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[Tides of Change] Co-op Fiction Team 5


No matter what the Council said and despite what the Shadow Academy taught, in K’tanas mind there was no difference between the Dark and the Light. A Jedi would fall and a Dark Jedi rose. Dark Jedi had second thoughts and a Padawan would be reborn. It was an eternal cycle, repeating without end.

Therefore she stood in the hangar bay, waiting for the ship that would come to take her planetside with another karking Human. Her violet lekku twitched and emerald eyes rolled around in utter boredom.

“Uuugh! Is he here yet?” The Twi’lek groaned in boredom as she swung her lekku across her back.

Several feet behind her, two men in uniforms stood seeing to the Light of New Tython. One of the mechanics, a grumpy Iridonian male, glared at the obnoxious young woman with obvious irritation before turning to his younger colleague.

“I swear if someone doesn’t get her out of here-”

“Shut up! That one is scary when she’s bored.” The Human male spoke the words softly, glancing over his shoulders as he did so. The next moment he flinched- the Twi’lek suddenly stood inches away and was blowing into his ear.

“Oh am I?” Her white toothed grin formed into sharpened points before their eyes. A small blade spun between her fingers, controlled with a menacing disregard for the safety of anyone within easy reach. Before the men had even begun to pale with shock, a high whistle rang in the air, causing them both to snap out of their frozen reverie and take a hasty step away.

K’tana whipped around, giggling in excitement as the Faceless illusion faded away to give back her perfect smile. Behind her back, the two mechanics quickly disappeared and went to help lock down landing gear.

K’tana gave a wicked smirk as she looked down to admire and adjust the plunging neckline over her chest. As the locking mechanisms began to groan and the ship began to settle down, the Krath regained her focus on the vessel and skipped towards the rampway.


Jason Hunter descended the shuttle’s ramp, his blue eyes locked on the Twi’lek approaching the craft. She was skipping, galloping almost. He had witnessed the tail end of whatever had occurred between her and a pair of deck hands, and words from the dossier he had read on his trip up from the surface flitted through his mind. Unstable came to the forefront, describing this Krath’s apparent temperment.

“K’tana, I presume,” Jason said once the lavender woman was scant meters away. He let his right hand casually brush against his hip, assuring himself that his lightsaber was indeed clipped to his belt beneath his outer robe. He didn’t normally dress in the garb of a Jedi, opting instead for a more civilian look. On this occasion, however, he thought it appropriate that he look the part.

The Arconan graced him with a wide grin and shallow bow. He took the bow to be slightly mocking, but let it roll off his shoulders. If she wanted to play like she was some how superior to him, he would let her continue with her small delusion. He had trod the dark path before, for far longer than she had been alive, and had turned his back to it. Tarentum had taught him many things, and one of which was that that the Arconans where a uselessly prideful bunch.

“I’m Jason Hunter, and now that the pleasantries are over, I suggest we make our way to New Tython. There is plenty to do planetside in preparation for the O’Reenian’s arrival, and not much time.”

“I thought you’d never ask, Blue Eyes,” K’tana said with a giggle that was just a tad disturbing. She bounded up the boarding ramp with the same skipping gait with which she had approached, leaving Jason looking up the ramp with one brow raised. He stood there for a moment before shaking his head slightly, and finally ascending the ramp with a resigned slump to his shoulders.

“Of everyone they could have sent, they send me the crazy one. Force help me, this is going to be interesting.”