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The Wedding of Creon and Eyon de Neverse


[[Welcome all to the wedding of Creon and Elyon de Neverse. This Run-On will be conducted into four phases: Arrival, The Ceremony, Reception, and of course the after party. Each invited guest is allotted one post per phase and are encouraged to interact with all who are present. There are no word limits but I ask that you keep them reasonably moderate. There is a subjective time limit availability for each post in order to avoid the story lingering into obscurity. I hope you all enjoy yourselves in this cherished story of fun and matrimony.]]

Villa de Neverse


39 ABY

Pigments of yellow, red, orange and brown decorate the foliage of a crisp autumn. The sunset sky painted a pale tint of orange and purple that highlighted the deep blue lake near the estate. Its columns were coated with sheer tapestries of silk and cotton with the cultural shades of Naboo, complemented by blue garlands in forget-me-not and royal blue, which the couple chose for their color. Shades of blue were ubiquitous. Blue blankets were prepared if the guests felt cold, place settings and napkins, then it was decorated a railing with blue silk in the corner of the garden where the ceremony was to take place. Outside was a traditional stage of ceremony surrounded by cushioned seats of fine wood. A garden of many colors that surrounded the platform danced in the wind and contested its aroma with the fragrance of the feast inside the villa.

The noble family of Neverse spared no expense in welcoming their daughter and soon to be son in law. A small band played classical melodies of matrimony as hired servants tended to the guests and assisted in the parking of incoming vessels. The guests were greeted in high spirits by the family and the decorated groom. The bride was in preparation within the vanity room, showered in adorned finery by her handmaidens. Guests were allowed to visit the preparing bride to be, but she was confined by custom until the start of the ceremony. After signing the guest book near the gift table they were led to the social gathering with complimentary drinks and treats. It was truly a welcome of merriment for a joyous occasion in celebration of love.


The grass crunched beneath Ka Tarvitz’s heavy footfalls as he approached, the sounds of merriment heralding the celebrations long before he saw them. Amid the festivities, he had picked out individual raised voices, familiar ones, in moments of laughter or boastful exchanges. It made the celebration before him all the more surreal to behold.

Tarvitz couldn’t recall the last time so many members of Odan-Urr had gathered in one place while not preparing to go into battle. Those exchanging jokes now were voices he had so often heard over a helmet comlink, or yelling over the scream of blaster bolts. In a life of constant fighting, moments of such joy were rare indeed. In light of that fact, it was a small wonder that most had readily accepted Elyon and Creon’s invitations.

Of the bride and groom, Tarvitz had seen little. Elyon was still surrounded by handmaidens as he was readied, while Creon had been his usually taciturn self in the meeting hall; though he had cracked a smile as Tarvitz had questioned how heavily armed the guests would be. Having forsaken his own armour in favour of plain robes, Tarvitz had half expected to arrive and see the Mandalorian contingent in full beskar’gam.

“So, have I missed much?” he asked, picking up a glass and joining in.


Aura Ta’var and her husband Teikhos Ta’var milled around the drinks station, enjoying the frivolity of the evening with what was hopeful going to be many drinks and merriment all around. Aura was wearing a lovely dark blue dress that accentuated all the right spots. Teikhos was sporting a handsome suit paired with a soft velvet purple cape. TheThe pair of Zeltrons smiled at each other, tapped their glasses together, and downed their first shot of Rancor Tequila.

“Psst, pass one over,” said a disembodied voice.

Aura rolled her eyes but passed over a shot nonetheless. The Ta’vars were currently shielding Revak Kur from view. The High Councillor was hoping to have a work-free evening for a change and was stacking the deck in his favor. She could hear a thud as the shot was downed. She thought for a moment about suggesting he just not work today. Unfortunately, she knew the odds of success of that were about as low as finding a babysitter on a Friday night. So she was happy to help.

“Sure you’ll be able to keep up with us?” she asked the Zabrak teasingly.

“Please, can you two keep up with me?” he quipped back.

“What do you plan to do when we go dancing?” asked Teikhos curiously. “I didn’t wear this cape to just stand in a corner the whole evening.”

“I’ll cope. Maybe even surprise you two,” said Revak.

Aura called Tarvitz over and raised a shot glass in welcome.


Elyon de Neverse held her breath as she looked at the dress lying on the bed in front of her. It was a long white lace dress with a V-neck and wide sleeves. This is how traditional wedding dresses used on Naboo should look like.

This wedding, however, was not so traditional. Today, two Jedi decided to unite their lives into a marriage. That’s why Elyon created a design of blue embroidery that was added to the back and skirt of the dress. The Naboo emblem, which represented her past, was embroidered on the back of her dress at the height of her back, and her personal emblem, which represented her present, was on the front of her skirt.

The young Jedi turned and looked in the mirror behind her. She saw in him a reflection of herself in a light brown Jedi robe. That’s how she knew herself, like the Jedi and the Peacekeeper. Today, she will become a woman who will combine her life with fateful love. At that moment, she remembered the ban on relations that had been imposed in the days of the Old Jedi Order. However, the rules and prohibitions rolled away and the Jedi marriages were no longer secret. Thanks to that, it is possible that family and friends will gather to watch the creation of this unity in the marriage. Elyon turned and gently grabbed her dress and placed it in front of her, watching her reflection. She felt the power of the moment when she put on the dress and, together with her past and present, welcomed her future with Creon.

Her thoughts were now fixed on him for a moment. She felt him through the Force and wished she could be with him right now. Her heart belonged only to him and no one else. She wished it suited her today because this day is important for both of them, and she wanted him to see her in all her beauty today. As bright as the stars in the night sky, just as she sees him. Young man with kind green eyes and a nice smile. A young man full of goodness, bravery and friendship. He wants to marry the only one in front of everyone today.

Then three maids appeared behind her to help her prepare. Shetook off the Jedi robe and laid it on the bed. Then the maids helped her into her dress. Elyon stood with her back to the mirror so she couldn’t look at herself, but as soon as they finished this part and added white-blue heeled shoes, she turned and looked at herself again. Only once or twice she was at a wedding as a small girl, but she secretly imagined what it would be like. Then she became a Jedi and the wedding was out of the question, now she’s standing here in a beautiful dress. And she knows that none of those dreams were as beautiful as this.

Then followed the jewelry. They placed a blue Naboo emblem on her neck, lined with a floral motif that continued to fasten. The bracelet on the left hand had the same floral design. Her hair was combed into a braid and the one into the bun into which came a comb with a blue-white floral pattern. A white veil with blue embroidered flowers was attached to the ridge.

The bride as it should be, Elyon thought as all the adjustments were completed and she stood proudly in front of the mirror. I hope he will like me, flashed in her head and then she smiled at her reflection.


All around was such gorgeous splendor and beauty; from all the varied and bright autumn colors of the landscape, to the natural sheer colors and varied blues of the wedding decorations on and throughout the Neverse estate, the whole atmosphere made Tahiri think of her home on Shili. Arriving to the estate on Keraathol, her brightly colored Varactyl, sitting side-saddle to keep her dress tidy on the journey from the port where her Star Courier the Nocte Drakon was docked. She thought it best not to come in such an imposing vehicle, especially to a wedding that would primarily be filled with Jedi.

As she waited atop Kera in the line of shuttles and other forms of transportation of guests who were still arriving, Tahiri was happy that her silvery black silk cloak covered her head fully. That way she didn’t have to fully implement her Illusion quite yet. However, she was now next in line to disembark and go into the estate. The valet was a bit taken aback by her ride, most, if not all of the valets were used to piloting shuttles, not animals. As Kera knelt down and Tahiri slid from her saddle a different valet came up and waited patiently for the reins. Although, there were no reins. The valet looked confused, Tahiri smiled and said, “Keraathol will go where you direct her. Only ask her to go and she will.” Mentally she told Kera to let the valet ride her and then let them come get her.

Another servant came up to escort her into the estate itself. As she entered she saw Creon finely dressed greeting other guests as they came in. While waiting her turn, she quickly went over her appearance to make sure it was good. Smoothing a few wrinkles in the skirt of her light flowy silvery-gray dress, along with brushing any dust from the long dark green-black detachable skirt for riding Kera. Taking a deep breath, she waited patiently to greet him.

“Hello Creon, thank you for inviting me to Elyon and your wedding,” Tahiri flipped her hood back, as she stepped up to him.

Creon turned to her with a slightly confused smile. He recognized her voice, but not her appearance. It took a second to recognize her, “Of course. Thank you for coming. Tahiri, you look very different, then before?”

“Oh yes. I thought so as not to ‘scare’ or draw attention from anyone, I put up a slight illusion to change my eye color, Lekku and Montral color.” Smiling, she blinked, letting down the illusion of her steel gray eyes to reveal the sulfuric yellow, before letting the Illusion veil her appearance again. They talked for a few more moments before she asked where Elyon was. After Creon gave her directions to Elyon’s chambers, Tahiri left him to greet other guests and went to find Elyon.

Finding the bride’s chambers, she was only able to say a quick hello and compliment Elyon on how beautiful she was before more guests arrived. “I’ll see you out there my friend. You look gorgeous,” Tahiri told Elyon before heading out to the hall where the rest of the guests awaited the beginning of the ceremony.


“Ladies and gentlemen, I want to take this time to thank you all for coming. It has been a long time since we initially planned this wedding, and has been long overdue in celebration of our union. I first met Elyon in the gardens of Kiast just outside the Jedi Temple. Her beauty matched the nature of spring that surrounded her, and when our eyes connected it was love at first sight. There have been many adventures since that fateful day, filled with stories and memories I will take with me for the rest of my life.

My greatest fear was losing myself over the principle of detachment ingrained into Jedi Philosophy, including the forbiddance of romantic entanglements. It is often been the case that many have fallen into the Dark Side over such extreme circumstances, I was almost counted amongst them. Instead, I’ve never felt stronger with the light from Elyon’s grace. Her compassion for all things has taught me that love is an emotion of the light side, probably the most powerful one. I believe it to be the guiding hand of the Force when the Jedi show their empathy and benevolence towards all living things. So I want to make clear to everyone here that this ceremony goes beyond the union of two loving hearts, but to commemorate a culture that honors the sanctity of Jedi matrimony. Simply by attending you have proven your support, and I am personally grateful to see all who have taken their time to be a part of this life-changing occasion. From the bottom of my heart, thank you truly.”

Once Creon’s opening remarks had concluded, he stood away from the podium towards his Best Man and invited the Officiant, Aurora Ta’var, to take charge over the preceding events. Aurora announced the Noble Naboo family of Neverse that acted in financially supporting the wedding and were the closest relatives in the bride’s lineage. Next was Elyon’s patron maid of honor followed by her bridesmaids, and finally, a flower girl spreading pedals along the walkway with the ring bearer. All were paving the way for the arrival of the bride. Once all of the people were positioned in their station, the announcement of the bride’s arrival was played by a Naboo orchestral band that played nearby the ceremony podium. It was a softer melody at first but soon boomed into grandeur by the playing of exotic trumpets.