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Thirty fourth chronicle of grik of clan spiceminer


Day One

My counterpart in a galaxy far, far away, threw away my old record under false pretenses, which I find to be a shame, so I will have to retread old ground in this one. After I fed Spot, my Lothcat, and gave Chester my Gunnery Droid an oil bath, I inspected my ship, the Firebird-10. My ship is a Correllian YT-1400 Freighter with a very fast Hyperdrive that will make .6 past lightspeed. I haven’t dared to try going faster than that. Although my ship is very fast, both at light and sublight speeds, I don’t tend to go around boasting about it to everyone, though I do mention it for my record’s sake. In my inspection, I found three things that needed fixing, so with two hydrospanners in Chester’s mechanical hands and some tools in mine, we went to work on the hyperdrive motivator, the ship’s engines and some other minor and one major issue, and this all took several hours. Then we landed on Brentaal to do some trading, which took several hours of standing in bustling crowds and waiting in long lines. We were in the Old Republic Time Era and in a time the Galaxy was in relative peace. After I left Brentaal I traveled four hours through Hyperspace to Coruscant to enjoy some fine dining at a high end restaurant there. I think my gambling days are over. Although I’m still good at it, I find no pleasure in it anymore. I slept soundly that night.

Day Two

Which brings me up to today. I returned to where Margo my fiance’ said she’d be waiting for me this “morning”, in the Galactic Civil War (Post Order 66) Time Era. She was on the planet Saleucami, and although I was wary of Nexus, I had Spot to warn me if there were any nearby. She had purchased a house, in which I visited her, and we had A LOT to discuss. I discussed with her my mission from Yoda, and my Force training. She told me about the many new skills she had picked up and singing in a Choir in the Church of the Force. I told her about the new Force powers I had acquired from reading ancient texts. She cooked a rich supper and we ate outdoors, looking out over her crops and cattle.
“I would love to come home to this every day, or week, love”. I said.
“Is that a proposal”
“I don’t know is it?”
We laughed.
“Sure, but I think I asked you to marry me last time we met.”
“Well, when?” She asked.
“When do you want?”
“As soon as possible.”
“If we can avoid any Imperial entanglements, it can be today, perhaps.” I said.
“Yes, why wait any longer. I’ve already waited forever for you.”

We left in my ship, went to a time period when Alderaan existed still whole, and were married. Our wedding night was fantastic. But I won’t go into any details. It is now midnight by the Galactic Standard Clock. There are some things in life that are the best things in the world but talking much about them would absolutely ruin them.

Day Three

We spent the whole Day today honeymooning on Naboo. We talked about everything from fishing to Force studies, to our childhood, to our Future together, to our hopes and dreams. It is 11:30 PM by the Galactic Standard Clock. Goodnight, Diary.

Day Four

I returned to Clan Odan-Urr to fill out a Character sheet about myself. Margo stayed aboard my ship, keeping Chester and Spot company. After I filled out my sheet, we returned to Saleucami, to Mine and Margo’s new home during harvest time and harvested our crops together. Spot proves good at being a Cattle-herder. For the rest of the day, we will rest.