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The Most Powerful In The Brotherhood?


Who are the most powerful and well renown members of the DJB?


Generally the most powerful members in the Brotherhood can be identified by their ranks. There has been some debate as to whether people who have held ranks longer are more powerful, but by any measure I think you can basically state that the current Grand Master Pravus, and Justicar Jac Cotelin are the two most powerful members in the Brotherhood.

Of course Taldryan’s own Dark Prophet’s @HalcyonRokir or @KirKatarn are also to be considered two of the most powerful Jedi the Brotherhood has ever known.


cough Muz cough

Muz was our longest standing GM but really anybody with that rank is on roughly even ground.

Ie. Pravus, Jac, Kane Vader, ect


Some people, especially cultist children from the clan of Naga Sadow choose to see Muz as a powerhouse. However we here in Taldryan do not believe staying as GM for the longest time over a Brotherhood in decline, and driving it to near doom in mad lust to try to cement his own immortality contributes to ones legacy, or supports their self-belief in personal power.


I guess I stepped on some toes with that. Thank you though so very much for making me feel quite shunned. Perhaps I ought to stay in my own corner of the sandbox? Because apparently as a “child” that is where I belong?

I cannot comment on what I was not here to see. Please though, do continue to shame me. I appreciate it ever so much.


Err, if you can’t read RP text when it’s in front of you, I can’t help you bro :stuck_out_tongue:


shrug life moves on


Yay clan drama!

If we’re talking strict RP power level as measured on a character sheet, it’s a toss-up between Muz, Jac, and Pravus. Jac’s the eldest so I’d put my money on him but Muz is the ACC all-time champion and Pravus killed GM Sarin, so let’s just say that you don’t want to get on any of their bad sides. Havok is the only other person active at that rank.

Below them, Keirdagh was too modest to mention himself. In addition to him, Halcyon and Kir, you also have Mav, Howlader and Vexatus. They’re no grand masters, but they have the sort of power to makes armies tremble.

The roster measures prestige somehow, though I’m not sure of the exact mechanic. Some of the heaviest hitters in the brotherhood are:

  1. Muz Ashen Keibatsu: 10663
  2. Jac Cotelin: 10209
  3. Halcyon Rokir Taldrya: 9905
  4. Darth Pravus: 8676
  5. Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor: 7880
  6. Darth Vexatus: 7078
  7. Kir Taldrya Katarn: 6568
  8. Howlader Taldrya: 5951
  9. Telaris “Mav” Taldrya Cantor: 5844

Pretty sure prestige is just how many shinies you have, with time spent in position. James can confirm/deny what it is though.


Prestige is kind of a measure of how many awards you’ve received along with how high your rank is, and a combination of certain positions you have held. I don’t think it has much in the way of actual RP power scales, but it’s not a bad rough guide.


Theoretically just check by the ranks.

And I personally wouldn’t pick any name and claim that one as THE most powerful in the DJB.

But I will hand out one name, that I do think is THE most powerful person in the DJB: