’s Factory Complex. Your team will be responding to this attack through a series of run-on posts.

Rules:Team sizes must be a minimum of 2 members, but can have a maximum of 4 members per team. For participation, each member will be required to make at least 1 post, with a minimum of 250 words in the post. For placement, two posts with a min of 250 words each in this ongoing story will be required. There is no max word limit for this competition. Reserve Posting, Double Posting and Editing your post after it’s been posted to the forums will NOT be allowed in this competition. Each member must include a hyperlinked Character Sheet snapshot in their first posts for realism grading. Create your team names as your run-on post title along with Kesaret run-on on discourse and in the opening post include all member names that are in your team in the opening post. Example of Run-on title (Team Gators: Kesaret Run-on).

Grading: Placements and grading will be determined using the Official Run-On Grading Rubric.

Team Members:
Talis DeMorte
Ethan Martes
Hyle Alihandross


Ethan Martes: https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/members/14873/character_sheet
Petth: https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/members/14873/character_sheet/1
Post 1 Ethan Martes
Satele Shan Base

Arcia was giving orders to everyone, splitting them up into teams so they can cover ground quickly and get to the Shipwright Guild’s factory quickly. Mauro and Silvia had gone and sat themselves in the middle of a trap and were in need of rescue, though Ethan wasn’t really paying attention. Instead he slowly snuck out of the room and pulled his comm up to his mouth, “Petth, it’s Ethan. Can you hear me?”

The comm flared to life with the sound of a man screaming in pain followed by silence. “Here, luv.” Petth purred, “Some uninvited guests decided to break in and trash our apartment.”

“Are you ok? How bad?” Ethan’s voice carried some concern in it.

“I’m without a mark, but they destroyed the leather couch and the rug is stained with a lot of blood.” Petth sighed and muttered in an annoyed voice as to how she liked that leather couch.

“Listen, I need you to help. My boss and his… I think it might be his girlfriend or assistant? I’m not sure but whatever. They are trapped in the Shipwright Guild’s Factory. I’m about to head out there to help with another Odanite.” Ethan whispered into his comm, “Meet me near there.”

“Sure thing luv, this whole mess sounds like fun.” Petth purred into the comm before silencing it.

Ethan sighed and turned to rejoin the others, only to walk right into the tall Miraluka man known as Talis, “AH FRICK!” Ethan stumbled back and held a hand over his heart, “You nearly scared the life out of me.”

“Who was that you were talking to?” Talis folded his arms over his chest. “Sounded like a rendezvous with a woman.”

“Er… Yes. I just had to call to make sure she was ok. What are the teams?” Ethan placed the comm link back into his pocket.

“Me and you.” Talis nodded to the short human, “Mind telling me why you are rendezvousing with a woman at a time like this?”

“Well…” Ethan thought for a moment before sighing and reaching up to grab Talis and pull him closer for a whisper, “I haven’t really reported her in yet, but… she’s a former Iron Throne Sith who’s trying to become a Jedi and is also my girlfriend.”

Talis started bursting out with laughter, only to receive a confused look from Ethan. Talis leaned in, almost looming over the short human and whispering back to him, “I am well aware of Rusp’etth’nolar, or Petth as you call her. I am a tenured member of Odan-Urr, and I know where and when to listen.” Talis straightened back out, “Come on, we best hurry before those two decide to do something drastic and get themselves killed.” The Miraluka already walking ahead of the shorter human.

Ethan stood there for a moment and nodded slowly, “Oooookay… Guess I only have to worry about one of them deciding to fight the other.” He muttered as followed behind, their first obstacle would be in the streets of Daleem.

The two Jedi slipped into the streets amongst the chaos, the immediate area around the Sky Breach Base had calmed down a good bit with the defense system taking care of most wannabee intruders. Ethan and Talis stuck to alleyways and moving quickly, wanting to get to Mauro and Silvia as quickly as possible.

Talis reached out and grabbed Ethan from behind, yanking him back and motioning for him to be silent. “I sense something.” The Miraluka whispered as he drew out his lightsaber, preparing for what his senses told him was trouble.

A man’s body suddenly slammed through a window and onto the ground, lifelessly laying on the ground as a yell from the inside of the building told of combat. Ethan eased up and smiled at Talis, “That’s just Petth having fun.” There was another scream as the back door opened, and a man stumbled out. Turning to face the door with his arms up in a defensive pose, the man readied himself as a silver skinned Chiss came flying out and driving her knee straight into his face.

Talis watched with a bit of interest as the Chiss used a combination of powerful knees and cross punches to dominate the man, who easily had fifty or so pounds on her, until he dropped to the ground unconscious.

Ethan clapped his hands, “Well Petth, glad to see you are enjoying you-” He didn’t get to finish his words as Petth grabbed him and embraced him in a passionate kiss. Talis just coughed for a moment to get them to stop. “Sorry Talis…” Ethan muttered. The team of three then made a straight line for the Shipwright Guild’s Factory, sticking to backways to minimize their chances of running into hostiles.


Post 1 Hyle
Shipwright Guild’s Factory
( https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/members/15008/character_sheet )
Hyle ghosted across the landing pad. He’d heard the warning about intruders and didn’t want anyone stealing or sabotaging his newly acquired ship. She may not be able to go to toe with a fighter, but that wasn’t the point, Hyle had bought the ship in order to sneak in and out of wherever he would be required to go.

He could see a cluster of armed strangers, each eyeing the various ships on the landing platform, including his own. Full stealth features, perfect getaway vehicle for pirates and saboteurs. He drew his blaster and took a carefully aimed shot at the intruder nearest to the Cysgod. By the time the would be thief had hit the deck, Hyle had holstered his blaster and ignited his lightsaber. One of the shots he had deflected had brought down another interloper. Hyle activated the comm unit in his armour’s helmet and alerted base security to the intruders on the hangar bay. It was obvious that they were not planning to get out the same way they’d come in, hence the attempt at stealing a ship from another landing pad. The fact that they had overpowered the security detail here was worrying, what was more worrying was the fact that they had abandoned their escape attempt and were scattering to avoid capture before reinforcements showed up.

He broke into a run, his Force enhanced strength made up for his armour’s bulk as he drew his electrostaff, knocking one of the intruders cold with a blow to the back. “This is Alihandross, Hanger bay Two is secure and I have a prisoner, let’s see if we can get to the bottom of this.”

“Understood, Hyle.” Came a familiar voice in response.

“Good to hear from you again Talis, circumstances notwithstanding.”

“What’s the bet that Kyle’s friends will be heading here?” Asked an unfamiliar human male.

“It’s Hyle, and I’m not wasting money on what’s undoubtedly a sure thing for you.”

Hyle handed his captive over to the recently arrived security detail and made his way to the factory complex. Sure enough, the remains of the gang he’d encountered in the hangar bay were arriving from various entrances, but so were others, a tall Miralukan, a shorter human,and a Chiss woman, all with lightsabers at the ready, one of whom he recognised.

“Talis” Hyle said, with a nod.

“Ethan Martes.” Said the other human

“Petth” The Chiss said with a broad, if unnerving, grin.

The four Jedi fanned out to cover more ground. Hyle once again immersed himself into his surroundings with the Force, drawing, but not activating one of the halves of his electrostaff. It was the quietest weapon he possessed, and stealth was his best option. He could see one of the intruders. Taking infinite care, Hyle crept his way up to his opponent and switched on his staff for an instant. With a quick strike from the electrostaff the intruder went down. Hyle rifled through the fallen gunman’s belongings, hoping to find some clue as to who they were and what they were doing here. He could hear screams and the buzzing of a lightsaber in full swing. Someone, he assumed the chiss, was taking a much less subtle approach to dealing with the intruders. This impression was confirmed when the sounds of fighting became overlayed with inhuman laughter.

Hyle reached out with the Force, to see if there were any more enemies near him. His victim’s comlink flashed. Damn, they’ll be expecting trouble now. He could see another of their mysterious attackers, and he could see Hyle. His new opponent activated an electrostaff, and Hyle ignited his lightsaber. This man clearly knew how to use his weapon, and Hyle couldn’t find an opening to exploit so he decided to create one. He stumbled, deliberately and his assailant took a swing at his head. Hyle himself lunged forward, impaling his opponent through the stomach and out the back of it’s chest.

Hyle’s comm chimed. “I think we got em all.”

“Thanks Talis.” Hyle said

“I’ve also got a message, the guy you captured has come round.” Martes said.

“Right then,” said Hyle. “Let’s get us some answers.”




Talis was standing over the now unconscious prisoner when Hyle returned to the group.

“What happened?” Hyle looked at the look of sheer terror still engraved upon the unconscious prisoners face.

“We got the information we needed.” Talis turned away from the trio and made his way towards the hangar bay doors that opened into the Shipwright guild hall. The large durasteel doors opened as the group of Force users arrived at the control console.

“Well that was easier said than done.” Petth’s cheerful attitude just added to her disturbing persona.

“I didn’t do anything.” Talis turned towards the opening blast doors.

Blaster fire shot out of the open doorway into the openness of the hangar. A form wearing matching robes with a slightly different pattern and a bit lighter than Talis’, rolled out and came to a stand in front of the group who all looked at the surprisingly tall young lady. Her normally light acorn colored face was blotted with soot from near fatal blaster shots that erupted soot off of metal when they slammed into it and scored it. Sweat trails marred her face through the sooty deposits and her normally tight braided ponytail was disheveled and cocked off to the right side of her head about an inch from center.

Her combat robes were not in much better shape with a few close calls that cut through the armor but missed driving home. Her face reflected a more effeminate version of their Miralukan ally and her eyes were covered with a pair of Light Amplification Goggles.

“Hey little sister,” Talis broke the silence in a flat tone of confusion and surprise, “how goes it?”

“Oh,” the Mirialan wiped a stray strand of hair off of her face, smearing the soot and sweat along with it, “could be better.”

“Need some help Tiri?” Talis replied in the same flat tone as he leaned towards her to look over her shoulder at the Jedi’s enemy.

“Well,” Tiriok looked back down the hallway at the force amassing to assault her position. “Maybe just a little.”

“You guys up for a fight?” Talis looked at the trio behind him looking on in curiosity.

The group nodded back with slightly confused looks on their face.


Hyle Post 2

“What? Stepsister?”
“Half.” Said the newcomer emphatically.
“Right, Hyle Alihandross.” He said with a brief nod.
“So, Petth, what information did you get out of the captive? Spare no details, except perhaps, how.” Hyle said, glancing briefly at the unconscious, yet somehow still terrified face of the intruder.
“ We now know that Mauro and Silvia are holed up in yet another hangar bay. Seriously, how many hangar bys does this place have?”
“They make ships here, go figure.” Hyle said, blandly.
“Hey a little help here.” Said Tiri.
“Right then, once more into the fray, my friends.”

There was no time for subtlety, Hyle simply strode into the firefight tossing in a flash grenade to disorient their opponents, even for a brief instant. Carefully aimed shots brought two interlopers down before they had realised that they themselves were also under attack. Hyle ignited his sabre, and strode into the firefight, deflecting blaster bolts back at their shooters, and reaching out with his senses to find who they were here to help. Briefly in his mind’s eye, he caught an image of a swarthy looking human male, wielding what appeared to be an ordinary steel sword as if it were a lightsabre, deflecting shot as he himself was doing. In instant later, he had a glimpse of another, shadowy figure, this time wielding a real lightsabre, a red one.

“We’ve got trouble here.”
“Yeah, we figured.” The Chiss shot back
“No, I mean the kind that comes with lightsabres.”
“Hyle, are you certain.” Talis asked.
“Remember when I saw all of us get killed?”
“That didn’t actually happen.”
“Only because I saw it.”
“Point taken.” The Miraluka grunted.

Hyle took a look around the hangar complex, taking in possible spots to hold out against an attack such as this.

“If there is a sith here, we need to find them before they find Master Winter or Major Tanos.” Hyle said.
“Yeah and who’s gonna take him down?” Asked Petth.
“You? Don’t get me wrong, you look like you can handle yourself against a few goons, but a straight up fight with someone who actually knows how to use a lightsabre?” She asked.
“You do the job with the tools you’ve got.” Hyle said.
“Are you saying you’re a tool?”
Hyle didn’t respond.

“Cover me, we need to call for more help and see what’s really going on.”
There was a control room on the far end of the hangar, surely that would have some communications equipment
“Tiri, I’m going to need your droid to help with getting comms backup and any information you might have. You’ll get him back in one piece, I promise, along with Winter and Tanos.”
“It’s Tirok.”
“Right. Ethan? Can you keep their heads down?” Apart from Hyle, Ethan was the only one among the party who had any ranged weapon, and he was a much better shot.

Hyle made his way across the hangar as quickly as the astromech droid could manage, deflecting blaster fire and loosing off some ill aimed shots of his own.

They got to the control room without much incident, and the droid plugged itself into one of the sockets. Hyle ducked behind a console, datapad in hand, translation app at the ready.
A series of trills and whirrs. Hyle stared at the pad.
“Are you certain?” Hyke then looked at a the sensor display on the computer screen. There was no denying it.
“Guys, we’ve got a bigger problem.”
“How much bigger?” Ethan asked
“A lot of problems actually, the largest of which is several hundred metres long.”
“You mean the base is under attack from outside?”
“It will be very shortly. I’m going to see what we can do to get a message off, they’ll almost certainly be jamming us.”
Hyle busied himself with picking off their attackers with his blaster to clear path for the rest of the party.
Where were Mauro and Silvia? Tiriok had said they were holed up in this hanger, so why would they leave? Unless they were trying to draw someone even more dangerous away. He heard a the buzz of a lightsabre and a woman scream. He turned, igniting his own sabre, but there was no one there. Another quick blast of bleeping.
“Good work.”.
“You got out a message?” Tiriok asked.
“A brief one, but help is on its way, we just need to stay alive until then.”
“Are you alright Hyle.” Talis asked.
“I am, but we need to hurry.”


Post 2 - Ethan Martes

Petth froze for a moment, her eyes scanning around slowly as her brow furrowed in frustration. “I feel something…” Was all she muttered under her breath before she ducked under a blaster bolt that nearly took her head off. “Kark!” She ducked under a number of supply crates, finding herself crouched next to the tall Talis. The two stare at each other for a moment, no real words to share.

Ethan popped off a few more shots of his blaster to keep the ranged attackers at bay, “Any information on where our idiots are?!” His voice carried through the hangar to Hyle, who was still busy with the datapad. “I take that as a no.”

Hyle did his best to ignore the chaos going on, both real and what he hoped was imagined. Finally his datapad let out a beep, “They are the next one over! We need to hurry!” The droid disengaged and returned to its master while Hyle crept low to make himself a hard target.

“Ethan, Petth! Any chance you two can get these troublemakers off of us?” Tiriok called out from her position just behind Talis, all of them had taken cover to try and regain some stamina.

Petth peered around the hangar before smiling at a fuel cell just a few feet away, “I have an idea~” She said in an almost sing-songy voice. “Ethan! Get ready to shoot!” She reached out with the Force and grabbed the fuel cell, then chucked it over towards their attackers. As if on queue, Ethan stood up and put a single blaster bolt into it, creating a lovely explosion that ignited the poor idiots caught in its blast.

As the high pitched ringing in their ears eased up, Tiriok slowly peered over her cover to see the dead, charred bodies. “Well, I suppose that works.”
Ethan looked to his blaster and sighed, “Well, I’m out of blaster ammo.” He holstered Kritim and pulled out Marri. “Good thing I carry a slugthrower.” He noticed that Hyle, Talis and Tiriok were already running ahead of him with Petth looking back as if waiting. “Oh sure… Don’t wait for me.” He grumbled as he picked up his slack and ran after them.

Hyle quickly worked the door to open it, the scene on the other side was not a pleasant one. Mauro was unconscious on the floor, looking like he just tried fist fighting a Gamorrean and Silvia was lying in a puddle of her own blood.

Talis froze for a moment, anger began to boil the blood in his veins. Ethan strode passed them and kept his eyes on the Twi’lek inquisitor with a red lightsaber. Hyle nervously grasped his electrostaff, “Remember that vision I spoke of?”

“Well hello there! Tall, dark and broody is hardly the way to go through life.” Ethan smirked, Marri already armed and in his hand.

“Oh? More friends of yours Mauro?” The Twi’lek grinned before his eyes stopped on Petth. “And a traitor.” Petth responded with the Chiss middle finger. “Charming.”

“Yea she’s a treat, and I can forgive most of things she does… You on the other hand.” Ethan scowled. “I don’t think so.”

“Do you really think that you can take me?” The Twi’lek laughed.

“Easily, especially after a bottle of wine.” Ethan smiled, “But no.” Without another word Talis launched himself at the Inquisitor, lightsabers flaring to life with Tiriok bringing up the rear. Ethan used this moment to run over and grab Mauro as Petth grabbed Silva to drag them safely to Hyle.


Talis’ eyes were pinned to the Major’s lifeless face, the image seering itself into his subconscious. He felt the rage boiling up in his gut. He tasted bile in his mouth as he felt tears begin to soak his cloth wraps around his eyes. He pulled his gaze up to the Twi’Lek standing before him. He knew who this man was. He had seen this Sith Grand Inquisitor all over the Sentinel network. The taste of bile in his mouth dissipated as he began to pull on the Force and pool it into his legs and arms.

“Do you really think that you can take me?” the Inquisitor laughed.

“Easily, especially after a bottle of wine.” Ethan smiled, “But no.”

The Miralukan exploded forward with an upward swipe of his lightsaber. The collision sent the smaller statured Twi’Lek bouncing backwards on his back. After the second bounce the Sith kicked his feet up into the air and twisted his hips to bring himself to a sliding halt.

“Well now,” Nym laughingly stated through a forced smile. “Who do we have here?”

“Your death.” Talis’ voice caused Ethan and Hyle to stop in their tracks. They had never seen the normally fun loving Jedi like this. The look on Petth’s face was a mixture of awe and excitement. Tiriok came up behind her brother and spun her lightsaber in her hand.

“Let’s take her together Tal.” Tiriok stepped up next to her brother. Talis raised his hand to stop her from advancing.

“Remember our joint tactics training Tiri?”

“Yeah?” Tiriok looked at Talis curiously.

“Remember Tactic 67?” Talis turned slightly without taking his gaze off of Xaro.

Tiriok smiled and nodded before taking a position behind her brother. Talis took in another deep breath before striding in at the Grand Inquisitor. The Miralukan stepped in with the same upward slash but this time his Sith opponent read it and put his guard out to meet it.

The upward slash came from the Jedi’s right to his left utilizing both of his hands to generate follow through power. The Sith recognized this and braced himself for the attack. He understood that this was a physically superior fighter to the Jedi he had faced so far in his conquest for revenge.

Suddenly the area around the two combatants went pitch black. Xaro Nym felt panic rise in his gut for a split second before Talis’ amethyst blade slammed into his. It was not as hard as before but the strength of the Twi’Leks opponent was nothing to laugh at. The black orb dropped and the brightness temporarily blinded the Twi’Lek.

When his vision came back he was looking at the lightsabers locked together. Purple and Red creating a dazzling, flashing white and screeching at their owners. When Xaro looked up to smile he noticed that the other jedi was standing behind his opponent. With her hands held up to him.

Talis had waited for the inky black orb to appear before pulling his left hand off the hilt of his lightsaber and back into a hook. With his left foot forward and his right hand holding the lightsaber engaged with Xaro Nym’s. The Jedi created a fulcrum and used his amplified strength to turn his hips and throw his left fist into a tight hook, aimed at the Twi’Lek’s temple. Tiriok stood behind her half-brother, calling upon the Force to conceal the danger in her brother’s actions.

For a split second Xaro felt safe. He did not sense any danger. That was the last thought that ran through his mind as Talis put his fist through the side of the Twi’Leks head. The loud squishy thump echoed through the hangar as the Sith flew lifelessly across the chamber and slammed hard into the ground.

Hyle’s stomach could not handle the shock of the gruesome and grotesque noise and caused him to vomit and drop to one knee with Mauro in his arms. The blow caused Petth to release a surprised squeak and Ethan inhaled hard out of reflex.

“OOOoooh…that looked like it hurt.” Ethan stated flatly.

Talis strode over to the Sith whose body had yet to realize it was dead. He deactivated his lightsaber and stood over the dying Sith’s body and just glared at it. As if he expected it to pop back to life at any moment. Tiriok approached her brother slowly and grasped the robes of his back and buried her head in between his shoulder blades.

The shock of what had happened wore off quickly for Petth and Ethan. The human made his way over to Hyle to help him get Mauro out of there. Petth stayed rooted where she had been standing when the punch had landed. The look on Petth’s face was akin to the look a smaller predator gives to a larger predator when it takes down its prey.

“Petth,” Ethan yelled. Her lover’s voice snapped her out of the trance and caused her to jump. She turned to the Jedi who motioned for her to help before he looked past her at the siblings standing over the dying Sith.

“You did well Tal,” Tiriok lightly sobbed into her brother’s back, “now come back to me, come back to us.”

“Talis!” Ethan barked as he reached out with the Force. “We need to go! You need to calm down!”

Like a jet of cold air, Talis felt himself forcibly calming. He turned and stared at Ethan whose eyes shot around before returning to the Miralukan and his Mirialan half sister. The Jedi nodded and took a deep breathe before turning away from the dead Sith’s corpse.

Talis approached and pulled his cloak from his pack before wrapping the dead corpse of Major Silvia Tanos in it. He made sure to take great care of her. He knew how close the Major and Commander Wynter were. Tiriok helped her brother lift the Major’s body up and into a cradled carry between his tattooed arms. Talis took a deep breath as he followed behind Ethan and Hyle, who had seemed to gather himself back together.

The group exitted the hangar before Tiriok’s droid shut the blast doors behind them. The group made their way solemnly across the landing pads and into Skybreaches base. As they approached the bases doors Talis felt another presence. This time familiar to them all. The doors opened with a release of pressure and standing before them was Maximus Alvinius, and flanking him on his right, standing taller than Talis, was Chrome. The third member of their group was Jedi Knight Sia Thianos. Talis knew very little of the knight but it mattered little to him. They were comrades and she was one less person he had to fight. Maximus gave them a glance over before resting his gaze upon the covered form in Talis’ arms.

“What happened?” Maximus stammered out. Talis stepped forward and handed the lifeless body of the Major over to Chrome before walking past the group with his head down. Chrome stared at the covered body in his arms in confusion. He didn’t know what to do and exchanged glances with Maximus and Ethan. “Talis! What happened?”

“I’d leave him be Max.” Ethan put his hand on Maximus’ shoulder before he could pursue the Miralukan. Tiriok looked at her brother then back at the group before awkwardly waving and following her brother into Sky Breach Base. “I can explain.”