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(James Lucius Entar) #1

Whoo :slight_smile: Markdown!

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(Windos) #2

Testy test

quoteing the fact that I love markdown

(Windos) #3

MOAR POSTING! need more text…

(Windos) #4

I also really like how this looks on a mobile device

(James Lucius Entar) #5

Need reply!
Test mentioning @Solari

(Marick Tyris) #6



(Marick Tyris) #7

@JamesEntar omg this is like twitter!

(Riverche) #8

Yep, the preview box is nice. Had to try it out.

(Marick Tyris) #9


(Marick Tyris) #10

Wait, this uses Markdown?


(Riverche) #11

yep, now people have another reason to do the markdown courses in the Shadow Academy.

(Morgan B. Sorenn) #12

This is a test

of the

editor tools

  1. Testing (1 spaces)
  2. the list (1 spaces)
  3. which seems funky (0 spaces)
  4. and functions in a weird way (0 spaces)
    5. How many levels does this have?  (4 spaces)
    6. Funky! :D (8 spaces)

And finally, have a funny!

(Ood Bnar) #13

Yay, another use for the markdown courses! Good lord that preview window is handy. Does it fit the site options for markdown? for if it does, I’m going to be previewing course-code via it… since most systems out there do not offer all the options ours uses.

-> Like this thing <-

Ah, that’s a no then (wink).

Looking good though, very easy to use and a good learning curve (from the perspective of teaching its use via a Journeyman Hall course that is).

(Riverche) #14

yep, was planning on asking later if you could put a journeyman course together for this. Or something?

(Ood Bnar) #15

I actually have one in proofreading about the old forum. James told me a week or two ago to shelve it and wait on this place. You’ll have one once I can sit down and go over it all. I’d say inside a week of this place going live.

I’m loving the flag/bookmark option btw

(Riverche) #16

Thanks @OodBnar. Looking forward to it.

By the way just found out that a post has to have at least 20 characters to be posted.

Still learning myself. (Had to find a reason to do an edit.)

(James Lucius Entar) #17

Ooh, nice. I just saw your edit ‘pop in’ on my screen, so apparently that updates live as well :smiley:

(Riverche) #18

I was out of the room and when I came back in your replay was up. :smile:

(Ood Bnar) #19

We seem to no longer have the option to send private messages?

(Val Cole) #20

Definite fan of the preview window. Liking how Markdown would become a more “standard” way to write up stuff in the DB also. The new Format might take some getting used it, feels weird not having the old table Forum setup kind of.