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The Ale Pond


Yes! The Ale Pond bar is back. Drinks and fun are mandatory. Sabers and blasters will be left at the entrance. First round is on me.


Today we are celebrating Tahiri Khan Drakon. She was promoted to Acolyte. Raise your drink up. Congratulations, Tahiri! Cheers!


With a hiss the doors of The Ale Pond slid open to reveal a pair of figures.


“Lets get this party started!”


I’d also like to congratulate Lucifer Romanov on his promotion to Hunter and for earning an AC and a DC for his efforts. Nice job! Drinks are on you!


Congrats to all. You have worked hard. To prove yourselfs. And your hard work has paid off. I am proud of you. And so is Tarentum​:smiley::smiley:



Hear, hear!! I’m so honored to be a part of this clan. A big Thank You to everyone who has helped me along the way.


Happy New Years Tarentum!!! Drinks are on me. :slight_smile: Raise your glasses, and lets have a hearty cheer, to all the hard work you all have done this past year.:wink: Let us now look forward to the new year ahead and tackle what comes our way, for we are Tarentum!!! Whooooo!!! :tada:


Hey guys, what is up with Telgram? None of the links to the DB groups work. It seems quiet around here!

EDIT: Frosty added me to the Clan group. Thanks Frosty!