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[Tides of Change] [Co-Op] Team III


Members of Team III:

  • Arcona: Jedi Hunter Kaiburr: #13529
  • Odan-Urr: Chronicler Kaira Rohana: #10057

New Typhon

Outskirts of Menat Ombo

New orders had sent Kaira planet side, in one of the smallest escape pods ever. If she had known that she wouldn’t have been able to help with the evacuation of the space station any longer she would have taken the last transport to the planet. Oh no her orders had to come only moments after the shuttle had left the bay.

If only her new orders did not have her paired with a member of Clan Arcona, the Consular thought to herself forlornly. She might have been fine with her new assignment - a top ranking Tythonian scientist had been kidnapped and the Jedi Council wanted him back. But having to work with a Dark Jedi was uncomfortable to her sensibilities.

The message she got from her leadership had said to meet him at a small park just outside the city of Menat Ombo where the man was being held. Kaira knew the area where the man had been last seen. Now she just had to find the Arconan that the small dossier she had been given named Mordamen Bast. She knew nothing about him at all; all she knew was where he would meet up with her and his name.

Meanwhile Kaiburr had already found the park and in order to not draw attention to himself, the Jedi Hunter had found a nice dark shadowy area under a grove of trees. As he melted into the shadows and all but disappeared into the gloom thanks to the holographic shroud installed inside his body, he reviewed the Intel that had been sent to him while he made his way here.

Within the cover of the forested area Rohana made her way closer to the park. It was one thing to just rush in but over the many years with the brotherhood the woman had learned to be very cautious. It was odd at first however as the park came into site. She could feel the presence of the Dark Side but saw no one at first glance. The Consular Chronicler stopped then under the cover of some very old growth trees with her eyes closed and her mind open to the Force.

In that same moment the Krath turned as he felt the ripple of a Force Sensitive person heading his way. It was the movement of the trees that made him turn his head to one side to look in the direction of the Odan-Urr Jedi. As the woman stepped from the shadow briefly he had seen the long strawberry blond braid that Kaira was known for.

It took moments only for the pair to come within a few feet of each other, and silently powering down his shroud Kaiburr materialized next to her. They both had took a long look at each other as if to cement to memory every inch of the there.

“Mordamen?” Kaira said so softly that only a Jedi, or in his case - a Dark Jedi would hear.

Kaiburr folded his arms and silently nodded to the women as he constantly scanned the area around him for possible threats. The Arconan trusted no one, least of all members of his own clan - but the Jedi held a special place inside his heart for the members of the so called “Guardians of Peace”.

The look she saw on the face of the alien before her was one she had seen many times with Dark Jedi. It was that look that drove her to find a new way to live. All she could hope for now was that this mission took the two of them hours and not days, so she could get on with her life away from the darkness.

Safe inside the secret compartment inside his droid host, Kaiburr cursed whoever in charge of the Arconan military had thought to send him on this mission and then brought his anger under iron control. Mindful of his present company, he tamped down on his rage and nursed the embers of his anger to a slow, steady burn that would empower him when the need came.

Remembering an old Jedi meditation ritual, the Krath closed his eyes and absentmindedly ran through the calming techniques, smiling momentarily to himself as he imagined the look of surprise and astonishment that crossed through the Jedi’s face.

Keeping his feelings tightly controlled and outwardly displaying an emotionless face to the outside world, Kaiburr reached out with the Dark Side and wove a subtle web of illusion around his mind as he muttered the Sith words quietly to himself. Satisfied that his presence in the Force was now nearly indecipherable to anyone sensing it he looked up at the woman and then turned away without speaking.

If she wanted to follow him then she would, and if she didn’t - well good riddance. Either way he didn’t care at all what she chose to do - he knew that she would never strike at his bared back and in this current situation that was all that mattered.

Kaira looked at this strange alien with mounting confusion, a big brutish looking humanoid he had the yellow reptilian eyes and green mottled skin that looked to be covered in dark looking runes and mystical tattoos. The symbols inked on his ridged skin made her skin crawl with revulsion as she felt the residual dark energy seeping from them but one of them in particular caught her attention - two entwined dragons circling each other in a mark she recognized from some forgotten tome as the sign of infinity, one dark obsidian and the other a shining white.

And yet, for all his muscle brained look and thuggish attire the Dark Jedi standing in front of her betrayed no emotion, and even more frightening - he no longer radiated the sweet, sickening and cloying aura that she identified as the Dark Side. Narrowing her eyes with consternation she was about to question him when he whirled soundlessly and marched away.

As he quickly trudged away from the park, Kaiburr patched the new software package he had received earlier this day to the droid hosts data banks and downloaded it. Uploading the intel package to the integrated H.U.D that served the Shard as his “eyes”, he watched as new lines of code raced across his vision and then data streamed into his consciousness as the electromagnetic pulses that served as his natural means of communication interfaced with the droid brain seamlessly.

As a red arrow materialized in front of his vision and projected ahead into the darkness, Kaiburr increased his pace and started running at a slow jog as he followed the tracer mark to its destination. Soft footfalls behind him let him know that the Jedi was following him, and with a nod of respect at her courage he continued running.