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Texas’ Training


This Topics purpose will be to initiate my Apprentice, Tex, in writing and establish the fictional relationship between him and myself.


It was late in the evening. Smugglers had delivered their goods, Assassins had washed the blood splatters off their hands and Bounty Hunters collected todays contracts. All of these men and woman, together with other scum from the galaxy, gathered for a drink at their favorite bar. The later it got, the more distinct the bunch got.

As Ranarr Kul walked in, their was no more then one empty barstool. “It’s crowded in here today, huh bartender.” He ordered a Thuris Stout while getting seated. The Cathar’s eyes went through the assemblage and he recognized many of that trash. The usual lowlife was being stripped from all of his money in a ‘friendly’ game of Pazaak, a bunch of drunks were bragging about adventures they didn’t really experience… but…

“Hey bartender, whose that guy in the corner over there? I’ve never seen him here before.”
“Neither have I, nor have I seen any off the other guys in here… I’m just here serving drinks, minding my own business. I advice you to do the same.”

Ranarr pulled up one eyebrow and shook his head. “Yeah, that is how stuff usually happens down here huh… Well, that ain’t my style,” Ranarr grinned. He grabbed his glass, emptied it in one gulp and ordered two new drinks. Then he started making his way, through the crowd, towards the table of the newcomer.

"Hi stranger, is this seat taken?"
The man looked up and before he could give any form of reaction, Ranarr Kul sat on the the table with him.


I offered my hand to this stranger in front of me in a place that I heard of before but never had the courage to enter until now .
He returned that offer with his hand and as we shook , I couldn’t help but notice he was smiling, and his eyes had a warm Glow .

Which straight away made me feel at ease
" Why I ask myself " ?
" Who is he I wondered “?
” What does he want "?

There was me who always thought I’m confident and can just strike up a conversation with anyone, but now I’m not so sure I’m slightly uneasy.
There’s a little voice ( inside my head) keeps whispering “
Make your excuses and leave” and I’m trying to keep one eye on this stranger, and the other on all the others around and I’m thinking to myself:
" What have I got myself into" ?
"Why I am here alone "?

Then my eyes which to this point had been all over the place ,noticed that in front of this stranger, whom I still didn’t know and he me were two drinks.
It was a Tankard full of Thuris Stout , I’ve thought I’ve got to take the plunge and I said " Hi I’m Tex pleased to meet you "?
He answered " Hi I’m Ranarr likewise "? then I didn’t know what to say next , but Ranarr broke the silence when he took a sip of his drink and shot right up his nose .

I couldn’t help but laugh but there was no reaction to this from Ranarr and thought to myself "have I overstepped the mark "?
But didn’t need to worry as he laughed and I laughed with him , and it was strange it was like I’ve known this person in front of me for years.

But this laughter soon stopped as I became aware of the others ,who had stopped what they were doing and seemed to be pointing at us and whispering , once again I was thinking to myself " Why I am here " ?

But after a few minutes which seemed longer, the others just carried on as though nothing had happened .
After a few hours it was time to leave and said as much to Ranarr
He then said " Can I ask you a question “
To which I replied " Yes” ( thinking what will it be )
Ranarr said " You don’t fit in here do you “? To which I replied " No” !!

He said "Do not worry im a member of a club I think you would like " and as we finished our drinks, he asked for my number and said " he call me tomorrow “
To which I replied " I’m looking forward to it and as we shook hands we said " Goodnight”.


Before your follow up of my next post, I’d like you to think about your character. Who is Tex? How does HE interact with others? Think as, and look through the eyes, of your character. Write as HIM.

I’ll be introducing a little more action in my next post and see how TEX handles it.

Be sure to check and double check spelling and grammar before posting.

Although things could go so sweet and easy as you’ve written, I don’t believe they do in the SW Universe. THINK STAR WARS!