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The Force Will Never Know Peace


For millennia the Jedi and the Sith have fought endlessly and still continue to do so. When will they realize that the Light cannot survive without the Dark. The two balance each other, if one was to die completely so would the other because there can be no light without a dark. The Jedi thought they destroyed the Sith after the Brotherhood Of Darkness was destroyed with the Thought Bomb but they were very wrong the Sith went into hiding and under Darth Bane the Rule Of Two was installed so that even though an individual would die the Sith would remain eternal. Darth Banes dream became true when under Darth Sidious a new Galatic Empire was installed and the Sith ruled the galaxy believing they had eradicated the Jedi Order but the Jedi came back and Luke Skywalker defeated Darth Sidious and Darth Vader and rebuilt the Jedi Order. The Sith went back underground and are still hiding, so the Jedi and the Sith both failed in their ultimate goals of destroying the other. When will they understand that they cannot and will not ever completely destroy the other. There cannot be a Light without a Dark, there cannot be a Jedi without a Sith.