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Timeline for Other Themes Etc?


Hey Guys,
Obviously you’ve got your hands full with the switchover and making sure everything is running smoothly, I was just wondering if there’s a plan in place to institute some more themes for the new boards? I generally ran with the old plain jane white/blue boards before, as I tend to do a lot of viewing at work.

Not sure if it’s just as easy as uploading a new theme to it or if you need to customize css or anything, just thought I’d ask/put the request in for a more stark design.



As far as I’m aware, Discourse currently does not support multiple (user settable) themes, there’s just one theme that’s applied site-wide. However, for now I’ve left the mobile view theme white for exactly this reason (access it through the menu next to your avatar on the top right). I know that’s not an optimal solution, but it should suffice for reading for now.


Hey there. Just wanted to let you know I’m viewing this is the most recent stable version of Chrome on 1920*1080 and the background is confined to a narrow vertical strip about 40% of the screen


If available additional themes would be cool however keeping it uniform to one default template is fine as well the current layout seems to be working perfectly and looks great. Have there been any complaints?