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To be or not to be, what was the question?


Going to write a story to give my character more background and updating him. If anyone feels the urge to add onto the story, feel free. A lot will be traveling back in time too.


Unknown Space
24 ABY

“Sir, we have captured one of the blue aliens. He apparently is unclean with a life force that is against all we believe. What do we do with him?”

The Yuuzhan Vong creature spoke through a communication link back to his hive. He was part of a scouting party that had come across a vessel from the Chiss Ascendancy. After limited attack, they were able to disable and capture the ship. Upon boarding the ship, they had encountered limited resistance and all were killed, except one. A young Chiss that was able to withstand the barraged assault. After subduing him and rendering him unconscious, they did a mental scan and discovered he was “force” sensitive, which went against all their beliefs. To those of the Yuuzhan Vong, the Force was a vulgar blasphemy of their ideology and religious beliefs.

“Good. Bring the prisoner back to the collective and we will study him and his connection to this Force to better ourselves against any others out there” replied the commander.

For the next 5 years, they tested the limits of the Chiss ability in the force as well as try to break him to their molding. The commander subjected him to different tortures, like the Rack of Pain, as they had done to many unclean creatures before him.

Along this time, the Chiss was in mostly drugged stupors and only noticed one other casualty of the captivity, another Chiss.


26 ABY
Tatooine Surface

“Wake up you drunk” replied the robed figure as he kicked the blue humanoid he had just found on the desert lands outside of Mos Espa. The blue alien stirred and opened his eyes. “I am not drunk, infact, where am I?” he replied. “Well if you don’t know where you are, you are drunk or you got roughed up by the tuskins recently.”

The blue alien sat up, rubbing his head and feeling a large lump. “Listen friend, I don’t know you or what a tuskin is, but apparently, I am still alive.”

The old man squatted down. “So what kind of alien are you, being blue skinned and all?”

“I am a Chiss. But for the life of me, I have no clue where I am or how I got here.”

“Never met a Chiss. What’s your name?”

The Chiss opened his mouth, but couldn’t say anything. “I…I…I haven’t the vaguest idea. I really must had taken a hell of a beating.”

The old man reached for the Chiss’ jacket and searched, finding a datapad. He then turned it on. “From the looks of this, your name is weird, but it says Seabr’imsto’nedansr. Unusual name. I’m just going to call you Brimstone to make it easier to pronounce.”

“Sounds good to me. And you are?”

“Kronus. Jaester Kronus.”

Brimstone looked around, squinting at the double suns that shined brightly. “So how did you get all the way out here in the outer rim?” replied Jaester.

“Like I said, I have no idea. I vaguely remember being in solitary confinement for a while.”

“Ah, a escaped convict, I take it.”

“I don’t think so, but apparently I did escape.”

“Well, something is unusual about you. You have a presence I haven’t felt in years, not since the war.”

“What war is that?”

“The war with the Trade Federation and the Galactic Republic. Before the dark times. Before the Empire” the old man continued.

“I’m sorry, but I have no knowledge of the war. Last battle I remember was against some vile creatures called, um, shoot, I can’t remember what they are called now” Brimstone replied.

“Well, you are strong in spirit and possibly more. Come, we’ll head back to my abode and maybe we can figure your past out together.”

The two of them then headed out towards the desert.


26 ABY
Unknown Space

“Any word yet on the escapee?” yelled the Vong commander.

“It appears he has made his way to the outer rims to a sparsely populated planet by our records called Tatooine.”

“Good, now we’ll see if the tracking device we implanted in him will lead us to other unclean for us to eradicate.”

The Vong commander shut off the communication and then stood up from his desk. He made his way down to the confinement chambers and entered. inside, he found the other Chiss still latched and under a drugged catatonic state.

“Your so called ally you had here has made his way to the outer rim, just like you foreseen from your visions. I might find some use for you still” he stated as he backhanded the Chiss. The Chiss’ head slumped forward as blood gushed out of his broken nose.


26 ABY

Harvest seasons had passed. Jaester and Brimstone were working on Jedi fighting techniques. Jaester had come to realized that Brimstone was Force sensitive. With the Empire, what was left of them after Emperor Palpatine’s rule, hunting the Jedi to extinction, and he being one of the remaining that was still alive, he figured it was a way to up the odds in his favor. Sure he had heard rumors of other Jedi in the galaxy, including stories of one that was on Tatooine decades earlier, but since none had made their way to find him, he had figured he was the only one left.

While traveling together one day to Mos Eisley, Jaester felt a strong presence in the Force, that was neither him nor Brimstone and told his “padawan” to wait by the speeder while he went to investigate its source.

Brimstone was tinkering with the land speeder when a human male walked up to him. Brimstone happened to look up when the human approached.

“Glad to see a potential Force sensitive in these parts” spoke the human.

“Excuse me, do I know you?” replied Brimstone as he wiped off the grease from his hands.

“No, you do not, but I can feel your presence. You have an ability to be much greater than any Jedi could teach you.”

“Um, listen friend, you must be mistaken. I don’t know you or any Jedi around” said Brimstone nervously.

“That’s because the dark side of the Force is what guides me. It is the true incantation of the Force. Not the narrow minded views of the Jedi, like your friend who is chasing ghosts” replied the human.

Just then Jaester came hurrying back. “Back off you Sith Spawn!” he yelled as he used the Force to shove him away. The human stumbled backwards, but was able to steady the sudden attack.

“You have no idea, old man, what you are getting yourself into. Your power is weak and your views are of an obsolete belief. Back off yourself before I retort to destroying you” replied the human.

Brimstone stood between the two. “Stop. This pointless bickering over who’s more powerful has to stop. You both need to work together to better yourselves.”

“I won’t align myself with a Sith” spat Jaester.

The human laughed. “Sith, that’s funny. I am a Krath. Sith are beneath me. We use them as minions, foolish Jedi.”

The two kept arguing at each other. Brimstone got tired of it and tried to put a stop to it. “Look, how about this compromise. You both duke it out. The winner is the better Force wielder and the loser, along with myself, will train under them.”

“Agree” said the human as he yanked out his lightsaber, snapping it to life a blue blade. Before Jaester could disagree, he was on the defensive, pulling out his lightsaber with a green blade and getting into defensive mode almost immediately.

Back and forth the two combatants fought. Just as Jaester about had the upper hand and got in the human’s perimeter guard, the human pulled out a second blade from its concealment and pierced the chest of Jaester, killing him instantly. Brimstone was shocked beyond belief.

The human shutdown both blades and placed them back under his robes.

“You didn’t have to kill him. You could had both of us to train” replied Brimstone as he knelled down next to his friend and mentor.

“I was never going to train him. He was set in his old ways and would have never turned to the dark side. You on the other hand, are yet to reach your potential. If you were to come with me, I can show you much more power than he could ever have done.”

“What is your name?”

“Ashura Isradia.”

Brimstone went over to him and knelled. “What is you bidding, master?”

Ashura laughed. "I haven’t heard that phrase in quite sometime. Come my young friend and together, we will discover your true potential.

Brimstone stood back up and followed Ashura back towards a hanger bay, where his private ship was located. Then then boarded and shot of into space.


26 ABY
Unknown Space

“What do you mean you lost him?” yelled the Vong commander.

“Our spies reported that the escapee was with another person, possibly a Jedi, and there was a fight with another Jedi. One died and the Chiss followed him and took off into a space craft,”

“Where are they now” the commander demanded.

“I don’t know. by the time the spies got off the surface, the other ship hit light speed and vanished before they could lock on a trace.”

“Well find them and don’t come back to me without a correct report, or I will place you in the Pain Rack itself.”

The Vong commander was seething mad now. As soon as the transmission ended, he grabbed his ampstaff and struck it on the desk, destroying it with one powerful blow.


27 ABY

Brimstone stood in his room, looking into a reflective surface. He had just did more training with his master, Ashura. Even though he was learning the ways of the dark side rather quickly, something just didn’t feel right. As he turned to bend down to pick up a towel to dry off after using the refresher, he felt a twinge in his back on the left side, just under his rib cage. Touching it, it was sensitive, but the abrasion was hard and protruding. Brimstone grabbed his knife from his sheaf and proceeded to cut himself. Moments later, a metal object came out. “What the K’tah?” he exclaimed. After cleaning and bandaging the newly opened wound, he sat down on the end of his bunk to examine the object.

“Now where have I seen this before?” he thought to himself. He didn’t think he took any damage during the lightsaber sparring with the other students, so he had a hard time trying to remember.

Suddenly, a memory flash crashed into his mind. He saw himself with a hideous creature while laying on his stomach on an operating table. He could clearly hear the “surgeon” talk about inserting a tracking device as well as a communicator inside of him.

Brimstone went back to the mirror and proceeded to search himself to find any more evasive objects with in. Satisfied that none were to be found, he went back to his bunk. Using the edge of his knife, he slowly cut the seal on the item and it cracked open, showing wiring and what looked like as a microphone transmitter. He then keyed the object, but nothing happened.

About 15 minutes later, there was a knock on his chamber’s door.

“Who is it?” asked Brimstone while trying to hide the device under a pillow.

“Brimstone, I am master Cipher. We need to talk.”

Brimstone stood up and went to the door, opening it quickly. “Can I help you, Master.”

“May I come in?” Cipher replied. After entering, Cipher grabbed a chair and pulled it out with the Force. “Please be seated.” he motioned to the journeyman.

“So what’s wrong?”

“Well, you are observant. I am your new master.”

“Ashura is my master.”

“Not anymore. He has fled Tarentum to go to Naga Sadow.”

This caught Brimstone by surprise. “And he couldn’t tell me, much less, bring me along?”

“It just happened. And we wanted to act quickly before he lured other’s to his idealistic failings.”

Brimstone then was visibly upset. “Again!” he stammered as he lashed out against the previous mirror he was looking at. “I am getting sick of everyone abandoning me.”

“That’s understandable. That is also why I have taken you on as my apprentice. I’ve just become a master myself and need a pupil to teach.”

Brimstone glared at his new master. “Great, someone that has little knowledge to train me” he thought to himself.

Unknown regions

Commander Ys’lark’il, the Vong commander, was in his warring room when he received a knock on his door. “Enter” he quickly replied as he looked over battle group formations.

“Your excellency, we found the missing escapee.”

“Good where is he?”

“We tracked him to the outer rim in Antei system. The system is showing multiple signs of unclean heretics of Jedi.”

“Good. Prepare the forces. We attack immediately. Catch them off guard. We will destroy that false religious sect.”

“Yes, your excellency.”


1 week later
Antei Shroud

Brimstone, Tarentum, and the rest of Brotherhood made their escape from the Vong invasion to the mysterious Shroud. After the lost of Antei to the horde, they had to escape with what they could.

Brimstone’s master, Cipher was one of the casualties. He had decided that instead of waiting for another master, he would go and train on his own, including finding the parts needed for his lightsaber.

1 month later
Vong homeworld

The Chiss that was held within had finally broke. His spirit was diminished. For somereason, despite being a non-Vong, he was sympathized and allowed to be released from all restraints. The even decided to train him as one of their own. While he would never be one of them because of his connection to the Force, they new he could become an instrument of theirs in their war against the Jedi.This included giving him training in all materials they found from the recent invasion of the jedi home in Antei.

“So, now that you have proceeded with remarkable skills and adaptation to our culture, it is time for you to choose a name for yourself. Prisoner is not a good name, even if you are still by most of the Hive’s eyes” spoke up Ys’lark’il.

The Chiss was on one knee, bowing. “Thank you Master” he stated, “I assume the name…Brimstone.”



Jedi Hunter Brimstone was again still searching for more items while building his lightsaber. Tarentum assigned him a temporary master, Frosty Romanae. He was alerted that a new, permanent master would becoming to where he was. Despite this inconvenience, Brimstone did what he could do. Leviathan was also with him. They had earlier escaped Tatooine after they inadvertently ticked off a Tuskin Jedi by destroying his residence and killing many of his family.

A few days later, Sato Kahn had arrived to resume both of the journeymen’s training. But that wouldn’t last long as the Tuskin Jedi was able to track them there and Sato Kahn took on the battle while Leviathan and Brimstone once again made their escape of the planet surface. No contact from his now fourth master was ever made again.

After another week, Brimstone made his way to Dathomir. Leviathan went another direction.In search for the ancient Lord Bane’s castle, Brimstone had hope to find something that would help him achieve greatness. During this time, he received a communication from an Anshar Kahn, who turned out to become his fifth Master.

He met up with a Nightsister by the name of Jara and she decided to help him find the fortress, despite her pleas of futility. He was also having nightmares of two dark siders, man and woman, stopping him from entering the sacred structure. A week later, he was able to reach where he wanted to go and found the two he had dreamed about before. Apparently a battle ensued, because he woke up two days later in Anshar’s ship, on their way to Colomar.


29 aby
Vong Homeworld

Brimstone continued training and becoming more Vong everyday. When he wasn’t training or tortured, he was resting. On different occasions, he had nightmares of different planets, humanoids, and battles. One that shook him to the core was of another Chiss that resembled him. When he would try to discuss this with his masters, they would beat him and torture him till he confessed to false visions.


Anshar and Brimstone worked together to help one of his master’s friends investigate and stop a terror cell, which in turn, their leader was Jara, the same nightsister Brimstone had befriended on Dathomir.

Shortly afterwards, both of them headed towards Yridia to meet up with the rest of Clan Tarentum. They had found a derelict ship that ended up being full of falling sith ghosts that tried to possess each of them. The clan was able to defeat them.Because of his bravery, Brimstone received a promotion to knighthood.


29 aby
Samur - Antei Space

House Gladius, the battle team that Brimstone was assigned to in Clan Tarentum, was given a mission to find ancient relics called Shards of Tears. There was much trial for everyone, including Brimstone, and as they were making their evacuation, they were attacked by a Vong patrol. The rest of the House made their escape, except Brimstone, who was left behind by accident.

Brimstone was captured and taken as a prisoner. While he was being interrogated, a holo-image showed up and it was his former warden, Ys’lark’il, who immediately recognized him.

“Greetings, prisoner, I see you have survived.”

Brimstone refused to answer. Ys’lark’il continued. “What you perceive is nothing but lies. You did not make your escape from my grasp, but in actuality, I created you to be my eyes and ears within the Jedi.”

This shook the Chiss to his foundations. Everything he had believed was a lie.

“I see you found the tracker we had placed in you. That was the only way we could have remained in touch. Thanks to you, we were able in invade Antei. Now, you see the truth, you will be released to go back to your “comrades” to provide more intel to us. Do you understand?”

Brimstone could only oblige. “But how do I tell them of my escape? I am sure they will question it.”

“You will be implanted with a false memory of a Jedi force that defeated your captures, but you made your escape from them also, just in case anyone decides to to a mind probe on you. It will be thorough.”

Brimstone was then released within a captured republic ship and released. he then made his way back to Tarentum.

Vong Homeworld

Brimstone stood behind Ys’lark’il and watched as he spoke to this other Chiss. After the transmission, he asked him a question.

“Master, who is that other Chiss?”

Ys’lark’il smiled a sinister grin. “He is you.”

Brimstone couldn’t understand how he could be in two places at once. This Chiss, while it did resemble him to an extent, except for facial hair, he couldn’t make any sense. He didn’t like there was another of him and wonder if his master would deem him unworthly and discard him for the other Chiss. It was at this time, he decided to kill off the other Chiss so there would be no one to compete for his master’s affection and praise.


Great Jedi War 9 - Antei

After DJK Brimstone returned to the Tarentum fleet, they were summoned with the Iron Throne to take back Antei from the Vong. Brimstone spent the time waiting and meditating till Mistress Telona had assigned him to work with Protector Severon Vercingetorix and help train him for the upcoming war with the Vong.

It wasn’t until they reached the Shroud did the Iron Throne discovered that the Vong had been destroyed by some sort of biological weapon and that the droid forces of a renegade Jedi, Crask, had taken over the planet Antei for his own.

Brimstone and Severon helped set up AA (Anti-Aircraft) batteries and defend the landing area from attacks. After a few battles with droids and a Tank Droid that was a relic, Brimstone and Severon made their way with the rest of the Tarentum forces to overtake many outposts and the prison the Jedi were believed to control. Brimstone questioned Master Oberst’s tactical plans for sending in ground forces when they could just bombard the landscape from the atmosphere. This didn’t sit well with Oberst, who had left him behind on Samur.

The platoon that Brimstone rode with finally came upon one outpost and after intense fighting, succeeded in taking control of it. Brimstone and Severon were ordered by Telona, to search for underground bunkers and enemy forces.

During their searching, they did find more droids that they took out, but in the end, Brimstone discovered that the enemy had started a self-destruct of the outpost. Brimstone ordered everyone to evacuate immediately. Before they could finally get cleared, Brimstone sensed the imminent destruction and channeled the Force to throw his squad and Severon out of the path of the explosion. Brimstone ended up taking extensive damage as he was hurled from the blast and knocked unconscious.

After surgery, Brimstone use the Force to recover from his injuries. He had found out that some of his platoon didn’t make it and Oberst was extremely upset about it. When Brimstone finally made his way from the medical tents to the rest of Tarentum, Master Anshar, his former mentor, advised him that he was no longer welcomed to the clan Tarentum and banished him from the clan. Despite his pleas, Tarentum left him alone and in exile on Antei.

Brimstone was once again captured by the Yuuzhan Vong.


Vong Homeworld

Brimstone was chained again. He could feel the bond’s electrical currents flowing through him, constantly reminding him any movement or activity was to be dealt with harshly.

“I want you to get the information from thissss jeeedaiiii that will lead ussss to hissss companionssss” spoke the Vong interigator.

The blue electricity shocked the chiss into multiple spasms as the Vong kept torturing him like they did for the last 2 years they held him captive. The Dark Jedi withstood the years of torture and abuse that had other non-force users succumb to their pain and died. Every time the Vong thought they had the “blue one”, what the Vong now referred him as, broken, he would only laugh in hysterical episodes that only made the pain even more excruciating.

Brimstone laughed again during his screams that the Guard standing next to him, hit him across the face with his ampstaff, breaking the chiss’ jaw and rendering him unconscious.

“Take thissss “blue one” back to the bacta center and repair and revive him so we can continue hissss pain”.

As they carried the prisoner back to the medical facilities, Brimstone woke back up but played “dead” till he could make his move. Over the last 3 months, he had studied the bacta tanks and realised that the way they purged and cleaned it out was through the bottom of the floor that opened wide enough for him to fit in. He had lost alot of weight and was thinner than before.

After letting the bacta repair his broken jaw, Brimstone watched the Vong while he worked his hands free of the restraints while inside the tank. When the Vong realized he was loose, they hit a button to empty the tank fast so they could get to him. At this time, the Chiss dropped with the fluid through the floor and was swallowed away to the recycling plant five hundred feet away. Brimstone had the element of luck that there was no Vong there watching for debris, much less, a prisoner escaping.

Brimstone climbed out of the reservoir and as the alarms of the facility started ringing, made his way out and into hiding. Vong were rushing all over the place looking for him, but he was able to make his way to the outside in the cold darkness. He had no idea what world he was on, but knew it wasn’t Yridia or where he was last at. he had to find a way off the planet.

The other Chiss, who was free to walk around, was feeling nervous. His counterpart had escaped and he knew what that meant for him. Insurmountable pain at his captors.

Answering the call to his master, he arrived immediately. But despite his promptness, he was hit hard across the chin by the Amp Staff his master wielded.

“Master, have I done something to offend you?” he asked while picking himself up from the floor, blood pouring from his lacerated cheek.

“I have a strong suspicion you helped your counterpart escaped, tell me I am wrong so I can end your life now.”

Brimstone had no idea what to do. Lie and he would die or tell the truth and he will still die. He decided his fate a moment later.

“Well, if it is the means of my death, so be your will. But as for this other Chiss escape, I had nothing to do with it. But in all honesty, I wish I had, because then we both would have escaped” he said with a command he didn’t know he had. Next thing, arcs of blue lighting erupted from his finger tips towards the Vong. His master took the brunt of the attack unprepared and was fried almost immediately. All remained was a charred hull of a being.

“And by the way, the name is Brinestone, you filth.”

Brinestone then looked around and concocted a plan to blame the other Chiss for his master’s death. Screaming out loud so as to be heard, moments later the doors rushed open and five Vong guards rushed in, seeing the Chiss on his knees, weeping at his fallen master.

“Who did this?” on barked out.

“It was that unclean creature that had escaped. He killed my master. I am all alone again. I have no more of my master’s love and punishment to behold.”

The Vong looked at him with an actual sadness. “Look, you will have a new master soon enough. Grief for him not, for it isn’t the way of the Vong” spoke up one of them.

Brinestone gathered up the Amp Staff that was laying aside the body. “This was my master’s staff. I claim it as my own so that his teaching will live on with me.” None of the other Vong objected, as it was protocol for the slaves to take up the weapon of their masters when they are fallen, a religious token of gratitude. Brinestone looked at them and begin to utter out words that brought them to a silence.

“I don’t want another master. I want a ship. The fastest we have. I will hunt down my master’s killer and make him pay for what he has done to his holiness. Do you understand. I…Want…Revenge!”


The Planet of Yashuvhu, Chiss Ascendancy

The Chiss awoke from the nightmare that had haunted him for the last 4 years. Abandoned by the Tarentum clan during the war with the Vong had burned him deeply. Brimstone felt the same pain that he felt when he was exiled from Csilla and the Chiss Ascendancy when he became “force” attuned.

The last four years he remained hidden from the life of the Brotherhood. While there was some that did search for him, he kept himself away. Years of military service in both the Brotherhood and the Ascendancy taught him how to live without means of comfort.

He had made his way back to the realm of the Ascendancy 2 years prior. Beaten. Battered. Broken. If it wasn’t for his escape from the Vong, he surely would been dead. The Vong tried for 2 years after his capture to drug him into releasing secrets of the Brotherhood. Thanks to the training by his old masters, he kept the Vong from killing him with lies and deceit during each torture session by making them believe he was an higher-up in command.

They broke his spirit and nearly every bone in his body. They tested his system to its fullest extent to pain. If it wasn’t for the one day that they nearly killed him was when Brimstone had made his escape from the medical center that the Vong had conquered before. The pains he was still feeling continued to haunt him.

Being he was a Chiss, it wasn’t difficult for him to integrate himself back into the Ascendancy system without detection. He even assumed a new identity and name, and after a few “persuasions” of some unlucky fellow chiss, he was able to keep himself hidden from the military and his family. He kept tabs on his parents and three brothers who had moved on as he was never born.

Brimstone knew that one day he would have to make his way back to the Brotherhood. One, to regain his training as a Sith, and two, to confront those who abandoned him again. He trained as well as he could in the Force, without letting others know of his actions. While he was no master, he felt he couldn’t train any farther without a master’s guidance and instruction. He was able to construct himself 2 new lightsabers and had practice with both in attack and defense as well as he could.

One blade was crimson in color and had a curved handle. He learned to use this blade for parries and sweeps. The other lightsaber was with a silver blade, made from a Durindfire crystal that he had bartered for from a space junk merchant that came to the planet 7 months earlier. The Force told him this crystal had force ability to it. This lightsaber was built for powerful attacks and offensive situations. Brimstone trained as well as he could in combining both offensive and defensive styles at the same time.

It was late in the afternoon now. Brimstone had made plans to head into the nearest star-port to restock his supplies and gather information of the Brotherhood. He had a few contacts he could trust that spent time doing shipping runs in the Yridia system. Hopefully today would turn up some useful information and not just rumors as have in the past.


Local village on Yashuvhu

The small village of unknown origin is bustling with merchants from space that use this outpost as a way to barter for local supplies and some, to hide from the military security of the Chiss Ascendancy. Brimstone had visited this many times to build a contact list with the outside systems during his seclusion here. Located south of the Yashaka Mountains, the town was once a village of force-sensitives from before the war of Palpatine. Most had either died or fled to other systems when word got out and a Order 66 was set for for this planet.

Brimstone found it perfect for him. He knew that the Force was strong here and it helped him to keep alert of any dangers that might come to him. It also helped him in hiding and masking his force sense from those that might seek him out.

Today, the Chiss was looking for a way off the planet and felt he was ready to return to the life of the Brotherhood and with the different ships that were flying in and out of here, he should have no problem finding one specific ship that will meet his demands.

As he was browsing and listening to the different captains, a ship caught his eye. He hadn’t seen a ship like this since the Vong war started. The Bes’uliik was a cutting-edge starfighter created by MandalMotors. It held room for 3 people and it was small enough to be maned by a single person. The captain, a chiss himself, was nearby. Brimstone made his way over to them and struck up conversation with the pilot.

Chiss Ascendancy, Csilla, Military Intelligence

Captain Mynop’atc’howrda looked at the security briefings from his lieutenant. He received reports daily from the upstart and knew that he was mainly trying to win points towards promotions. But it was this particular day that one report caught his eye. Reports from the lieutenant’s spies suggested that a certain Chiss was stationed on Yashuvhu and that he was looking up information on the Nedansr clan on Csilla. This name brought back memories of a Chiss he knew from 8 years earlier that had been kicked out of the Naval Military and was told to never come back or be executed for treason.

“Are you sure the reports are accurate?” asked the Captain.

“Yes Sir”

“If it is true that he has returned to our system, then he must be coming to extract revenge on certain parties and he is to be arrested immediately.”

“Yes Sir.”

Patch, the human slang of his name, knew he couldn’t pass on this moment. Forget the Lieutenant and his quest for promotions. This would bring him in favor in the eyes of the Admiral and get him his own command, bypassing the other’s ahead of him if he was to bring in this prisoner himself.

“I want you to not tell anyone and round up a small squad of our 6 best officers we trust. We will capture this traitor and turn him in ourselves. This will lead us to massive promotions.”

“Yes sir. On my way” said the lieutenant as he turned and left.

“I have you now Seabr’imsto’nedansr. I will make you pay for the suffering you brought on our family.”


Nightfall on Yashuvhu

Brimstone returned to his humble abode and new his plans were set for a few days from now of leaving the planet. The captain of the Bes’uliik he spoke to earlier that day said he had room for another crew member and would help once his business in Csilla was done and would be back in the next few days.

He prepared his normal rations for the night and as he studied some comm chips he purchased. Listing the nearest jump points towards Antei space. Once he was to get aboard the ship, he will eventually get the captain to take him where he needs to go, or he will have to deal with it personally.

After finishing the meal and then hitting the refresher, Brimstone laid out his clothes and settled for the night, dimming the lights to a low blue incandescent glow.

The shuttle made its landing on Yashuvhu with its crew of 10. 6 soldiers fully armed, the pilot and co-pilot, a lieutenant, and a captain of the squad. As they filed out in a single column, they took their positions around the landing strip. The officers disembarked and after some conversation, headed towards the center of the village.

Onlookers witnessing this took shelter to get out of the way. They knew that a police action was happening and didn’t want to be the targets of the charric rifles and blasters these soldiers held. The local man in charge of the village came out to speak to the officers. After some conversation, it turns out that he was the spy that the Lieutenant had hired.

“So where is the suspect you mentioned about?” asked Patch.

“He lives about 10 km from here. He lives in seclusion. From what I take, he has already set-up transportation to leave this planet.”

“Okay, we will deal with it.”

The squad then headed north-east to their quarry’s location. 10 km is is about an hour of marching and with the rocky terrain, transport wouldn’t be advisable. Besides they held the element of surprise. They were going to capture him without incident.


2 hours passed as the garrison approached Brimstone’s home. A small shack compared to most other buildings deep in the woods. As they made their was around the perimeter, they saw only a flicker of a light from the fireplace coming inside the small house. Weapons drawn, they slowly crept up to the front door. Patch was making sure that the suspect wasn’t going to be able to get away from him.

As Brimstone slept, he was sensing a tremor in the Force of immediate danger. He woke up and looked around. Without getting up, he let his sense power reach out and was able to see 8 troopers surrounding his home coming for him. Slowly, he rolled out of his bed and grabbed up his two lightsabers and made his way to a hidden compartment in a false wall he had built. Climbing inside, he closed the door and waited. in mean time, he put on his clothing and prepared for the worse.

He then used a power of Twilight he hadn’t needed to use for a while. As he channeled the Force, the light in his house from the fireplace left and this alerted those outside as they burst through the door with weapons drawn. All they could see was the darkness as they tossed out a flare to light up the room. Brimstone peered through a holeport with in the compartment and saw what looked like some of the elite of the Naval Forces and 2 others he assumed to be officers. He slowly removed the darkness he commanded as the light of the fire engulfed the room.

This somewhat startled them to the sudden light. Searching all the rooms and not finding their pursuit, they came back to the living room area. With the new light replaced, Brimstone recognized the captain. Though he hadn’t seen him in 8 years, he never for get the face of his brother. “Did the Nedansr recover what was rightfully theirs?” he thought.

“Captain Mynop’atc’howrda, it looks like the suspect isn’t here, but he hasn’t been gone for long. The bedding is still warm and the clothes are still here” reported one of the troopers.

“That’s what they did, they changed their name” thought Brimstone.

“Then he has to still be here or near by and was alerted to our presence. Search everything for hidden compartments” Patch replied.

Brimstone knew he would eventually be found since these were the best of the Chiss. He drew upon the Force once again and used his skills in Blackness and Seeing to make his attack and escape. The entire house enveloped in a pitch black darkness that startled all the troopers as they yelled and tried to take cover. Brimstone burst out of his compartment and grabbed the nearest trooper, using Stun on him, he was able to drop him quickly. The sound of a fallen trooper brought the others to open fire blindly into the darkness.

The next they saw in the firefight was 2 blades of crimson and silver come to life and started deflecting the beams of light from their rifles back at them. With Brimstone’s concentration removed, the darkness dissolved and the troopers saw a Chiss in black clothing wielding two lightsabers coming at them. The momentary shift in momentum was in the Sith’s favor as he leapt and landed in the middle of the troopers. 3 quick strikes and 3 arms were severed from them as they screamed while bleeding profusely.

Patch and the Lieutenant opened fire on Brimstone as did the 2 remaining troopers. Brimstone leapt again out through the main entrance and into the opening, giving him full open space to either run and hide or stand and fight.

Brimstone’s senses flared up just as 2 flash grenades came after him through the doorway. Using the force, he pushed them back into the doorway. after 2 quick flashes, the 4 combatants came rushing out, blinded from the sudden light. Brimstone charged in and decapitated the two remaining troopers.

The lieutenant decided to take off running, leaving Patch alone with Brimstone.

“How dare you come back to ruin what we have tried to recover after what you did last time” yelled Patch.

“I didn’t come back to ruin anything for you or my family. I came to recover before I could return to my rightful family” Brimstone replied. “How could you try to kill me, your brother?”

“You stopped being my brother when you disgraced us by becoming an impure when you cheated in the Ascendancy to get where you were. We worked our tails off to get back what we lost due to you.”

“I have nothing to do with my coming into the power of the Force. I was given this new life by chance.”

“Well, if you don’t plan to surrender, then I will kill you, to help our family recover what was rightfully ours.”

Patch opened up, but Brimstone just deflected the bolts with his blades. “Don’t force me to kill my only brother left here. Your mind is clouded with hatred and I understand, but I must leave.”

With that, Brimstone, dropped a blade and forced shoved Patch back into side of the house, knocking him down. Brimstone then went up to him and kicked him in the temple, knocking him out completely. “I am sorry, my brother.”

Brimstone then went inside. The first trooper he took out, was rendered unconscious again. Brimstone grabbed his items he needed and took off. He knew he could not remain and it was time to leave. The dark jedi then left and headed back to the town to get ready to leave in his transport.


Local village on Yashuvhu

Brimstone made his way back to the village. The ship that he was seeking transport on was just landing at the moment he exited the woods to the village. Brimstone hid nearby to see if any other soldiers were around and to cover his tracks.

The captain disembarked from his ship and when the coast was clear, Brimstone made his way to him. After some talking, they boarded back up and the ship proceeded to lift off the ground and back into the atmosphere.

Brimstone’s Hut

Patch finally woke up to the surprise that he was still alive. His troopers were not as fortunate. As he stood up, the comm-link beeped. It was his lieutenant on the other end.

“Captain, I followed the subject back to the village. He just got on a small freighter and is flying away. What do you need me to do?”

“Contact the fleet and have them intercept him. Bring up the charges of a loose jedi that had murdered our soldiers. I want him alive so I can kill him myself.”

“Roger and out.”

Yashuvhu Space

The Bes’uliik, as the captain had named it, soared into the heavens and was about to hit the darkness of space. Brimstone was in the back, unloading his items in the crew quarters. The captain was scanning over the holomaps for a decisive way towards Antei space, but he was going to make multiple stops to get his moneys worth from his new co-worker. As he was scanning, the sensors started to turn red as the comm-link chirped in.

“Unidentified ship in the Yashuvhu space. By order of the Naval Command of the Chiss Ascendancy, you are hereby ordered to shut off all engines and be prepared to be boarded.”

The captain put a headset on and opened the comms. “To the Naval Command, this is the Bes’uliik. I have clearance from fleet command to be in this sector. May I ask why I am being inspected and boarded?”

“You have an escaped prisoner on your ship that is wanted in question for multiple murders and unless you abide by the orders, you will also be arrested for being a co-conspirator if you resist.”

The captain literally turns white from the thought of prison life and wonders what he got himself into by hiring the Chiss. “Okay, preparing to shut off engines when you get nearby with the tractor beams.”

Brimstone “danger” sense from the Force kicked in as he felt the ship alter its course and was headed back the way they came. he made his way to the cockpit, where the captain was.

“What is going on? Why did we turn back around?” asked the dark jedi.

The captain then spun around with a pistol pointed at Brimstone. “They are boarding us because of you. I won’t be arrested for your blue skin or anyone’s.”

The dark jedi reached out with his hand, and with the Force, pulling the blaster away from the captain. “I didn’t want to have to do this” exclaimed Brimstone as he force choked the captain. He was dead on the spot. Brimstone moved the corpse to the floor and took the captain’s chair. He then looked at the radar sensors and saw 2 heavy cruisers on their way to an intersect course with his ship. He then put on the headset and tried to speak clear basic. “Attention Naval Command, I see 2 ships headed towards my vicinity. Which one do you want me to approach for boarding?”

“Bas’uliik captain, approach in the middle of the two ships so our tractor beams can grab you and we will bring you into the main ship.”

Brimstone went over the weapons systems and what he had available to him. He noticed he had a sub-light engine also and he could use that for a quick jump to get out of there. Also was a 4 shot proton torpedo weapons array. “The captain had prepared for instances like this” thought Brimstone to himself.

Since he had spent time in the Naval command years before, he knew somewhat how they ran their ships and what was the “weaknesses” of the ships. He then programmed 2 of the torpedoes to hit both tractor beam junctions. He knew he only had about 5 seconds before they would lock onto him and he would be caught. As he got closer, he opened fire, sending the torpedoes to their intended targets. 5 seconds later, both ships erupted in flames as turbolasers started to rain down towards Brimstone.

Brimstone uses the Force to maneuver between the blasts and hit the accelerator to charge between them, drawing the fire from the ships to hit each other. As he made his way past them, the two ships started to make their turns to sweep around and give chase. Before they could get completely around, Brimstone hit the jump and nothing but stars were left behind. Thirty seconds later, Brimstone finished his jump and settled into a course towards Antei space. At its current speed, he was looking at 2 weeks to get there. Even with the sub-light engines, that could only drop it down 1-2 days.


The Bes’uliik

Three weeks has past. What was suppose to be a quick trip turned out to be one bad turn after another. The ship Brimstone commandeered ended up having more problems with it that he had known if he would had have time to inspect it before leaving the Chiss Ascendancy.

Coolant leaks… Sensors corroded… Many problems discovered after his escape. The small jump he made only made matters worse. A light-year from his last location, Brimstone was able to find a habitable planet that had mechanics and repair facilities. The only problem was that the merchants were toydarians and the Force wasn’t going to work on them to lower their prices. And with out any other resources and what he let behind on Yashuvhu, he was going to need to find work.

Brimstone made his way to local tavern and after striking some conversations with the locals, found that they were forming hunting parties of the animal population. Apparently, a distant planet’s zoology wants some animals and DNA for research. This would be a good way for dark jedi to find some quick cash for repairs.

Grabbing his charric blaster and rifle, Brimstone made his way to an encampment and the hunt began.

The Nedansr Battlecruiser, Chiss Ascendancy

Patch was in his commander’s quarters, staring at logs and maps, searching for details of the location of his brother. He was still fuming that he had gotten away with murder and after the stern lecture he got from the vice-admiral, he had to hunt this person down or do not return due to disgrace.

He specifically requested this ship and its battalion of soldiers to hunt his brother down. While the Ascendancy didn’t know he was related to the hunted, he knew he had to clear his name again. The ship was named after his grand-father, who was a vice admiral that retired before their fall from grace. Not many, if any knew the lineage of their captain, which suited Patch well. One day, his name would be reinstated and the family honor brought back to them.

As Patch read the note, the room door chimed. A lieutenant entered. After giving the normal salutes, the lieutenant spoke up.

“Sir, we have scanned the area and the ion trail from the fugitive’s ship has died off. We found the body of the captain floating in a capsule and have determined he has landed somewhere for repairs.”

“How do you come to that decision?”

“The captain had traces of coolant on his body that would be concise with a reactor leak. I think during his escape, he did take damage and would need to do repairs to continue his voyage to where ever he was going.”

Patch thought about this for a moment. “What of the living quarters on Yashuvhu did we find?”

“Sir, he had been there for roughly 2 years and telling from the miscellaneous items and scorch marks from his weapons, He was a Force user or a Jedi. While it confuses me why one would fall and become a killer, it is only safe to assume he was one of the fallen that came to our space years before.”

“No, that’s not it” retorted Patch. “I know who he is. His name was Sebri’msto’nedansr.”

“The same name as this ship?” said the lieutenant nervously. “I thought that they were a family of honor, sir?”

“They were till one of their family illegally entered the Ascendancy and conspired to sabotage the Chiss. He was caught, tried, and exiled from our system. His family was disgraced and gave up their position in the Command cause of this.”

“Sir, may I ask how you know so much of this?”

“This is for your ears only, and is not to leave these quarters. I asked for you on this ship as one of the few loyal to me. Seabr’imston’nedansr is my brother. It was because of his disgrace, that my family changed my name so I wouldn’t be held in shame because of him. Now that he has murdered our own, I want him dead.”

“And to return your family honor, correct?” replied the lieutenant.

“Exactly. Keep your word to me and my secret hidden, and I will make sure you command a ship of your own before the year is up, Captain.”

“A field promotion sir? You honor me.”

The lieutenant saluted Patch and left his quarters. Patch knew he was to be trusted. He would either be a strong ally or another stone he stepped on on his way to command.


Ansion, Mid-Rim Space

Brimstone has been here for a week. Hunts are scarce as is the credits from the hunts. Any more time like this and he will end up being a permanent inhabitant. Unable to contact Antei, not because he dont know how, but that its been a few years since he was there and most likely considered a casualty of the Vong war after he was left and abandoned.

Besides, the comms on his ship were limited on its range, and most on the planet never heard of Antei or know of the Sith that roam there. Some of the locals have noticed his lightsaber and Brimstone let them think he was a jedi that left the order. They are pretty much keeping to themselves.

The Dark Jedi found some hut he was able to rent during his stay. His ship had no showers or living quarters that would work for him. Time for him to continue hunting.

The Nedansr Battlecruiser, Csilla, Chiss Ascendancy

Patch was in the middle of dinner with his father and mother. He had taken a day off to tend to matters before he continued his hunt for his brother. He already told his family about finding Brimstone and they were concerned that their secrets were going to come out and be dishonored again.

“So do you think you have any ideas where he disappeared to?” asked Mynop’onc’howrda, Patch’s father.

“We have heard from the spies that he made his way to the Mid-rim space to a planet named Ansion. We leave tomorrow to capture him” replied Mynop’atc’howrda.

Mynop’onc’howrda, also known as Ponch, made a gesture to the guards stationed at the door. “You may bring them in now” he told them. The guards left the room and a few minutes later, pushed in ten cages with lizards in them. “A gift for you son.”

Patch wiped his mouth with the napkin and stood up to inspect the cages. Inside each cage was a Ysalamir. A force negating creature that inhabits Myrkr. These became popular among the Chiss as pets during the regime of Mitth’raw’nuruodo or Grand Admiral Thrawn as most knew him by.

“This should help you capture your brother if he is a jedi now and will stop all his powers.”

“This is why I always confer with you Father. Your wisdom always amazes me.”

They sit back down and finish their dinner.


Ansion, Mid-Rim Space

Brimstone had been stuck on this planet now for three months. After making enough to get the parts he needed for repairs, he only finds out that they’re not available anywhere and the junk dealer won’t order any without payment up front, which the dark jedi learned is shadier than rancor poodoo.

As the day went on, Brimstone was able to find someone with a communications array that might be powerful enough to send word out to Antei space for possible rescue.

After the payment was made, he sat down and.proceeded to send an encoded message.


This is Brimstone, anyone …

Antei Space, near Plagueis citadel

The security agent was listening to all communications of all Houses as ordered. Tension was high among the Plagueians. War was soon coming and no one was known whether they were allied or enemy.

As he sat there, an encoded message came across the channels that alerted the guard. It was an old code, one not used in four years.


“This is Brimstone, anyone within Antei please contact me. I was a member of Tarrentum and am stuck on a planet called Ansion. My ship is damaged and unable to make way back to home. If anyone receives this, please send help to come get me. Out.”

The guard pulled up records on a Brimstone and all that came up was a lost member during the war with the Vong four years back. He made a copy of the transmission and proceeded to head to the on duty officer.

As he reached their office, he could hear talking within. He waited a few minutes before hitting the door buzzer.

“What is it? We’re kinda busy at the moment”

“Sir, i received an unusual communication over the arrays and it’s using an old code” replied the guard.

“Well get your krieken ass in here” barked the commander.


Mid-rim Space near Ansion

Mynop’atc’howrda has been waiting for this moment for a long time. He was going to finally catch his brother and bring honor back to his family name.

He had told his troops to not be eager to beat the fugitive. Of the 4 squads, the platoon leader had strapped to his back one of the creatures his father gave him before. They knew some might never make it back. It was part of their op orders and they knew it.

After the briefing, they loaded up on the shuttles and prepared for their mission.

Ansion Surface

The four shuttles landed on the surface of the planet at the same time. Because of their sudden landing, most folks took cover, fearing a military invasion. Four squads of troops disembarked all dressed the same way except one had an unusual device on their backs.

A local official made his way to the group demanding what was going on. Since they mostly spoke only cheuhn, he kept getting more belligerent. Fed up, one officer shot him in his head. Their orders were clear. Nothing was to stop them. As the squads fanned out, they searched for clues leading them to their prey.

Brimstone was more than 20 kilometers away when his wrist beacon chirped. It was encoded with a signal that the Brotherhood used. That only meant one thing to him. Someone was coming for him. As he packed what he needed, leaving the rest behind, he got on his animal mount to head to town.

Ansion Space

A medium sized battle cruiser showed up over the planet. The crew of the ship, GSP Wraith, finished transmission of the extraction codes. As they scanned the sector, they realized they weren’t alone when the signal of a CEDF battle cruiser chimed in. The commander, Ronovi Tavisaen, realized that they were there for the Sith on the planet. When she received her orders a week before, she wasn’t thrilled. She had dealings with Brimstone before when they both were in Tarentum, which didn’t end pleasantly. But orders were orders and she would carry them out. She also wanted to slap the chiss around too for the havoc he caused before.

"Don’t answer them " she barked. “They don’t need to know why we’re here. They’re in our system so their rules don’t apply.”

As they crew continued their duties, the Plagueisian continued. "Is the shuttle set for launch? "

"Yes ma’am " spoke Shadowkind Dewar. “We have all eight onboard and ready for your orders.”

“Then launch. I believe the CEDF is already here and if so, expect resistance. We must extract our missing brother before they do.”

The LAAT shuttle lifted off and out of the hanger. “Watch that other ship and target its deflector shields. If they attempt to intercept, neutralize them.”

"Yes ma’am " replied the crew.

The shuttle made its way to the surface without any complications.

Ansion Surface

As Brimstone made his way to town, he noticed a ship making its vector to it. He recognized the Low Altitude Assault Transport, or LAAT as it was called. Used by many of the clans from the Brotherhood. What he didn’t know was which clan came for him. He knew Tarentum was the one that abandoned him. Maybe they came to finish him off once and for all.

As he drew near, something didn’t sense right. Where there was people, the streets were vacant. Then he realized what was happening. He saw the familiar uniforms of the CEDF and realized his brother, not the Brotherhood, came for him. As he took cover to gauge the forces, he felt a emptiness among them, as if they were concealed. He could see the troopers, but couldn’t feel them.

Then it was clear as day to the dark jedi. “Ysalamir” muttered Brimstone under his breath. His brother did come prepared this time.

As he planned his attempt to escape, a voice spoke through the Force to him. "Brimstone, we’re here! "


Ansion Space - Cloaked Ship

Brinestone watched as multiple military ships arrived. Some of the markings were of the Chiss Ascendancy that he recognized, but many new ones were unfamiliar. It looked like his quarry, Brimstone, was also hunted by others too. “No doubt he has angered a lot of folks” he thought to himself. Brinestone’s plan was simple, four years in the making. Find this other Chiss, kill him, and assume his identity and become an infiltrator for the Vong. While he had no love lost for his former master, he still felt obligated to live the life of a Vong and their views was his. Brinestone continued to monitor the transmissions in secrecy, as he rubbed the Amp Staff he took from his master.

Then all of a sudden, he heard a voice. But it wasn’t coming from the comms, but within his on skull.

“Brimstone, we;re here.”

Ansion Space

“We are here” spoke Ronovi through the Force. She was here to not only recover the former member of the Brotherhood, but to possibly extract revenge for the hell the Chiss gave her when they were part of the clan Tarentum.

The shuttle she monitored was landing on Ansion. It will be up to them to get Brimsone and return. Hopefully they could do this without any casualties. A chill was suddenly felt by the commander. Brimstone replied with only one word. Ysalamir. These creatures were known well to her that hey disrupted he Force so her landing party was headed for a trap.

“Contact the shuttle immediately” barked the Sith. “Alert them to use blasters too, there’s Ysalamir on the planet’s surface.”

“They aren’t native of this planet” replied the officer.

“I know. the CEDF must have brought them to catch Brimstone.”

Ansion Surface

The shuttle landed safely and the 8 members of the party of Plagueisans departed. with their lightsabers remaining to the sides, each was equipped with the Repeater Blaster. They received the warning in time. Brimstone was their target. The Chiss of the CEDF was their opposition.

They made their way to the city. A locator beacon tranfixed them to his location. He was surrounded by the CEDF and they were near ready to capture him.

Brimstone noticed the landing of the Brotherhood shuttle and knew he had to do what he could to get to them. But with the Ysalamir now on the surface, there was no way for him to alert them of it nor did he know his warning through the Force even made it.

Brimstone slowly made his way through town and caught up to a two many group of his brother’s troops. He could feel his connection to the force evaporate as he got closer to the negation field effects of the creatures. He hate to have to do it against his people, but it had to be done. With their backs turned towards him, two quick snap-hiss of his blades and he plunged them straight through their hearts, killing them instantly.

When they dropped to the ground, this alerted the others of his location. they ran towards him and opened fire as he dived back into the shadows and low-crawled to safety. This also alerted his Brotherhood rescuers too as they open fire towards the CEDF soldiers. An intense standoff continued. Brimstone slowly made his way to the other CEDFs’s and proceeded one-by-one taking them out. Once his also eliminated the lizards too, the Force returned to everyone. The only one to survive was his brother.

As the Plagueians surrounded the remaining Chiss, Brimstone walked up to him.

“You are a traitor to your kind and our family. Just kill me now. I refuse to be a prisoner.”

“I have no plans to kill you, brother. Instead, I offer a trade.”

“I’m listening.”

“You go back the Ascendancy and tell them you killed me. Only ones you tell I am alive is our family. Restore your honor, reclaim your namesake, and move on. I will send a disposition to father and grand-father of what transpired. Then we can use each other to benefit one another.”

“How do we benefit one another, Imsto?”

“First, you live, I live. Second, any time you need a ‘Force’ presence to help, I am here for you. Likewise, if I am need of a CEDF presence, you are here for me. Third, I will let you know all the secrets I have acquired of the other Ruling Families that will allow you not only to restore our honor, but reclaim our ruling majority in the Ascendancy.”

Patch thought about it and it made sense. Brimstone knew he was going to accept. Both were Chiss.

“I accept” said Patch.

Brimstone turned towards the Plagueians. “You may lower your weapons. I hereby introduce you to my brother, Seato’mbsto’nedansr. You may call him Tombstone.”

Arden Karn, second-in-command to Ronovi Tavisaen, stepped forward. “Brimstone and Tombstone ehh?” The Human and Chiss shook hands. “Let’s get going Brimstone. The Brotherhood would like to speak with you when we get back” he said with a grin. “And Ronovi wants to deal with you personally.”

“Tavisaen from Tarentum?”

“Not anymore. She defected to Plagueis. A lot has changed since you left.”

The nine Brotherhood members headed back to their shuttle. Brimstone turned around and waved to his brother. A similar wave was returned. The shuttle then closed its boarding ramp and lifted off. Brimstone took a seat in the troop carrier and watched as the Plagueians sat around him, staring in contempt. He knew he had some questions to answer when he got back to Antei. “This is going to be a long trip” he thought to himself.


Ansion Space

Brinestone watched as 2 shuttles made their way from the surface. One went to the Chiss fleet and the other to the unknown fleet. He had no idea which one had his prey. Reaching out with his limited use of the Force, he felt the familiar signatures of other alike beings headed towards the unknown ships. Patching a course to intercept, his comms suddenly rang its alarms.

“Unidentified ship. Where ever you are, even cloaked, we will find you. We have found your ion signatures and are tracking the course of your movements. Stop all engines, uncloak, and be prepared to be tractored onto our ship.”

Brinestone knew he was good as caught. He had to let his hunt be delayed for the time being. Setting an emergency escape route, he punched the throttle and the stars streaked past him as he hit hyper-drive.

“I’ll get you yet, you can count on it” he thought as the stars flashed by