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[Tides of Change] Co-op Team 2


Andrelious #1653
Droveth #7377


[B]Consul’s office
Nebula class Star Destroyer [I]Invicta[/I][/B]

“And why are you asking me, Atty?” Andrelious questioned, still unsure as to exactly what his Consul wanted him to do.

“Because you’re one of the best fighters we have, Andrel. As things stand I need someone who can fly past the enemy AND fight effectively once he’s down. You have exactly the skillset I need,” Atyiru responded in her most convincing tone.

“Alright. So why am I babysitting one of their Jedi? I’ve looked into this man. Aside from being a fairly good saberist I fail to see how he’s going to help me,” the Warlord shot back.

The Consul smiled. “It’s part of the deal, dear. Can’t you just work with me on this one?”

“Alright. But only because you helped me get back on my feet after Korriban. You’re almost as bad as Kooki for making me do things,” Andrelious replied with a smirk.

“Now, Andrel, I know [I]that’s[/I] not true. I ask you nicely,” the Miraluka quipped. Her friend went a little pink.

“I will do as you bid, Shadow Lord,” the Human answered, almost mockingly.

He was gone before she could comment.


Andrelious climbed into one of the shuttles docked with the [I]Invicta[/I]. His mission was clear: He and a Jedi from Odan-Urr were to fly to New Tython and assess the strength of an O’reenian force that had been sighted near the Ooroo Abbey. If it was small enough, they had been cleared to engage it.

The last time that Andrelious had been on New Tython, he had been at war with Odan-Urr. Today, though, he was there as a nominal ally.

Things were going to be interesting.


Nebula class Star Destroyer [I]Fey’la’s Last Stand[/I]

Andrelious walked out of the Arconan shuttle. A couple of nearby soldiers nodded a greeting.

“I am Warlord Mimosa-Inahj. I was sent here at the request of the Shadow Lord. I believe I’m to pick up one of your Jedi,” the ex-Imperial stated in the direction of the older of the pair.

“He will be with you shortly, sir,” the soldier answered. Andrelious didn’t need the Force to sense the distrust.

[I]If I had my way, we’d be back here to slaughter the whole lot of you. As it is I have to stay my hand. For now…[/I] Andrelious thought as he regarded a tall Human entering the hangar.

“So. Are you the Arconan? My name is Droveth,” the arriving Jedi said, offering his hand to the Warlord.

“I am Andrelious. Let’s get to the surface and do this. I assume you’re proficient with weapons?” Andrelious questioned, a little disappointed with the choice of Jedi than the Urrites had sent him.

“You’d be hard pressed to find a better saberist than me. At least at my rank,” the Knight replied.

“Only a Jedi Knight? I just hope you’re up for this one. There’s enough room on the ship for you to bring a few soldiers. My men are onboard. They’re under orders not to fire on anyone from Urr, but I think you’d best sit in the back with them. Just to be sure,” Mimosa-Inahj instructed.

Droveth nodded, and gestured at the two men in the hangar to follow him onboard. A third Urrite soldier embarked, too. The force would be ten strong: a Warlord of the Sith, a Jedi Knight, and a handful of soldiers from two factions that had been at war only a few years before.


Surface of New Tython

Having landed around a kilometre from the target coordinates, Andrelious led his small team along the streets of Menat Ombo. He began to examine the city’s skyline, and stopped in confusion.

“Droveth - where the hell is Ooroo Abbey? That’s where we’re supposed to be headed. At least, that’s what I thought these coordinates mapped to,” the Warlord questioned.

“There’s no Ooroo Abbey anymore. It was destroyed,” the Jedi explained.

“So you’re saying that we’re looking for a pile of rubble? Remind me to kill someone at the DIA for this one,” Andrelious hissed.

“Wait! Over there! There’s someone coming!” Droveth warned.

Remains of Ooroo Abbey

The O’reenian commander puffed on a cigarillo as he watched a small monitor detailing the location of his subordinates. The small force under his command had managed to land among the ruins of the former Urrite structure, and had already taken control of around half of the city of Menat Ombo. The lack of a response troubled the man a little - especially as he had heard rumours that Clan Odan-Urr were gaining an ally.

“Sir! I just stunned two enemy operatives! Judging by how easy it was I’m imagining they were green recruits!” a voice sounded over a nearby comlink. The commander smiled.

“Good job, Sergeant. I’ll be right with you. For Magnus.”

1km away

“For Magnus.” Droveth replied, using the Force to disguise his voice. He and Andrelious had easily defeated the unwitting O’reenian that had patrolled right past them.

“Good work, Jedi. Once the Commander gets here we’ll be able to find out how big the force here in Menat Ombo is. And then-” Andrelious answered.

“Then we’ll be able to start securing the city,” the Knight finished with a wink.

The Arconan said nothing. Droveth began to examine the fallen O’reenian further, looking for anything that identified him or his commander. He found a dog-tag around the dead man’s neck, but the military designation meant nothing to either the Urrite or his temporary ally.

“When the commander gets here, you know what to do,” Andrelious instructed.