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The Glory of Rocket League


Hey Folks,
I’ve been playing Rocket League a lot lately, and have convinced a few other people to get it as well. Just wondering if there are any other DB Gamers out there who frequent it and would like to get some matches in (maybe even try to get some competitive teams going).

For those that don’t know, Rocket league is a combination Soccer/Racing Simulator/Physics engine game that is very fast paced and extremely fun to play. Its also going to be the first game ever that breeches the platform barrier… you can already play PS4 and Steam together, and they’re adding in Xbox One compatibility too.

My Steam ID is DJB_Prophet, hit me up if you’re interested in playing!

Just The Seal


It’s still above my usual Steam-buying threshold, but I finally bought the game because it looks fantastic and right up my alley. Hopefully I can practice a bit tonight and see how it goes.