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The City That Never Sleeps Run-On (Kooki, Andan, Andrelious)


The four new identity papers adorned the table. The dreary and colourless attire sat across the back of the chair. Kooki stood blankly at it, but as much as she stared at it, there was no denying the fact that she was temporarily going to become what she hated most.

Andrelious was in the next room, dressing his daughters for the latest mission. It was a nice change having Poppy and Etty joining them, instead of staying with their grandparents.

A strange noise came from the master bedroom of the Mimosa-Inahj homestead. Andrelious cautiously approached the situation, admittedly rather scared as an aura of anger and irritation surrounded the room.
Kooki continued emitting obscure noises. Her spouse peered round the door.

“Umm…are you alright in here?” he uttered quietly.

Whilst trying so hard to contain his laughter, Andrelious didn’t quite know where to look or what else to say. There in front of him was a half-dressed Kooki trying to fit her Imperial uniform disguise over her bump. It had already barely defeated the challenge of her breasts.

“It doesn’t seem to fit,” came a muffled voice from inside the top half of the outfit.

Instead of teasing and pretending he hadn’t heard what was said, the slightly scared Warlord merely whispered under his breath.

“I doubt many Commanding Officers found themselves impregnated.”

Kooki managed to gather the top half of her outfit into her arms and threw it towards Andrelious.

“And I doubt you got anywhere in the frakking navy, since you can’t even catch!” she hissed.

Looking around she had luckily had the foresight to order a second larger size and soon was wearing it.

Andrelious thought the mother of his twins looked rather pleasant, and a little intimidating in her new attire, but he was still too afraid to say. The Sith couple were not liking the idea of hiding their weapons from the people they were going to be encountering. Kooki couldn’t be more agitated, but she refused to leave without her weapons. If her children were coming, then she was going to be armed.

“Right! Everybody…Let’s go!” Kooki ordered.

The twins hurried along.

“Yes Sir!” teased Andrelious, saluting as he did so, trying to once again hide his feelings.

“Don’t!” Kooki yelled.

“Just don’t!”