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The Phantom of the Feud


Zumbro District
Southern Seher – Owyhyee
Thirty minutes to midnight

Tonight, it was tranquil in the Zumbro District of Southern Seher. The quietude of the City was very calming, even too soothing to the denizens to enjoy their sleep. Only some of them were trying to maintain their alertness because of their duty. Their new chief residences were essential to guard in this unclear conflict.

Starting a month ago, many incidences had ruined the safety of Zumbre Treaty, the ongoing 200 years peace of agreement between the two big families of Zumbro, the Zum Qi and the Bro Xu. An artificial explosive landslide to Zum Qi houses, invisible treasure raids to both families storehouses, massive diarrhea to Bro Xu, these incident seemed orchestrated, and both families were accusing each other as the one responsible. Two weeks ago, a Jedi was sent to generate a discreet meeting between the heads of the families, but poisonous beverages made all the attendees collapse and severely ill the day after, including the Jedi. Several members of the Zum Qi had not survived the incident.

Some backups from the Seher government were sent to maintain the peace and overcome the impact of the incident. Zumbro District was valuable to Seher because of the crops and jewelleries products grown and created there. Agents spread to find the origin of the mayhem, but their hunt could find nothing.

Until a scream erupted from the Bro Xu house, revealing a bloody stab to their new leader, Kaan Xu, right to his left kidney, along with a bloody message on the floor.

A moment later, none of Zumbro District denizens were still slumbering. All of them were alert, with weapons in their hands.

The conflict was impossible to prevent.

Field Hospital
North Location
Zumbro District
Southern Seher – Owyhyee

Lu’aisha Gresee, the Jedi who was tasked to the discreet meeting in Zumbro District two weeks ago, forced herself to sit on her hospital bed. She had recovered from the poisonous incident after several treatments and with the help of the Force. The leader of Disciple of Baas reached out to answer her datapads alarm, and saw the image of Seridan, one of the Disciples previous leaders showing up.

“Sir,” Gresee greeted the Miraluka.

“Are you sure you are able to handle this, Gresee?” Seridan asked, bluntly.

“I’ll do my best, Sir; I am all out for this,” Gresee coughed, ”I couldn’t stand any more victims gone in this hospital. Besides, we finally have a clue.”

“You aren’t fully recovered yet,” the Aedile stated.

“I feel much better,” the female Jedi took a deep breath, ”Please, let us finish the mission.”

The Miraluka was silent for a moment as a bead of sweat dropped on the datapad screen, coming from Gresee’s forehead.

“Alright. Do everything you need to prevent the feud. Ooroo and SeN will help if you and your team need anything,” Seridan said determinedly.

“Thank you, Aedile.” Gresee said in relief, seeing the image of the Aedile disappearing on her datapad screen, as the image of confidential evidences replaced.

A moment later the female Jedi heard some steps entering her bay, and she was contented to see who were coming.

“The pillars of the DoB. Thank you for gathering here. We have mission to accomplish.”