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The Fall Of The Temple


Team Members

  • Jade Sadow - #164
  • Maelous Ascarend - #13447
  • Tasha’Vel Versea - #14192
  • Bentre Stahoes - #14185
  • Allistaire Von Drake - #14353
  • Mactire Chemel - #14320

The Temple Boyna: The Obsidian Towers of the once Great Obelisk Temple lay in ruin. The combative and destructive Obelisk have all but faded into history, but a few assault teams escaped their destruction at the hands of Lord Marshall Damon Nix. Your mission is to infiltrate Antei, seek out the remaining Obelisk Camps, and destroy those who oppose the Grand Master.

Details: Despite the Temple’s destruction, the 4th floor Command Center and multiple defensive structures remain intact. These defenses include anti air and ground based artillery batteries. Orbital assaults and full fledged ground assaults are not likely to succeed. Your team will be responsible for infiltrating and destorying the remaining Obelisk via any means you deem necessary.


Ragnos Cathedral, Aedile’s Office
Kar Alabrek, Tarthos
Orian System

His Dark Side corrupted eyes moved across the holoterminal screen again. A dark grin crossed the Aedile’s features. He stood, his new legs moving with easy, and turned away from the holoterminal and reached for his helmet. He placed it over his head as he turned back, the mechanical sound sealing the helmet. Maelous tapped a few keys to record a message then looked into the recorder.

“Your presence is required on Antei for a mission,” spoken calmly, his voice like ancient bone, “The Grand Master has requested a purge of undesirables. There are some apostates that we will be putting down.”

He paused briefly, the Force alerting him to the approach of a familiar presence. He had not felt so close in a long time. The Sith continued, “We will be infiltrating what remains of the the Obelisk’s Black Temple. Those that remain stand in opposition of the Grand Master and must be annihilated. You will find coordinates to our rendezvous location and time.”

He ended the recording as a purple eyed woman entered his office with a feline elegance. She grinned, revealing the tips of her fangs, as she watched the man tap at the device. Maelous sent out the recording to his handpicked team as he spoke, “Jade, it has been quite some time since you graced us with your presence,” his words dripping sarcasm.

“I was out playing among the stars,” she smirked and she walked toward his desk, “You always have that ridiculous helmet on, don’t you ever get tired of being inside there.” She reached out and tapped it above the right eye.

Maelous ignored the quip and stood, “I do not have time for this right now. We have been ordered to purge members of the Brotherhood, Jade. Care to come with me to Antei?” he asked as he stepped around his desk and began to leave the room.

The Cathar began to walk with him, “How could I miss…” she stopped mid stride as her eyes drifted down to his cybernetic legs, “You…You’re Mael-Bot!”

Maelous shook his head as he kept walking. She caught up to him quickly, and he looked at her sideways through the dark lenses, “That is never going to go away, is it?”

She laughed as they boarded the lift to the shuttle bay, “Nope, not ever!”


Ragnos Cathedral
Kar Alabrek, Tarthos
Orian System

Jade moved down the hallway heading toward Maeleous office. She figured she would try to surprise him, though they seemed to have a connection that told her that might be impossible. As she neared his office she saw him sitting at his desk, helmet covering his head. She smirked and walked into his office swaying her hips.

Jade, it has been quite some time since you graced us with your presence,” his words dripping sarcasm.

“I was out playing among the stars,” she smirked, after their last better she had been called away, mainly to heal after the interrogation injuries she suffered. She walked toward his desk, “You always have that ridiculous helmet on? Don’t you ever get tired of being inside there?" She reached out and tapped it above the right eye. She couldn’t resist tapping on his helmet, and couldn’t help but wonder how long it would take for someone else to be moaning on the floor in pain if they had done the same thing to him. She grinned as she thought about the time when he first got it. Probably one of the only times he didn’t have it on 24/7. In the archives she had used the force to float it high up into the rafters…come to think of it, that was the first time she had really met him face to face.

Maelous ignored the quip and stood, “I do not have time for this right now. We have been ordered to purge members of the Brotherhood, Jade. Care to come with me to Antei?” he asked as he stepped around his desk and began to leave the room.

The Cathar began to walk with him, like she would turn down the chance to stretch her claws. “How could I miss…” she looked down, stopping in mid stride as her eyes drifted down to his cybernetic legs. That was new. She watched him take a couple strides then looked back up at him, “You…You’re Mael-Bot!” She did her best to hide her laugh.

Maelous shook his head as he kept walking, she caught up to him quickly, and he looked at her sideways through the dark lenses, “That is never going to go away, is it?”

Jade laughed, the sound almost like a purr as she moved to Maelous side. “Nope!..Of course, Maeltronic would work too.” She herd him grunt but knew he smirked under his helmet. “So who else is coming along on this adventure? And it looks like you have a lot of events to fill me in on.”


Undisclosed Location

Allistaire von Drake stared with eyes narrowed at the her reflection in the mirror. Ever since her failure on that mission for Macron Sadow and her subsequent loss of the Force a lot had changed, much of it beneath the surface of her green skin. Deep meditation had revealed many facets of her personality that had remained hidden and with that came knowledge that troubled her greatly.

I no longer feel comfortable in my own skin. I despise myself.

It was an ironic statement from one brimming with arrogance. She was, after all, the Mirialan equivalent of royalty and for an aristocrat such as herself there was no room for such inferior emotions as self-loathing and doubt. Yet there existed within her core a beast that gnawed at her once-proud heart, chewing a path through her defenses and her superiority and her heritage that she could not contain. Her hatred of herself grew.

I am no longer worthy of the name Von Drake.

The thought disgusted her as much as her appearance did. Once she had been proud of the violet eyes of her bloodline, of the nobility that displayed itself in her high cheekbones and her brilliantly colored skin, yet now… Now she looked at her reflection and no longer saw a woman deserving of envy. Allistaire gazed upon her visage and saw only a failure.

It is no wonder that Quaestor Viru chose Yeoman Arronen to be her Black Guard over myself. I have nothing to offer.

Allistaire wished now she had not given her promise to Keira to stay in the Brotherhood, for what the Mirialan had said to the other woman had been true. She had indeed planned to vanish and take with her all traces of her failure so as to escape the embarrassment of her mistakes. What good was she, in this world of Force users, blocked from using the power that was her birthright thanks to little more than a failed mission?

I do not belong here. Yet here I am, for better or for worse.

The choice to run and leave it all behind had been an easy one; the decision to stay had been more difficult than nearly any obstacle she had yet faced. She turned away from the mirror, her fine features twisted with disgust. There was nothing dignified about moping about in her misery, and while she could not destroy the beast of self-loathing consuming her heart she could at least control her wallowing.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

Her datapad chimed thrice in quick succession and the sound successfully distracted her from falling further into the abyss. Frowning, she crossed the room and picked her datapad off of her nightstand, fingers nimble and precise as she typed in the access code and accepted the request that popped onto the screen. To her surprise the face of her Master, Methyas L’eonheart, filled the screen and she raised an eyebrow.

“Master,” she said, and inclined her head.

He did not indulge in the usual niceties to which he was particularly prone. "I do not have a lot of time before certain events are put into motion. In less than five minutes you will receive a communication from Maelous Ascarend," he said by way of greeting.

She raised an eyebrow, disguising her shock with a look of unconcerned interest. Why am I going to get a call from the Aedile, I wonder?

"Agree to everything he says," her Master continued. His blind eyes pierced through her in a way that gave her the impression he was well aware of the emotions that roiled within her.

“I assume the reason for this will present itself,” she said.

Methyas dipped his head in acknowledgement and she sensed the conversation was at an end. ***See true, my Apprentice," he said. The image winked out, leaving her to contemplate all that he had said.

I suppose I will just have to wait for the Aedile to contact me, she mused.

Beep. Beep. Beep.

She accepted the request at once and watched as, true to Methyas’s word, the helmeted face of Marka Ragnos’s Aedile shimmered into view.

"Allistaire Von Drake," came the sound of his voice.

“Yes,” she said. No other words followed this simple proclamation. To all intents and purposes Allistaire was her perfectly superior self, and she had no desire to alert anyone to the contrary.

"Your presence is required at once on Antei. Leave now and come alone."

That was hardly the explanation she had been hoping for. “Might I inquire as to the reason?” she asked. The question of how a helmet that completely covered his face could possibly be so expressive invaded her thoughts, and she imagined that the look he gave her, hidden though it was, was one of reproach.

"Get to Antei and find out." With that the image winked out and she was left staring at the blank screen of her datapad. Choices presented themselves to her in a neat and orderly fashion: did she obey Maelous and go to Antei for no other reason than because he ordered her to? Did she follow the Aedile’s command to follow the agenda her Master sought to place before her? Did she disregard them both and go for her own desires? Or, did she remain in her quarters and go back to glaring at her reflection?

Regardless of the ‘why’ I at least know that I will not be staying here. You have your wish, Aedile Ascarend…for better or for worse.


Somewhere on Kirtarkin, Anoat Sector

One of these days I will get a nice house by a lake, Bentre thought wistfully. Another blaster bolt struck the crate he was hiding behind, prompting an apathetic grunt from the Shadow. Maybe I will get the opportunity to raise a little crowd of ankle-biters.

“Give yourself up already,” a male voice called from the other end of the alley. “Even you have to realize that there is nowhere to run from here. Just come out with your hands where I can see them and we can be done with this trouble.”

The statement brought the barest hints of a smile to the Equite’s lips. It was odd the thoughts that came to him when he was being chased. Then, there was the man himself. This poor guy couldn’t have less of an idea of just what kind trouble he is finding for himself.

Stahoes didn’t have the time to ponder what he was going to do now. If I had to take a guess, this crate I am hiding behind won’t survive another barrage of blaster fire. I suppose I will have to try something a little different. He would just have to act off instinct.

The Corellian drew a breath, taking a moment to steady himself. Thrusting his hands up, he waved them in the air. “Please, don’t shoot any more, sir! I have nowhere else to run, just please,” he put an exaggerated emphasis on the last word, “I beg you, whatever you do, just don’t shoot.”

The Falleen security guard peered from the end of the alley, his weapon trained on the Sith. “Did you really expect you could escape so easily after killing my partner?” He stepped forward slowly, watching the Human’s movements carefully.

“It was,” Bentre paused for a moment, “an unfortunate turns of events, sir. You have to understand, he drew a weapon and everything just happened so quickly.” He allowed his voice to crack slightly. “It wasn’t supposed to happen like this.”

“Well, you will have plenty of time to think through your predicament after we bring you in, don’t you worry.” The guard was nearly within arm’s reach of the Sith now. “Just keep your hands where I can see them.”

“Yes, officer.” Feigning obedience, Bentre put out his hands, with his palms toward the ground. As the Falleen reached out, with stun cuffs at the ready, Stahoes felt frustration building within him at the idea of being captured like a common criminal. Extending his hands out, the Shadow let out a yell as white tendrils of light rippled from his hands. The security officer had no idea what hit him, as he collapsed to the ground in a fit of convulsions.

“That is really the problem with some private security firms,” the Corellian sneered at the shaking form. “You don’t have as much in the way of backup and the like. Some of you have this romantic misgiving you will catch the bad guy.” As he spoke the last words, the Shadow reached out a foot and kicked the officer’s blaster several feet down the alley. Turning back to the Falleen, he drew his blaster and fired into the man’s leg, prompting a sharp groan of pain. “Now don’t you go running off on me.”

Two tones played in the alley, echoing for just a moment. Sighing loudly, Stahoes plunged a hand into his jacket, pulling out his comm. “This is Bentre. I just hope this is important. I am a little busy right now.”

“You are about to get a lot busier,” a deep voice intoned. “This is Maelous, Stahoes. Effective immediately, you are to report to Antei.”

“As I said, I am a little busy right now. Antei is a little out of my way at the moment.”
“These orders are not optional. You may not be a Journeyman anymore, but I can guarantee you will not want to face the consequences of disobedience this time.” The menace in the Aedile’s voice was unmistakable.

“We will see what happens,” Bentre snapped, closing the connection. As he turned his attention back to the security guard, he saw the man had almost made it back his weapon. The Sith shook his head. “It really is too bad you heard that last part.” Drawing his blaster, the Shadow loosed four shots into the man’s torso, and watched as the body went still. Smiling to himself, he fired another two bolts into the head, just to be sure.

“This whole thing was a bust, and I don’t feel like tangling with the planetary security. These private firm security types are bad enough.” He shook his head briefly before sliding his blaster back into its jacket holster. “Better see what has the bearded one so agitated.”

It didn’t really matter, though. It was going to take a while to get back to Antei even if he got back to his shuttle right now. He would have a chance to grab something to eat before he took off. He didn’t want to face whatever awaited him on Antei on an empty stomach.

So much for those thoughts about a nice, peaceful life.


Night Raptor’s HQ, Second Level of Orian Manor Sub-Basement
Markosian City, Tarthos System

Tasha sat back in the office chair looking through the folders containing the files on all the current members of her Battleteam. Things had begun to change and shift in leadership recently. Because of this, she was now the new Battleteam Leader of the Night Raptors. Looking back, she began to recall some of her time as the team’s Sergeant. Most of her time spent was running errands, working on various projects, talking with many of the members, and helping Armad coordinate battle strategies. Things were going to be changing and she had a feeling that there was going to be more in store as she continued to serve House Marka Ragnos. “I plan on being ready for whatever comes ahead.”

After sorting through the member’s folders, Tasha stacked them alphabetically in the file cabinet, making sure that each file was in the proper place and stood up. “I know Armad would hate to come in for a file and find it all a mess. Got to keep it tidy for him.” As she glanced upwards across the office file cabinet, she spotted a bare shelf.

“It just looks so empty, I need to put something there.” She remarked as she removed Vishra’Reyal, her trusty Echani vibroblade from her left side and placed it on the shelf. Taking a step back, the Maurader admired her work. “Not the greatest for a decoration, but it will work for now. At least, until I can find something else.”

Just as she was walking back towards the office desk, her datapad began lighting up. She pressed the button and answered the incoming call.


A deep gruff voice cut through the commlink. “This is Maelous Ascarend, I have a new mission for you that will require your skills Maurader.”

Smirking a bit, Tasha answered as she looked around the room. “Well, Maelous you caught me at a good time. I have nothing better to really do right now, so sure i’ll take the mission. What do you want me to do?”

“Excellent, I want you to rendezvous with me on Antei immediately.”

“You got it, Maelous.”

The Twi’lek turned off the datapad and looked back at her vibroblade on the shelf. “Well Vishra, looks like we are heading into another grand adventure.” Grabbing the ornate Echani vibroblade off the shelf, Tasha made her way to the docking bay.“Today is a good day to fight.”


Undisclosed Location

They waited as the drums of their heartbeats counted down the seconds. The proclamation given to each of them had been unnecessarily dramatic, equal parts foreboding and mysterious enough to attract their undivided attention. Not all of the assembled would condone the mission that was to come, but the Aedile had chosen them despite their qualms. What awaited the faint of heart? What would be required of the ones willing to ride the winds of war?

“I imagine you are all wondering the purpose that brings you here today.” Maelous Ascarend’s deep voice vibrated their bones as he spoke and studied them each in turn.

“Shocking how summoning us with no explanation would make us curious,” Tasha’Vel said. Her every word bespoke of a wariness her body language did not portray.

The Aedile ignored her. His statement had not been meant for her intrusion. “The Grand Master has been recently made aware of a certain…threat…to the Iron Throne,” he said. Ten pairs of eyes watched him as he shifted ever so slightly; even the woman who stood at his side was unaware of every detail.

His helmet gave them no insight as to his true feelings, nor did the words he spoke, which issued from his mouth as impassive and apathetic as ever. “I have gathered you here because you are the ones I have chosen to eliminate this threat.”

If any of the others possessed any qualms about this they gave no sign. They merely watched the Aedile and waited for more information, their emotions hidden behind the rigid control brought about by the hardships of war. Their act fooled no one, least of all themselves.

Maelous continued: “The Obelisk camps are a larger threat than we can ever imagine. That will end with us.”

Allistaire raised an eyebrow. This seemed to her to be quite the unprecedented attack on her fellow Force users that was in every sense of the word, entirely wrong. She, if no other in that room did, had a moral obligation to speak her mind on the matter.

“The actions of one hardly dictate that of the many,” she said in the silence that followed his statement.

Tasha’Vel spoke without bothering to so much as glance in the Mirialan’s direction. “You don’t know the Obelisk,” she said.

“Nevertheless,” Allistaire said, violet eyes flashing, “I do not believe that branding them all traitors and killing the lot is a road we should be so quick to walk.”

“That is hardly something for you to have a say in,” Jade interjected.

Disappointment curled around Allistaire’s heart. She had expected better of her Clanmates.

Why should I have dared hope for a different reaction? she wondered. Such is the nature of Sith and dark siders, I suppose.

“You all would follow the Iron Throne so blindly?” she asked. She did not care that such a statement was dangerous, nor did she deign wonder what her Master would make of it. The murder of innocents was hardly a matter to put to a mere vote.

“Don’t put in our mouths, Allistaire,” Bentre said mildly.

“Indeed.” Maelous’s voice once again reverberated throughout the room. “However we do not have the time for lengthy deliberations. I did not summon you here to debate. I have my orders and now, so do you.” He turned to Allistaire and she stared back at his helmeted face, undeterred.

“I stand where I stand,” she said.

The Aedile nodded ever so slightly. Turned to the others. “And what do the rest of you think?”

And now the fate of many lives rest in the hands of the Sith. May they rest in peace…



The jungle was alive at night. Sounds swept around Mactire as he was running and leaping from tree to tree. The ground below was riddled with many creatures that were hungry from the days hunt and were also very territorial. Mactire had done some research before coming to his planet. The native were superstitious and were also tribal by nature. They had shown him the way to the ancient Obelisk Temple before his holocommunicater went off, a few days before.

“Greetings Hunter Mactire. I am Maelous Ascarend” A gravely voice said as a figure appeared with a helmet on that looked ancient.

“Greetings Sir. How may I help you this eveing?” Mactire answered with shock and wonder in his voice, as to why a Master was calling upon him.

“I hear you are on Antei. Here are the rondeaus point I want you to meet me there.” Maelous said with sheer command in his voice.

Before Mactire could answer the holocommunication ended. Mactire sighed and started to trudge through the jungle quickly. Heading to where Maelous said to meet him was going to take a few hours possibly days, but non the less he was going to follow orders.

Mactire arrived into the building to see three figures standing there. One Cathar female that seemed intent to kill anything. Another was a female Miralan that looked out of place. Then there was Tasha, whom he reconigized from his interview with her when he first joined the Clan. The others were human, males by the way they sounded and talked. There was one who had pure malous in his voice, and seemed to command them all. His helmet looked semi firmalar and his legs appeared to be cybernetics.

“Sorry for my delay everyone. The jungle on this planet isn’t very friendly to those who just want to get by without conflict.” Mactire said sarcastically. Predicting a wave of anger from the others.
Tasha turned to Macite and smiled pulling out her holorecorder.

“Hi Mac, how are you? I didn’t know you were on this assignment as well.”
Mactire scrowled lightly feeling that this was not going to be a good thing, he looked at the others who all just smirked lightly eyeing him. Great, I just get in the clan, just get promoted to Sergant for my battle team, and now I’m gonna be a dead man. Why? Mactire’s thought wondered down this road.

The cybernetic person stepped forward and nodded lightly. “Greetings Mactire, I am Maelous. Thank you for arriving on short notice. And remember this be respectful at all times or I will let the others have at you. Understand?”

Mactire nodded slowly, slightly clenched in fear. Sensing that these people were not to be trifled with at anytime.

The others just laughed lightly, smirking and looking at Mactire. The Cathar spoke sarcastically.
“Anyone want to fill the newbie in about the plan since he can’t seem to arrive on time when a member of the Dark Council calls?” her voice dripping with venom.


Undisclosed Location

Allistaire under normal circumstances was silent, preferring to observe rather than to speak her mind at such gatherings. These, however, were hardly what anyone would call “normal” circumstances and with a matter of such vital importance on hand she found she could not suffer her own apathy any longer. Yet with such a group of high-ranking and very powerful Clan members all packed into one room she had a difficult time finding a place in which to open her mouth and express precisely what she was thinking.

The opportunity arrived in the form of Mactire Chemel. She was hardly fond of him and could not keep her dislike from echoing in her voice when she fulfilled Jade’s request. “Aedile Ascarend was just informing us that we are about to become murderers,” she said.

Shocked silence filled the room. Although none of those gathered there were strangers to the idea of cold-blooding killing, or even to killing in general, yet no one had expected her to make label them as such with such an uncaring and rather chilled demeanor.

“I would hardly call it murder, von Drake,” Mealous said. His voice rumbled like many stones grinding against each other as they tumbled down a mountain; the sound grated uncomfortably on the Mirialan’s ears.

“Then you would be lying,” Allistaire replied. “What would you call it, if not murder?”

His helmeted head turned towards her. If staring into a darkened visor and guessing the identity that lay beneath was meant to scare her, it was a failed tactic. “I would call it following orders,” he said.

Her own instructions from Methyas were discarded in an instant in the face of this man who would skirt around such an issue. She would have expected such a tactic from a member of the Dark Council but what she had heard of Maelous had made him out to be a man who was straightforward in all things, murder included.

Mactire cleared his throat. “So…who’s the target, then?”

For a moment her vision flashed red. How could these people be so blind, so simple? She turned away in disgust.

“Those who would betray the Grand Master,” Jade answered Mactire’s question. “There’s an Obelisk camp in the ruins of the Obsidian Towers. We’re to go there and eliminate them.”

My loyalties say one thing while my morals say another. What am I to do?

“We are wasting precious time debating ethics,” Maelous said. He scanned them all with an expression of distaste hidden by his helmet. “All threats to the Grand Master will be eliminated.”

Allistaire met his hidden gaze.

“All of them.”