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This ain’t no picnic - Kylex’s trial for Tacitus Athanasius


You’ve woken up to the sound of a dagger being thrown into the wall above your head. With no sign of the perpetrator, you take the knife and examine it. You discover the handle has a small compartment, and inside it is a small note with scrawled on instructions directing you to specific coordinates on Raxus Prime. You’re directed not to bring any of your own weapons, and to use whatever the environment provides you. Below is a signature in the form of claw marks. What you don’t know is that the ship graveyard serves as a home to a ravenous group of Anzati. Known to suck brains through their victim’s nose while putting them in a trance, you will soon be fighting for your life.

Go to the destination and eliminate these foes. This is a test of survival and wit, and will prove whether or not you are worthy to join the ranks of Tacitus Athanasius.

#This ain't no picnic. By Acolyte Kylex

“So you were attacked?” crackled a hologram of Battlemaster Rosh Nyine, the blue light flickered sporadically in the dimly lit cockpit of a Lambda class shuttle.

“Yeah, and now I’m on my way to Raxus Prime to find out who sent me this message.” Kylex said, gazing into hyperspace.

“Still, does that really justify stealing a shuttle from the local space port?” Rosh said, shaking his head.

“Hey! I don’t steal things, I appropriate them. Besides, I’ll return it.” Smirked the sorcerer as he walked over, sitting down in the pilot seat and placing the projector on the dash. “I’m surprised I found a Lambda class just sitting there to be totally honest.”

“Just be careful Kylex, it could be a trap. May the Force be with you.” Rosh said as the hologram cut out. Kylex smiled to himself, wondering what could be in store for him on Raxus Prime. He kicked his feet onto the dash, reaching into his jacket to retrieve a small flash of Wampa Vodka he had ‘found’ at a cantina. The Acolyte rocked back and forth in his chair, waiting for the autopilot to announce his arrival.

“Destination. Raxus. Prime. Arrived.” A computerised voice came through the speakers, drawing Kylex’s attention to the window as the ship exited hyperspace. The Sith gasped at the sight of the planet, its beautiful red glow filled the cockpit.

“Be alert, you don’t know what’s waiting for you on the other side.” He told himself as he stepped onto the planet. Kylex looked around where the ship had landed, scrapyards for miles extending high into the sky. He walked away from the ship, keeping his eyes peeled for threats.

“Come out, come out, wherever you are.” He teased. “I don’t bite that hard.” No response.

The Acolyte walked around the junkyard for a while, until he noticed some form of cave that led down into the planet. As he entered, he felt a shift in the Force that made his skin crawl. Something was not right down here. Moreover, the cave was lit up, as if something was living there. He followed the path in the cave until it opened up into some form of makeshift camp, very dirty and not well looked after. Kylex felt something, a murderous intent in the cavern that felt desperate… He wasn’t alone.Kylex’s muscles tensede up as he saw three robed individuals standing across the camp.

“Spacespear in the park?” The Sith joked, watching as the three men looked at each other in confusion.

“Does mother know, you weareth her drapes?” Kylex said, trying to take the situation seriously. The trio simply stood there.

“Jokes aside, I’m here to kill people and drink Wampa vodka.” He said, pulling the now empty bottle from his jacket and shaking it. “And I’m all out…”

The man on the right seemed to have had enough, as he rushed towards the Acolyte with frightening speed. The figure leapt at Kylex, hands reaching out to grab him.

“Too slow buddy.” Kylex said, sidestepping the creature’s attack and kicking it in the gut. As it tried to recover, Kylex walked over and slammed his bottle through the thing’s neck.


It began to howl in pain, desperately gasping for air as it choked on its own blood.

“Hmm, you certainly aren’t human are ya.” Kylex said, turning to face the other two figures. Surprisingly, the two had moved behind him while he was killing the first. All his senses screamed in protest as he felt two very cold hands slide around his neck.

“Get off me filth!” Kylex yelled, grabbing the assailant’s arms and shoulder throwing him into a nearby wall. He approached the thing, grabbing a nearby bit of metal that looked like a spear. He twirled it around in his untrained hands, managing to hit himself in the face with it. The Sith placed the sharp end on the thing’s chest as it began to panic, slowly driving it into the being. The thing spluttered blood in between its screams as the Sorcerer slowly killed it.

Two down, one to go.

“Is that really the best you pansies have got?” He shouted with frustration. “I swear the next one better be worth my time.” Almost on cue, the third being appeared, sliding its robe off to reveal a near human. His skin was grey and clammy, with two large protrusions stemming from each of his cheeks.

“Wow… You’re one ugly mother fruit-” Kylex was cut off by this one’s speed, much faster than the other two. It leapt at the Sith, brandishing two daggers that looked very sharp. The Anzati swung savagely at Kylex, a horrible scraping sound echoing throughout the chamber as a dagger ran along his right arm.

“Hey! I just got that painted!” He said angrily, trying to punch the being, but missing each strike. Kylex spun around, narrowly avoiding the being’s next attack, but at the sacrifice of his jacket. Attempting to regain his footing, the Acolyte once again felt cold hands on his face, but this time, it felt like his limbs were stone. Kylex dropped to the floor, helplessly pinned in place as his assailant began to slide its appendages around his nose. The Acolyte began to panic, struggling to escape this thing’s grasp. He seethed in fury, angry that he had been defeated so easily, angry that he couldn’t prove himself among his clan. The Sith let out an almighty roar as he tore his left arm free, grabbing onto the being’s appendages and ripping them clean off. The Anzati recoiled in pain, grasping his face as Kylex stood up and stared at him with yellow eyes full of hatred.

The Sith was furious, his hate boiling over as he slowly approached his prey. The creature savagely let out a screech and swung at the Sorcerer as he ripped a metal pole from the ground. The Acolyte caught the pole in his right hand, crumpling it before using it to pull the Anzati closer to him. Kylex grabbed him by the head and forced him to his knees, driving his thumbs into his prey’s eyes for added effect.


“Die, filth.” The Sorcerer said coldly as he unleashed a wave of lightning into the being, the purple energy crackling and snapping violently. The Anzati’s body writhed and convulsed before going limp as it collapsed to the floor with a solid thud. Kylex breathed in, his eyes returning to their usual shade of purple before collapsing on one knee.

“I need a drink.”


A day of solemnity and celebration was upon the Battleteam once again. In the dark depths of Silent Death Citadel, Tacitus Athanasius formed their eternal circle. Each member stood in their sacred position, saber in hand, ready for their next moment. The Battleteam Leader descended down the dark path and made her way to her illuminated place at the top left corner of the vault. The lantern light flickered in her eyes along with the excitement within them. Alara Deathbane came down the path a few moments later, escorting the newest initiate: Kylex. As tradition, the newest possible recruit was kept blindfolded. Alara Deathbane led the newest initiate to the middle of the circle of members, took off his blindfold, and went to her place at the right of the room. A banner for the Battleteam Leader and the Sergeant hung at the respective corners.

To the left of Kylex in clockwise formation stood Arron Saylos, Zehsaa Hysh, and Brandon Tarsus. To his right stood Kor Vaal, Koryn Thraagus, and Malodin’Tater. Arron Saylos stepped forward first.

“Kylex, Human Acolyte of Excidium, Clan Scholae Palatinae. This is your first question. Answer well, and I shall light my saber. Answer wrongly, you only have so many chances. What is an assassin’s greatest ally?”

The shadows, and silence, cloaking you from view and from mind, allowing you to deliver a kill then retreat.

With a nod, Arron Saylos stepped backwards and ignited his blade.

From the right, Kor Vaal stepped forward. “Kylex, this is your second question: What sacrifice must you make to be an assassin?

To become an assassin, you must trust no one, to have few possessions and to be willing to do anything to both survive and kill.

“Good answer.” Kor Vaal stepped backwards and turned on his violet saber.

Zehsaa stepped forward next. “Here is your third question, Kylex. What does the Force and an Assassin have in common?”

The force flows and surrounds us, penetrating us. An assassin is invisible like the force, but is always there.

Zehsaa smiled, nodded, and stepped backwards, her yellow blade igniting vibrantly.

“Kylex, you have made it thus far.” Koryn Thraagus stated solemnly. “Here is your fourth question: What does it mean to become fear itself?”

To become fear one must be without fear. To be unknown always watching, waiting for the moment to strike.

“And so you continue to press onward.” Koryn returned to his former stance and ignited his saber.

Malodin’Tater’s turn was next. He stood forward, and eyed the Acolyte closely. “Kylex. Your fifth question: What does true devotion to Battleteam and to House mean to you?”

A true devotion means giving myself fully to my clan and battleteam, mind body and soul.

“Truth is echoing in this hall tonight. Well done.” Malodin’Tater stepped backwards and illuminated his own saber.

“How will you sharpen your current skills towards benefitting Tacitus Athanasius?” Brandon Tarsus stepped forward, his pistol in hand.

I will train in the darkness, always prepared to strike any opponent who dares stand against our mighty clan. Focusing on movment and subtrafuge.

Brandon smirked, shot a fire at the ground, and stepped backwards.

Alara emerged from the right corner, her steps illuminating the ground’s markings of old age language as she walked. As she stepped into the circle from the right, next to Malodin’Tater, the other assassins closed in on the initiate, sabers pointing towards him. The Sergeant’s words echoed the halls.

“To be an assassin, is to be a predator on the hunt. Therefore, what is the greatest gift both assassins and predators can give to their prey?”

Death? A quick one at that. quick and clean. A lion uses all their strength to hunt mere rabbits, and an assassin should be the same.

“Aye. A good answer that is.” Alara looked to her sister and nodded, illuminating her bright yellow saber and pointing it towards Kylex. Battlemaster and Battleteam Leader Shadow Nighthunter walked towards the circle, standing next to her husband and sister. The path of markings vibrantly pulsed with light even though both Battleteam Leader and Sergeant were standing away. The Battleteam Leader lifted her head, her vibrant amber eyes flickered towards the Acolyte.

“Your final question, Kylex: *How does silence sharpen the blade?”

How does silence sharpen the blade? It teaches you to be able to kill without being detected.

With a smirk, Battlemaster and Battleteam Leader Shadow Nighthunter ignited her blade, and raised it up in the air. The members all did the same. Kylex immediately followed their actions and ignited his saber, holding it high in the air. He stepped back to complete the circle of assassins as he was instructed to do so.

“The Circle of Assassins is strongly lit, and never broken. None falter, and none step away from the path. Once a true assassin is initiated, the blood of Tacitus Athanasius never leaves their veins. And thus we are family to you, Acolyte Kylex.” Shadow’s voice resonated in the vault. “The Force shall guide your path in these halls, and you are now a member of the family here. The sharpest blade for the darkest of nights!”

“The sharpest blade for the darkest of nights!” The others exclaimed all at once. Suddenly the members of Tacitus Athanasius began walking, one by one, back up the path to the surface. Alara stepped behind Kylex, and wrapped a blindfold upon him once again.

“As your last step to becoming a true Assassin, lean on the Force as your guide from this place.” she spoke sternly. With a snap of Shadow’s fingers, the lanterns of the vault were extinguished.

As Kylex made it back to the surface, there he saw the icey light of the sun fall upon the great halls of Silent Death Citadel through large openings. Mountains scowered the background of the open hall. The ceiling was at least 20 feet high with small lanterns scattered across it. The members of Tacitus Athanasius were standing in the centre of the great hall, atop of the large bat symbol that was carved into the floor. At the back sat Battleteam Leader Shadow Nighthunter on a large, black throne. Alara sat next to her in another smaller throne. Both their banners sewn into the backs of the thrones.

“Welcome home, Kylex. Welcome to Silent Death Citadel.” Shadow spoke, ushering him towards her.

“Let the celebrations begin!” Alara exclaimed.