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[Tides of Change] Co-Op Fiction Team 4


Luna Okami #13830
Revak Kur #12656


Research Facility Iota
Camp Dall’ra, New Tython

Revak Kur stood on the edge of the landing pads with a full platoon of KUDF special forces. The half Hapan’s robes fluttered in the warm summer breeze as the platoon waited in complete silence. The Camp had been on high alert since losing communications an hour ago, they had no idea what was going on in orbit above them or near the capital. Observation posts had reported three MAAT craft with Arconan markings approaching fast. The Aedile had to make a quick decision as to whether or not to blow the unannounced craft out of the sky. He had taken a risk in letting them approach. He did scramble a squadron of the base’s fighters to escort the Arconan shuttles in.

The platoon’s commander, a human female with short raven hair named Jenna Tas, approached the Jedi after emplacing her men around the landing area. “Are we sure these are friendlies?”

Revak continued to stare into the horizon. “No way to be sure, but last orders were that Arconans were allies.”

The female commando let out an audible huff, “Doesn’t sit right with me, inviting these Shadow Clan goons into the system or the camp.”

The Aedile sighed. “They’ve been fighting for us so far, we just have to trust the Council’s judgment on this one.”

Tas primed her blaster rifle. “Trust but verify. We’ll be ready if they try anything.”

Before Revak could reply a soldier cried out from a nearby anti air battery. “Landing crafting incoming, looks like they are being escorted by our fighters!”

That was a relief, thankfully Arconan pilots understood the visual signals for “Conform to my trajectory or we’ll blow you out of the sky.” Within a minute the three MAATs approached the landing pads as the Odanite X-wings flew past and took up a holding pattern over the Camp. Revak and Tas approached the lead craft just in time to catch the leaders disembarking.

A Jedi in Patriarch robes exited the craft flanked by a Human female Mandalorian and a Togorian in matching gray armor. The hood of the Jedi’s robes obscured his face but the teal sash around his waist marked him as a Guardian. The Jedi walked directly toward Revak and threw his hood back to reveal a familiar scarred face.

Revak walked up and embraced his Jedi comrade. “Turel! I wasn’t expecting to see your ugly mug here, didn’t the Alliance types ban you from playing soldier?”

The Guardian returned the brief hug. “Hey pretty boy!” He took a step backwards and gave his trademark scheming grin. “Oh I’m not playing soldier, I’m a ‘military liaison’ to Arcona so I’m playing diplomat.” He read the confusion on Revak’s face and continued, “It’s a long story. Let me introduce you to my new friends.” He gestured to the Mandalorian women whose gray hair, icy blue eyes and wolf pelt adorned armor set her apart from the rest of the disembarking Arconans. “This is Luna, she’s the head Arconan in this group and has a debilitating lack of a sense of humor.”

Luna shot Turel a glare that brought fear to even the most hardened Odanite commandos present. “It will be pretty funny when I leave you in a body cast after this crisis is over.”

The ex-Arconan shrugged. “See, I’m rubbing off on her already.” He gestured toward Revak. “This is Revak Kur, Aedile of House Hoth and I’m sure ten other titles I’m forgetting.” He turned to the Togorian with snow leopard patterned fur behind. “And this furball is Tybalt Erinos, probably the best armorer this side of the galaxy and pretty handy with a heavy repeater. Just make sure you have an extra large cat box and hide the catnip.”

Tybalt cocked an eyebrow with a smile. “Very funny. You know I prefer apples.”

Luna exhaled impatiently, “If we’re done exchanging pleasantries we have a defense to plan.”

Tas picked up on what the Mandalorian was hinting at. “What do you mean a defense to plan? Do you have some kind of intel to share with us?”

Turel laughed nervously, “Yeah, about that. The O’reenian attack on the capital was a ruse, they are coming here and coming hard. We were rerouted before the comms went down, I’m afraid Luna, these three squads of Mandos and I are the only reinforcements you’re getting for a while. There is one kriffin’ big fight going on in orbit, the enemy has this part of the planet effectively blockaded. We couldn’t get word to the central command in time.”

Revak stroked his chin thoughtfully for a moment. “Let’s get to the command center then, we have no time to waste.”


Tactical Operations Center (TOC)
Camp Dall’ra, New Tython

“So that’s about the long and the short of it. The enemy is coming from the East with a heavy armored column. They want whatever you’re hiding in the basement of that research facility and they want it bad.” Turel stepped away from the holo-projection of the area’s terrain.

A KUDF intelligence officer spoke up. “The contents of that facility are highly classified, it’s very existence is classified, we can’t have these-” He glared at Turel. “Outsiders running amok in a classified facility.” The former Knight-Commander rolled his eyes in response.

Luna looked up from the map and stared at the officer with a surprisingly neutral expression. “These ‘outsiders’ are in orbit and around your capital fighting and dying for your world by the grace of the Shadow Lady. The Erinos clan are warriors, not spies, we care not for your secrets. We are here to keep this camp from falling until reinforcements can break through the blockade above.”

Turel pointed a finger at the officer. “Wolf lady has a point. We’re here to help, not steal secrets so you can kindly stuff it Major!”

The intel officer balked for a moment. “I meant no disrespect, but this alliance is very sudden and your clearances are all revoked master Jedi.”

“I’ve been hearing that a lot lately.”

Revak stepped forward. “Surely we can incorporate the Arconan forces into our external defenses without compromising the facility.”

The Major nodded. “We can sanitize the ground level, the Mandalorians should be able to effectively mount a defense from there if it comes to that.”

Turel nodded with approval. “That works for me, how about you Luna?”

The Mandalorian smiled wide. “The O’reenians won’t reach the facility, my warriors will see to that.”

Jenna Tas spoke up from the back of the room. “Your warriors won’t be alone.”

Just Outside of the TOC
Camp Dall’ra, New Tython
5 Minutes Later

Lieutenant Jenna Tas waited outside the TOC following the briefing. She was to coordinate with Luna to emplace the Mandos, she didn’t trust the Arconan but she respected the gray hair as a fellow warrior. There was someone with the Arconans she did trust.

Tas held out her arm to stop Turel as he walked out. “Turel, a moment please.” He had insisted all the Tundurian and Dac Commandos not address him as “Master Jedi” or whatever nonsense the larger military insisted was proper protocol. For all the politics and speculation of the former Knight-Commander’s coming and going from the Odanites they had fought together through some tough battles. That kind of trust isn’t easily eroded.

“Sure, whatever you need Jenna.”

The commando waited until they were alone in a side hallway before speaking. “Look, I just need to know which man am I speaking to, the man who helped me liberate Dac or the man who fought against us on Korriban.”

Turel sighed. “They are the same man really. I don’t really know what else to tell you other than I’m sorry and I won’t let you down.”

Tas stared into the Jedi’s eyes for a moment. “I had to see for myself, the others said you had gone traitor but I knew that couldn’t be true. Not really. You’re still the Knight-Commander to me.”

“That means more than you know to hear that. It’s hard having everyone eye you with suspicion wherever you go. Or wanting you dead in the case of certain Arconans.”

The commando punched the Guardian in the arm, which he probably could have avoided if he wanted to. “Just don’t forget who you really are, I don’t want to have to remind you by force.”

“Yes ma’am.”

“Come on, we have work to do. Tell me more about this Luna character, she seems…capable.”


Perimeter Walls
Camp Dall’ra, New Tython

Luna stood impatiently off to the side while Tybalt and a KUDF engineer tinkered with a defensive turret. The Togorian Mando and the Mon Calamari engineer were exchanging ideas on how to maximize range and response times on the automated batteries, each impressing the other.

The Mon Calamari stroked his chin in thought. “Very impressive Tybalt, I never would have thought to adjust the focusing array in that manner. Where did you learn that?”

Tybalt extricated himself from the innards of the turret. “Oh from spacers mostly and some experimentation here and there.”

A young human male in the Erinos clan Mandalorian armor interrupted the conversation when he ran up to Luna. “Scouts report the enemy column is nearing firing range of their guns ma’am.”

Luna took the datapad from the young man and gave it a quick scan. “I see. Is the surprise we left for the enemy in place?”

“They are, the Tythonian commandos were actually very helpful in emplacing the anti-armor mines.”

“Very good, inform the rest of the squad leaders, tell them to have their heavy weapons teams ready on the battlements.” The young man gave a fist to chest saluting gesture and ran off. “Tybalt are you done here, we are nearly out of time?”

The Togorian picked up a large rocket launcher he had left off to the side with a toothy smile. “We were just finishing up.”

Luna stopped to examine the perimeter walls around her, positions were manned with KUDF commandos and grey armored Erinos Mandalorians side by side. She was thoroughly impressed with the discipline and dedication she had seen in the Tythonian forces at this particular camp. Still she wondered what was so important in the research facility that the O’reenians would sustain such high casualties in the ruse attack on the capital and the orbital blockade to get to. Her thoughts were interrupted by the sounds of explosions in the distance. The siege of Camp Dall’ra had just begun.