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The MAA Saga


This topic will be utilized by Master at Arms @AabsduDupar to maintain a continuous fictional development of himself and the Master at Arms Office for personal enjoyment as well as competition tie-in. Stay tuned!


Chapter One - Welcome Back

Unknown Location
Sith World Sector
CSD Cotelin

Tranquility. The Cotelin-class Star Destroyer, aptly named the Cotelin, drifted in the silence of Sith Space on the outer rim, surrounded by the rest of a hand picked detachment from the Fleet of the Iron Throne. The Republic-class Star Destroyer Ominous, the main escort, in perfect formation off the port side along with the Corellian Gunships Belligerent and Enforcer. Hundreds of turbolasers lay quiet, missiles resting in their racks and starfighters sitting motionless in the absence of orders. A mass of deadly weaponry at peace, waiting.

Primed. Behind the transparisteel viewport on the bridge of the Cotelin, Aabsdu Dupar, the man with his finger on the trigger of the whole operation was constantly debriefed on the ongoing mission. A central hub of the knowledge and leadership for the operation. The long-serving Elder of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood had no trouble getting used to the position of Master At Arms recently appointed to. His new found passion for Krath teachings had served him well since his return, and now as Supreme Commander of the Fleet of the Iron Throne information came to him, he didn’t have to go in search of it.

Research. All around the bridge, members of the ship’s crew and personal staff were hard at work in their respective posts. The ongoing mission in Sith Space was important to the Grand Master, and he expected nothing but the most accurate and reliable information to be presented. Just as he found a moment to stare off the bridge to the stars and collect his thoughts, he was interrupted by the sight of his Praetor, Evant Taelyan, approaching.

“My Lord, the Vanguard just returned from a scouting mission to Nicht Ka with a significant amount of recorded footage and imagery from the toxic surface not yet reviewed. We expect to have this information analyzed for presentation and review within the hour,” Evant advised at attention, realizing it wasn’t much of a report he continued unrehearsed, “we expect to find structures and begin to map…”

“Apologies for the interruption my Lord, but you have an urgent call from Darth Pravus on the holonet,” an unfamiliar private announced. It was obvious from his demeanor he was uncomfortable with interrupting the discussion between Dark Jedi.

“I will continue the analysis efforts for this evening,” Evant responded, abandoning his original line of thinking and giving the private a nod of dismissal.

Aabsdu’s demeanor focused as he carried a look of professionalism across the bridge and entered a private hologram pod room to take the call. Doors sealed behind him, he was left alone as a blue hue lit up the room. First the figure of Darth Pravus, recognizable by his beskar plated armor, flicked into existence followed by the more simply dressed figure of Telaris Taldrya Cantor.

“Good morning, my Lords,” Aabsdu announced in as authoritative a tone he could manage.

“We must know the exact location of Esoteric’s base of operations, and the extent of his security systems. I expect you to return to Antei with this full report by end of the day tomorrow,” Pravus spoke clearly and to the point.

“Have a ship bring everything you have collected so far back to Antei,” Telaris spoke after a brief pause from the Deputy Grand Master, “my team in the Dark Hall will begin our own analysis.”

“It will be done,” Aabsdu responded with a slight bow, acknowledging his acceptance to the requests of the Deputy Grand Master and Voice on the Dark Council. Telaris’ hologram flickered away, but Darth Pravus remained, watching Aabsdu but saying nothing.

“Is there something else, Lord Pravus?” the Master at Arms inquired, working to sound neither alarmed nor eager.

Pravus stayed silent, the man’s face impossible to read beneath the mask, before finally vocalizing a curt sentence with a mark of sarcasm, “Welcome back.”

The holoimage flickered away, and the room went dark.


Chapter Two - Rising Dawn

Office of the Master at Arms
Official Communique

Transmitted From: Somewhere in the Nicht Ka planetary sector
Transmitted To: Summit of Clan Taldryan
By Order of: Master at Arms Aabsdu Dupar
Subject: Operation Rising Dawn

Attention Clan Taldryan,

I am honored to recognize recent efforts by Clan Taldryan, despite heavy participation in the Dark Council’s final sweep through Sith space, to maintain stability on the home front through their contributions to the Master at Arms’ recent efforts to improve infrastructural support for members recognition by way of rank and awards.

As a result of your team mentality, the Deputy Grand Master has granted me the authority to bestow upon Clan Taldryan governorship over the recently occupied planet Bosthirda for a six month term with continued prizes dependent upon the successful completion of Dark Council decrees.

Bosthirda is a bastion of energy and knowledge, fueled by Sith magic and the dark side of the Force. The planet’s occupation and secrets are of vital importance to the Dark Council’s plans for the sector. After successfully acquiring the Sword of Ferran, you are now tasked with continuing Dark Brotherhood investigations of the area in search of any artifacts or fountains of energy that are accessible.

Your exact business on Bosthirda is left to you, as the Dark Council continues to maintain a position of oversight, not control. However, the Deputy Grand Master holds expectations for your period of governorship that include:

  • The completion of at least five quality Wiki articles, as determined by the Wiki Staff, surrounding Bosthirda, Fading Light, and Clan Taldryan’s role during the Dark Crusade
  • The creation, hosting, and completion of a multi-event unit vendetta, either internally or with other Brotherhood units, centered around Bosthirda

The successful completion of these decrees, as determined by the Master at Arms, may result in control of Bosthirda being transferred to Clan Taldryan for an indeterminate period of a minimum twelve months time.

The Dark Council, Grand Master, and Master at Arms are placing our trust in you to perform as admirably now as you have before. Failure will not be tolerated.

Yours in Darkness,

Dark Side Adept Aabsdu Dupar
Master at Arms, Dark Council


The Suffering
New Tython
Esstran Sector
34 ABY

Master at Arms Aabsdu di Plagia Dupar, in near forty years experiencing all the galaxy had to offer, had never seen a planet burn. He had stumbled upon the Dark Jedi Brotherhood fifteen years ago and served faithfully in Clan Plagueis or the Dark Council since. He had seen friends, allies, and enemies ousted from Antei twice, even Jusadih and Kapsina had fallen to biological warfare.

New Tython experienced something different. At the behest of his Grand Master, Aabsdu reigned hell upon the Jedi home. Unlike the Empire’s obliteration of Alderaan or the annihilation of the Hosnian System, New Tython would remain intact but barren, a sign to every clan and member of the Brotherhood.

Grand Master Pravus’ intentions were clear. This Brotherhood was not welcome to undesirables. This Brotherhood was not welcome to Jedi.

Aabsdu had always leaned toward the side extending power, first as Sith, then Krath, recently removing himself from spiritual debates as a mere Dark Jedi loyal to the Brotherhood.

Will my desire to remain neutral ruin me? he thought for the first time.

Behind him, an ensign signaled, a tremor in his voice, “Sir, the Grand Master calls.”

“Update me.”

Aabsdu was on one knee, eyes glued to the floor beneath Pravus’ boots. No matter his rank or strength, Pravus’ recent actions against his enemies was known.

“New Tython dies, my lord,” he answered, “The fleet halts its bombardment within the hour.”

“Do not stop the assault,” the Grand Master returned. Aabsdu looked up, confident enough to stare the man in the face.

“Nothing remains, Grand Master. All life on the planet has been cleansed.”

“Even the fiery hell of Mustafar can support life given time. I want this rock to stand no such chance.”

Aabsdu made his replies quick, “Yes, my lord.”

Pravus paused, his thoughts walled off to the di Plagia, “And what of those that managed to flee?”

Aabsdu’s gaze returned down, “We have sent patrols after many. Master Taelyan’s inquisitors will hunt down survivors.”

The Grand Master’s gaze never left Aabsdu. He felt it pierce his body and soul, dark tendrils of the Force swarmed around ready to reach out at a moment’s notice.

Am I following this mad man’s journey out of loyalty or fear?

Another question Aabsdu had never asked until today.

“I am sending you away,” Pravus spoke, “You will coordinate with Taelyan the location of those outside the Brotherhood who may show sympathies to undesirables.”

An errand? He had greater responsibilities than acting as tracker.

“Does Evant not have the reserves to perform such a hunt?” he blurted without considering the recourse.

Aabsdu discovered quickly. Pravus stood and the wraiths of Force around him swallowed Aabsdu like a wave, his body frozen but his mind racing as life slipped.

“Do not allow your continued questioning of my orders to give me pause toward your loyalty,” Pravus roared as he stepped toward the knelt man.

“Your public mission is to pursue those who escaped you today,” he continued, “but I expect your travels to take you elsewhere. After years of so-called peace, the galaxy is at the precipice of war. The First Order was struck a blow while the New Republic has been scattered.”

The Force vice wretched Aabsdu to his feet before leaving him. He sucked in the Force to breath life, trying to keep his face straight but knowing Pravus sensed every action.

“There are rumors,” Pravus’ voice took a darker tone, “That the Resistance has succeeded in locating Luke Skywalker.”

Aabsdu’s blank gaze flittered with shock, “Impossible.”

“Perhaps,” Pravus mused, “but if true it could mean our destruction of Jedi within will only be replaced by an organized Order.”

“As this rumor spreads, our own exiles may seek the old guard,” Aabsdu suggested.

“You will find them before they do,” Pravus ordered, “but you are also to seek knowledge about recent events and gauge the authenticity of the Skywalker threat.”

Now the plan took shape. Aabsdu knew better than to ask for more information than given. He had hunted men before; this mission may turn out to be quite the adventure.

“My absence may cause concern among my staff,” he said, “and I still hold duties as di Plagia.”

Pravus waved a hand and a back door slide open, “I have already located your replacement.”

With aplomb and distinction, a tall green skinned Falleen strode into the room in military officer’s garb. His face was hard, unsmiling, and Aabsdu sensed the male’s pheromones wafting through the space.

“This is Moff Zanet Xox,” Pravus introduced the alien, “He has been serving me for some time and will act faithfully as both Master at Arms and di Plagia in your absence.”

Aabsdu was aghast, “He is Falleen,” stating the obvious.

“A strong and noble breed,” Pravus countered, “Eager to serve as I forge our new future.”

“Plagueis will not respond well to an outsider granted influence in their affairs,” Aabsdu said.

“Then I will remind them who holds the chain,” Pravus’s menace returned.

Aabsdu’s mind whirled as he tried to decipher everything. He was being sent away by Pravus to hunt Jedi and, more importantly, discover whether Luke Skywalker lived. In his place, this Falleen loyalist would serve both as Master at Arms and di Plagia. He was no longer certain whether more excitement would be found on his quest or Xox’s.

“Do not fool yourself,” Pravus said as Xox left, “You are not my only seed thrown into the sea. One of you will succeed. The others will fall.”

Aabsdu di Plagia Dupar again dropped to one knee, head bowed, pride swelling, “I will not fail, my lord.”

“We shall see,” Pravus mused, returning to his seat, “We shall see.”